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what is STREET photography
The street Photographer's RIGHTS

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Welcome to The Yard Collective
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A lot of our members have been wondering about their rights to take pictures in the streets. Is it legal? Is it not?
A brief search in the Internet provides us with 5 very useful links!

1. For the U.S photographers:The Photographer’s Right : A Downloadable Flyer Explaining Your Rights When Stopped or Confronted for Photography

2. For the U.K. photographers:UK Photographers Rights Guide v2 : The guide is intended as an overview of the current legal situation in the UK for photographers, it is not a definitive bible of UK law.

3. For the Australian photographers:Australian street photography legal issues : Your right to take photographs

4. For the Latin American photographers: Derechos de los fotógrafos

5. For the Swedish photographers: Vad får man fotografera?

A similar search (thanks to google) will probably provide you with the laws that concern photography in your country.
BE INFORMED and let no one deprive you from your rights!


Please, DO NOT send watermarked images.
They will not be accepted.

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I found this one for Quebec: [link] :)
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I find it obscure that I cannot find anything similar for greek laws. All my findings refer to copyright. Any help?
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Here is a good breakdown of Canadian laws concerning photography:
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no list of the Canadian rights?
that blows
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why don't you do a google search and give us the link to put there? :)
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This is a wonderful journal with very useful and informative links. I really, really appreciate this as it has always bugged me not to know for sure, just having pro-journalists tell me that someone told them they could...

Much appreciated.
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You're welcome :)
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This is very much needed to be kept in mind for all photographers. I know I'm keeping a copy near me at all times when I go on the streets.
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Boy, is this information timely. I was told to stop taking pictures in a Hassidic neighborhood in Brooklyn over Thanksgiving. It was intimidating. Thanks very much for sharing this information.
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Another decent Australian resource: [link]
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Has anyone found the Greek one?
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Practically you are not allowed to shoot any one without his/her written consent! But usually no one gives a damn :D
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When they do what happens then?
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they can sue you and demand a compensation...
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Here's a Swedish article (writen in swedish) about the laws and rights conserning photography in Sweden.

Translated via google:
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You're welcome.
The article can be very useful for your swedish members.
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damn.. the latin american rights' page doesn't open!
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strange...I just opened it :)
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it finally opened.. thanks for the link! this information is very useful! I'm my country it is hard to make urban photography because people is too paranoic :paranoid:
The-Yard-Collective's avatar
there are paranoic people in every country :D
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