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The Yard Collective features 4 main Galleries

1. The Street Photography Gallery (where everyone is welcome to submit their photos)
2. The Featured Gallery (where once per month, administrators of the group will select 5-10 images that will be showcased in the Featured Gallery and will be featured in a special Yard feature)
3. The Crew's Collection Gallery (where the admins of the group, suggest images from dA's street photographers)
4. The Street Basics Gallery (where you can find info, tips and tutorials about street photography in general)


(a) Images submitted to the group's Street Photography Gallery are accepted after the administrators vote on them.

(b) Everyone can submit up to 2 images per week, except from the crew of the group who can submit up to 1 image only.
(c) You may ask for a critique if your image is not accepted on the group and if time permits, you will get one.

(d) All images should be submitted to the "Street Photography" gallery.

(e) Only admins can submit street photos that caught their attention to the "The Crew's collection" gallery.

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DurgaTruex's avatar
One question, due to the predominance of b+w in your group, are you not in favor of color images?
myraincheck's avatar
no, it is just that a lot of street photographers convert their images in b/w :D
Ikarisou's avatar
street photography has a tradition of black and white, but there are lots of street photographers who shoot predominantly in colour - we don't favour any of them. some pictures work better in b/w, some in colour...
Turin231's avatar
Lately there were more declines than usual because of the standard changing but all those declines are done without any comment...I would be nice to have at least a brief comment on why that is. How are the submissions going to improve if people don't know why they are declined. And i know if it is requested it is done but this I think should be the default, unless some one says he does not need a comment on the decline...
cheekymonkeyali's avatar
Managing a club is already a significant effort on behalf of those volunteers involved. Much as I take your point, as you say anybody can request an explanation if desired. A brief comment is not always possible as accept/decline is the result of the votes of 5 people, who often disagree.
myavatar's avatar
This may seem contradictory, but my personal opinion of the digi classic guidelines is that it is too much of a personal opinion.
Saying how you prefer black and white, and for people to get closer, if this group is about street photography it should accept all street photography not one narrow branch of it.
I think the most important part is the quality of the photo which.
StamatisGR's avatar
(h) We know that the street genre is a very misunderstood one, a very broad one almost with no limits and is highly subject to each one's personal tastes.
k-tones's avatar
Reads like an improvement to the guidelines before. I hope colour(ed) streets are still going to be accepted from me every now and then ;) ...
JACAC's avatar
l e t . s e e . w h a t . h a p p e n s ...
Earth-Hart's avatar
Clear & precise :nod:
M'Lord Tam knows what's what :#1:
NunoCanha's avatar
"Great rules, Great"... guidelines. :)
Clear, fair, and protective of the "street style".
Keep up the great work, i´m a fan.
PEN-at-Work's avatar

Stam is the Man! (H ewrote the digi classic rules)
NunoCanha's avatar
You guys make me want to grab my camera and go outside!
PEN-at-Work's avatar
>>>>> > > > > > GO!

StephanePellennec's avatar
Can we submit other photographers works?
If yes, can we submit non-member works?

You know I like to introduce photographers I can discover when I feel they suit for the group perfectly.
cheekymonkeyali's avatar
I liked the ability to show in "featured" some good works from around the place.

What I didn't like about it was that in the end non-members got better exposure than people who joined the group, which didn't seem very fair.
StephanePellennec's avatar
I understand the point about the exposure.
PEN-at-Work's avatar
Can we submit other photographers works? YES, but if you are not at admin level it will lessen the amount of your images you can propose to a gallery per week.

If yes, can we submit non-member works? No, but invites to the club can be sent!

You know I like to introduce photographers I can discover when I feel they suit for the group perfectly. - I like this about you!


StephanePellennec's avatar
Great! :boogie:

For knowing who's member or not, invitations is a good tool ;)
PEN-at-Work's avatar
please explain, I am half chimpanzee (Ruotsi) you know...
StephanePellennec's avatar
Oh, and what's your other half?

I don't have other tool for knowing who is member and who isn't and not everybody has a list of their groups in their main page.
If the artist is member I'll get to know it when I try to send the invitation.
PEN-at-Work's avatar
So either you find out that they aren't a member when the request is sent or if it gets rejected then you know they aren't.


Will steal your method!

PS. Well I am 100% svenskjävel, which automatically infers that I am 50% chimp! :lmao:
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