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what is STREET photography
The street Photographer's RIGHTS

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Welcome to The Yard Collective
Street Photography Club

CLICK on the following LINKS for the RULES of the Club:


How and what to SUBMIT

All works must be street photography.

What is street photography: the-yard-collective.deviantart…

Every member who wishes to submit his/her photographs
may send us a note with subject:

:new: You may send ONLY ONE submission per day with ONE THUMB in it!
More than one submissions per day, will be neglected!
BE VERY selective as to what you submit
because we want to get the BEST from you!

What the thumb is: Where the thumb of a pic is by The-Yard-Collective
It is not necessary that all the submitted pictures
even if they belong to the street category
will be accepted.
This absolutely does not mean
that your pictures are not good!
The admins of the club are not obliged to explain the reasons of accepting or not a submission, but will do so if time permits them


Please, DO NOT send watermarked images.
They will not be accepted.

Support the YSD awards!the-yard-collective.deviantart…
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Suggest one now!

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Founders of the Yard
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I'm sure this will motivate me even more that before! *W*
gazzara's avatar
Message received and understood :)
VesnaSvesna's avatar
well, I must become better if I want to stay in the club and submit something! :please: ...but that's o.k.!!!
ZonbiKeki's avatar
So if we're unclear as to whether something is street, is there someone here we can ask, or should we just submit and see if it gets accepted? I have a photo I'm unclear on and if it isn't, I'd like to know. ^_^ I'm still getting a grasp on what is/isn't street.
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this place is super cool :)
Jack070's avatar
Umm if my submission isn't added it means that it doesn't fit the category or it could've been missed?
The-Yard-Collective's avatar
It means that it doesn't fit your standards.
Jack070's avatar
Umm so now that's surprising. But I believe you don't have to explain it...
Seiglie's avatar
Too bad Industrial doesn't fit anymore... :( :( :(
peachm's avatar
where does industial fit in? if it does?
The-Yard-Collective's avatar
it no longer fits here.
orangefruits's avatar
The-Yard-Collective's avatar
absinthFenix's avatar
Well said! It will be much better or organize!
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