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1. Street Photography Definition

2. "Street": The origins - Defining Street

3. Just because you shot it in the street...

4. Street and neighborhood

5. PE: Street Photography for experts

6. The Essence of "Street"


8. Street Photography for the Purist by cweeks a 160 pages downloadable pdf book.

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Cool. You are obviously very thorough.
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The link to this journal is featured on the home page of #TheStreetFactor!

Hope you don't mind. :)
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Not at all, we must all pull together and promo & evolve the "street smartness" around here...
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Most street photographs are in black and white, is there a reason for this?
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B/W helps the eye concentrate in composition. Color can be distructing sometimes.
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From wikipedia: "Street photography is a type of documentary photography that features subjects in candid situations within public places"
Does this mean a candid picture of people in the countryside/woods/lake etc would be 'street'?
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How do you get around the problem of people not liking having their photo taken? I often get scowls.. OR if people spot you they kindly get 'out of the way'so you can photograph whatever they think your are looking at! Any articles or tips on this?
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If they don't like it you can't force them.
It's not polite :)
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I'm jumping straight to number 2! Will be back! AHAHAH:D
StamatisGR's avatar
Study well No2! :lol:
it's the link we send to our members who submit shitty street or no street pictures :D
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I feel like going street hunting, but it's raining so hard.:(
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I was out yesterday with my family downtown Athens, took over 150 street shots and now I'm editing and uploading ;)
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I just read the news article about street photography and now I understand better what the subject is about. Some people who have seen my gallery critique it because I don't have enough people in it! You know, too much street, not enough humanity!
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I'm still a learning amateur photographer, I just kind of snap what moves me. I'd love to join this, if you'll have me, it seems like something I may become good at with a little help. Who knows, I may be already doing it and don't even know it.
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I just wanted to share what i saw tonight. i went to my photography club's "Streets" exhibit tonight, and i saw a few submissions that made it there, some featuring a photo of an empty street, some featuring the windows of a house, cropped so all you see are the window and the wall, with nothing else on it. stuff like that. i tried asking the artists that submitted those photos, and i never really got a straight answer. it was either i don't know or some sort of lame excuse really. i was not really impressed by the exhibit. we're gonna have a subscriber's meet maybe next week or so.
and i can't wait to mention the guidelines we have here. i mean there were some photos there that would've qualified for cityscapes
and architecture lol. just thought i'd share the experience with you guys.
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Many people mix Street photography with pictures of streets and everything that depicts an urban scenery. Well, it had nothing to do with it! :D
You didn't get a straight answer from the photographers because obviously, they don't know what Street photography is all about :)
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exactly my thoughts. i've been studying the art a few days before i even joined here, and upon reading the guidelines and seeing other people's works here, going into the exhibit i felt contradicted, specially as they have curators and professionals choosing which entries were chosen for the exhibit. now i'm wondering about that club that i belong to. thanks again for the useful information and the guides. i used to have the same thinking about street photography, that anything taken on the streets could be considered as such.
if i didn't read the articles before i went there, i would of been lost. i'm very surprised not a lot of people questioned some of the entries that i mentioned in my earlier post.
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