Journal Entry: Sun Jul 12, 2009, 10:45 AM

The Yard's Aims and Objectives

Our objective is to bring attention to Street photography, an often underrated and misunderstood genre. We also wish to focus attention on deserving street photographers and shine a light into some wonderful galleries. It is a club wherein  experienced and seasoned street photographers should share their wisdom and knowledge with people just starting out.

The Rules

We don't have that many, the few we do have are there to help the club run smoothly and to highlight The Yard and it's activities.

1. Do NOT submit work disfigured with the dA watermark.

2. Submit your BEST work and only images that fit in the street category.

3. Do NOT SPAM the club by repeatedly sending the same image or note.

4. RESPECT other club members, don't leave nasty comments on their work.

There is no pleasure in smacking members over the head with rules and regulations,
if you disagree with them and find you cannot follow our few rules, or what is stated in faq #873,
then it is time to reconsider why you joined this club and remove yourself from the membership.

We want all of our members to develop their knowledge and abilities as a street photographer!

Welcome to the Yard

The-Yard-Collective is a club dedicated to Street Photography. Everyone who is interested and wants to learn more about this genre is welcome to join!

1. What is STREET photography


Submission Guidelines
(a) Images submitted to the group are accepted after the administrators vote on them.

(b) Everyone can submit up to 2 images per week, except from the crew of the group who can submit up to 1 image only.

(c) You may ask for a critique if your image is not accepted on the group and if time permits, you will get one.

(d) All images should be submitted to the "Street Photography" gallery.

(e) Only admins can submit street photos that caught their attention to the "The Crew's collection" gallery.

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