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what is STREET photography
The street Photographer's RIGHTS

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A lot of our members have been wondering about their rights to take pictures in the streets. Is it legal? Is it not?
A brief search in the Internet provides us with 5 very useful links!

1. For the U.S photographers:The Photographer’s Right : A Downloadable Flyer Explaining Your Rights When Stopped or Confronted for Photography

2. For the U.K. photographers:UK Photographers Rights Guide v2 : The guide is intended as an overview of the current legal situation in the UK for photographers, it is not a definitive bible of UK law.

3. For the Australian photographers:Australian street photography legal issues : Your right to take photographs

4. For the Latin American photographers: Derechos de los fotógrafos

5. For the Swedish photographers: Vad får man fotografera?

A similar search (thanks to google) will probably provide you with the laws that concern photography in your country.
BE INFORMED and let no one deprive you from your rights!


Please, DO NOT send watermarked images.
They will not be accepted.

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Welcome to the Yard

The-Yard-Collective is a club dedicated to Street Photography. Everyone who is interested and wants to learn more about this genre is welcome to join!

1. What is STREET photography


Submission Guidelines
(a) Images submitted to the group are accepted after the administrators vote on them.

(b) Everyone can submit up to 2 images per week, except from the crew of the group who can submit up to 1 image only.

(c) You may ask for a critique if your image is not accepted on the group and if time permits, you will get one.

(d) All images should be submitted to the "Street Photography" gallery.

(e) Only admins can submit street photos that caught their attention to the "The Crew's collection" gallery.

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