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'Where Did We Go Wrong?' Picture#1 by The-Yandere-Kouhai 'Where Did We Go Wrong?' Picture#1 by The-Yandere-Kouhai
*inHALES* Hallo, this is another part to one of my stories, it's related to another piece of art I have here, called "Death Of The Kind" and the boy is Adom(I accidently hit a instead of o so yeah, it's Adom.) The girl is Genevieve, one of Adom's friends he made at camp. She and him are walking towards their altar, to be the sacrifice to keep the 'true evil' sealed within it's cage.
The sacrifice has to be in some sort of limbo, Genevieve got shot with an arrow and was bleeding to death, as well as losing part of her arm. Adom's lung cancer hit him when he both didn't need it and needed it. The cancer served Adom a way of death, and his heart was still beating, so he was qualified for being one of the sacrifices. They both knew that they could help and be a sacrifice, but the others wouldn't let them if they knew what they were going to do. They both were close to the altar, and they both stood up, and climbed the steps. Anyone who wasn't in some sort of limbo couldn't touch the altar or the steps to get to the altar. Genevieve walked towards the "hell" portal, and told Adom to go to "heaven". Adom nodded, hugging his friend before going to the "heaven" portal.
They sealed the true evil away, and their sacrifice made Fate take pity on them. Turning Adom into an angel, healing his scars and giving him wings with some powers. Genevieve he turned into a demon, which she gladly enjoys. He gave her a pair of wings as well, also healing her scars and wounds, along with that, he gave her horns.
They could never go back to where their friends were, but taken to another world where they could be of use to keep balance over the heaven and hell there.

Sorry for long description, got carried away. This lines up with one of my other stories, which will come eventually, but for now, have fun~
Hope you enjoyed my random rambling and description. (Also, I might color to picture. I scanned this one in as well, but only in pencil this time, no outlining stuff like last time.)
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September 15, 2017
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