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TD-18 (In Progress)


6/2 - 5:00PM: Added rail cover to bottom rail. Other small changes.


The Serleon TD-18 that has been sitting in my concepts folder for weeks at this stage. Keep telling myself I'll add things to it, that I'll improve it, and yet here it fucking is still the same.


I'm uploading it here because one, it is pretty much done and two, maybe I'll figure out what to change with it by listening to your input. So yea, give me something constructive, give me things to add, tell me what's wrong with it because there's bound to be things that I missed. I'll keep a log here to point out what I added/changed and when I feel it's truly "done", I'll edit everything to be the final version.

Other than that, it STILL needs a name, so does the guy who made it. So if you got suggestions for that as well, throw em'.

Anyways, enjoy.

Copyright of me. Because I'm awesome like that.

(Not really)
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looks like a Beretta cx4 storm rifle. there are very considerable differences tho looks cool.
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Bro, if I make my own game company, I'm hiring you as our sketch artist. I love your work!
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Wow, this is awesome. :D
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How on earth did you made this?
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Photoshop CS2 and a bunch of time refining over and over again.
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Ooh... now this, I like!
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A beautiful weapon. :3
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You're very welcome. :3
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Micro-jackal, that's what it looks like. Like the difference between the TAR-21 full size and the Micro Tavor, same layout, similar stock and grip. Similar mags.
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Ugh! number four! Is the arming mechanism beneath the barrel? Isn't that a little far forward, considering the rounds being loaded are in the back? You could move the cocking handle to the top of the receiver, either as a Famas style finger hook or a lager version of an uzi/mac flat-topped knob with a notch in it to preserve your sight picture.
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I realize I made too many comments, but they were mostly pertinent. I would like to see any of your art though, so I COULD critique it.
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Because it's a cool name! (I know, like three comments?)
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And also the guy who built it should be named Calvin Parrera
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You should totally add a dust cover over the ejection port, and a flash-hider on the end of that barrel. Make it a AK-74 style slant-brake, threaded for a suppressor. Also make the rear sight an adjustable ghost ring with tritium inserts in the shape a smiley face. And I do want fries with that. And also a ranger mag plate for the magazine.
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Going to say no to the dust cover and the flash hider. Because of the way weapons have improved in the universe this gun exists, something like a dust cover is unnecessary. The only thing that would cause concern in regards of what can get inside and mess with the internals would be physical objects like rocks and the like. I also just plain dislike flash hiders, especially for some something like a PDW. For a sniper it makes sense, but not for something up close.

Also, ranger plates are silly. I understand why they're used, but they still look silly. So I'm going to pass on that as well.

In regards to the charging handle. You know it doesn't need to be right next to the magazine right?
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Yeah, I know, I just thought it'd look cooler. You think ranger plates are silly?
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Is this a left-handed firearm? Is it caseless? Does it do forward-ejection?

I like the angle of the magazine. Very interesting.
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Ambidextrous. No. No.

I like my angles.

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