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MR-240 Maverick Final



The MR-240 Maverick - Now with Retconned Lore DLC!

Hey look, the sun's up. Neat.


The MR-240 is/was a short run, experimental hybrid firing system, military grade revolver. The revolver itself worked like any other revolver, however the barrel was replaced with a miniature railgun system. The cartridge works like any other as well, with the only difference being the powder, which was a special Kelvium based gunpowder. When the "railvolver" is fired and the cartridge's powder ignites, besides creating enough pressure to expel the bullet, it also generates an electrical current, which is rigged to travel along with the bullet and keep pace with it. This current powers the railgun sections and accelerates the bullet to whatever speeds are needed, in this case however, 500 m/s.

The goal of this system was a sort of recoil negation and sound suppression, to which the system passed flawlessly. This hybrid system generates about 80% less recoil and 70% less noise than a traditional firing system. While the MR-240 itself hasn't gone far and is instead more of a collector's item, the system it harbored revolutionized firearm technology, with the hybrid system being placed on most new Vredden firearms.


Disclaimer: "Railvolver" is a fake copyrighted term and belongs solely to me and anyone who uses the term "railvolver" in any context without paying me an absurd amount of money will get sued out their wazoo. I'm srs.
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 A railvover system sounds like something that'd work nicely for Starfleet tank's mini torpedo launcher. Though I'd imagine that they'd quickly fall out of practice in favor of something that has more ammunition. Then again, I'd imagine it'd work even better on a personal photon grenade launcher!

 I love the idea of a rail pistol. I bet that'd blow a person into pieces wet hamburger, and turn anything else into pieces  of rubble!