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Love and illusions Ch 1Disclaimer: I do not own One piece, Bleach, Naruto, or Mortal KombatChapter One: KonohaAizen, Jade, Naruto, Sakura and Kakashi heads back to Konoha village. They headed to the entrance. Which he sees a big gate opened wide. Both of the leaf ninjas named Kotetsu and Izumo saw Team Seven and the magical warrior but sees an uninvited guest along as well."What Aizen! You're not supposed to be here in this village!" Kotetsu shouted as he sees Aizen."Don't worry, Jade had put seal on him that he won't able to use Kido in the village. He'll only use it when he's outside of the village or on missions with us." Kakashi explained."Well okay. He may enter this village as long he doesn't cause any trouble. You got that Aizen!" Kotetsu shouted as Aizen didn't say a word but understands it.Jade, Aizen and her team enters in Konoha villageEveryone in the village were giving glares at the traitor and whispering at each other. Aizen knows that everyone completely hates him for betraying the Soul Society, trying to fused the Hyogoku with himself and tries to destroy Katakura Town. He was defeated by Ichigo Kurosaki when the orange haired teenager used Zangetsu's final attack Mugetsu when he was in hollow butterfly form. Aizen survives but ended up being sealed by Kisuke Urahara.After being sealed by Urahara. Aizen was sentenced to 18,800 years but he gave attitude towards Central 46 which they decided to extend his sentence up to 20,000.Two years of being prisoned in Muken. Shunsei asks him to help him defeat Yhwach which he refuses after he got out of that chair that he sat in. Yet got attached on the chair and attacks Yhwach's minions.After Ichigo killed Yhwach when he used Kyoka Suigetsu along Renji with used Sōō Zabimaru on the tyrant. Aizen and Ichigo had a conversation with each other but he ended up getting sliced by Yhwach who is still alive.The two ended up being devoured but Uryuu saved them in a nick of time.After Ichigo had finally killed Yhwach. Aizen was sent back to prison and was sealed when he went unconscious.After being kept I don't know how long. He got tired of being in Muken. Aizen had finally escaped somehow from that chair, exiting out of Muken, leaving soul society and heads into a portal that no one can't find him ever.When they headed to the Hokage's building to meet the fifth Hokage Tsunade. Jade, Naruto, Sakura and Aizen stops down in the hallway."Let me go talk to her now that you are here. Aizen." Kakashi replied as he heads into Tsunade's office and talks to here. Now Jade, Sakura and Naruto turns their heads at Aizen."Okay Aizen. You promise you'll behave in front of Lady Tsunade." Sakura replied."Why is that?" Aizen asked."Don't try to piss off Tsunade. Trust me you don't want to her mad." Jade added."Seriously. Aizen. Do not wise up against Tsunade." Naruto added."Yeah right. I'm pretty sure that Tsunade will be happy to see me that I'm here with you guys." Aizen replied."Jade! Sakura! Naruto! Please send in Sosuke Aizen." Kakashi ordered as team 7, Jade and Aizen enters in Tsunade's office. They see Tsunade with Shizune, Tonton and Kakashi."Tsunade! We're back from our mission. And guess what Jade had found." Sakura replied as Tsunade sees a man who she recognized after she heard what happened and that he tries to control both Jade and Fennikusu two years."Aizen. What the hell are you doing here?" Tsunade asked."Oh hey Tsunade. I see you became the fifth hokage. I just wanted to see you." Aizen answered as laughed nervously realizing that he is screwed."Tsunade relax. I put a seal spell on him that Aizen only uses Kido on missions or leaving this village. I found him when I was looking around the forest when Fennikusu woke me up from my slumber." Jade answered."Well we ain't letting him in our village and your village after what he had done in the past. He has to go and sleep somewhere. The hotels would not allow him there especially that power he has within." Tsunade replied."Please Tsunade. Give him a chance. I know he's a criminal for what he did. But I know somewhere Aizen will change if possible. He can just stay at my house along with Dagger. I will keep an eye on him." Jade replied as Tsunade sighed that she doesn't like doing this."Alright he can stay. I will wrote the letter to your mother about Aizen staying here. But if Aizen causes destruction in this village. He's going back to Soul Society." Tsunade replied as Aizen knew if he messed up in village. He will be sent back to Muken."Thank you Tsunade. For this." Aizen replied."You know I'm still mad at you. But I'm giving you a chance that you can prove yourself better than what you did in the past. If I hear from Jade that you actually prove yourself. I will tell Fukai that you can visit her in Jade's village." Tsunade informed.After meeting Tsunade. Jade and Aizen heads to Jade's home. He follows the to her home which is just two story house. Her mother Fukai had to stayed at Mahō village in order to keep it maintain. So Dagger decides to take care of Jade while she's over there.Jade transform back into her normal outfit. She is wearing a dark purple kimono like dress, with black arm covers, stockings, flat heeled boots and her black long hair tied into a dolphin tail ponytail."So this is your home now right?" Aizen asked."Yeah me and my sister Dagger having been living in that house since I was fourteen years old. I took me a long time to get used in this village. Now I got used to it." Jade answered as she heads to the door and opens it with a key to the house which Aizen enters in."Dagger. I'm back!" Jade shouted as Aizen looks inside the living room, seeing nice furniture, decorations, and objects. A twenty year old woman wearing the same outfit like Jade's except it's Dark blue named Dagger came out of the kitchen."Jade it's great to see you." Dagger replied as she sees Aizen."Ummm why is Aizen here you with Jade?" Dagger asked."Sis let me explain." Jade answered as she told Dagger everything that Aizen got here in the first place."So he's going to be staying with us? Not happening." Dagger replied."Dagger. Tsunade is going Aizen chance that he prove himself. If he doesn't then he'll go back to Muken. Please sis." Jade begged."Fine he can stay he as long Aizen understands the rules of this house." Dagger replied as Jade hugs her."Thank you Dagger." Jade replied as she lets go of Dagger. The humonoid Xenomorph looks at Aizen."Okay there are rules you have to listen while being in the house that you're staying." Dagger replied."Go ahead. I'm listening." Aizen replied as Dagger explained all the rules towards him. Which he actually gets it."Now then. Now is over. We should probably have dinner." Dagger replied as she, Jade and Aizen heads to the dinning room to eat dinner.After having dinner. Jade and Dagger headed up stairs to their bedrooms that they can sleep but Aizen has no where to sleep at."Aizen you're sleeping on the couch." Jade replied."What now I have to sleep on the couch after being sealing my Kido powers." Aizen complained."Aizen you know you can just sleep outside in the cold. Now do you want that or not?" Jade asked as she was about to beat up Aizen for controlling her and Fennikusu."Fine I'll sleep on the couch." Aizen replied as Jade grabs a pillow and blanket for Aizen to sleep on and places it on the couch."Now Aizen. Hope you have great sleep tomorrow because you and I have to do some things. Unless you want to be back on that stupid chair that you sat in while being in Muken." Jade teased as Aizen gets mad at her but decides leave it be. He went to sleep on the couch with his Muken outfit.In Jade's bedroom Jade gets dressed into her nightwear clothes went on the bed and tries go to sleep."I see your making progress on Aizen that you sealed his Kido abilities, convincing Tsunade to let him stay in this village and you're letting him sleep on the couch in your house. You're not in love with this man aren't you?" Fennikusu asked as Jade tries to sleep."You're starting to piss me off." Jade warned."Ah yes I can see you're in love with Aizen. Even though he didn't noticed that. That man had used you and I as his lab rats for his experiments to kill your friends in the past. You may have kindness in your heart but do you think it is possible for Aizen to fall in love with you." Fennikusu replied as Jade finally went to sleep. Hoping tomorrow for a new day and that Aizen will change.
Sleeping Beauty Crossover Ch 3I do not own Naruto, Bleach, Mortal Kombat, and One pieceInside the cottage. Minako is lighting the candles on the cake, which starts to melt down. She tries to hold it with a broom."Well, what do you think of it?" Minako asked as Jade is still wore the purple dress."Why, it's a very unusual cake, isn't it?" Fukai asked."Yes. Of course it'll be much stiffer after it's bake." Minako answered."Of course, Minako. What do you think of the dress?" Fukai asked."Well, it's not exactly the way it is in the book, is it?" Minako asked."Well, I improved a bit! But perhaps if I added few more ruffolds? What do you think?" Fukai asked "I think so. What do you think, Jade?" Minako asked as Jade was struggling with the purple dress, which the she's having a hard time. "I think we've had enough of this nonsense. I think we thought to think of Hinata, and what she'll think of this mess. I still think what I thought before. I'm going to get those magical staffs." Jade answered as she steps down and the pieces of the dress fell off."You know, I think she's right." Minako replied as Jade grabs the magical staffs and climbing down the stairs."Here they are, good as new." Jade replied."Careful, Jade! Quick, lock the doors." Fukai replied as Jade closes the door."Minako, you close the windows. Lock up every window, We can't take any chances! And now," Fukai replied as Jade and Minako closes all the windows."Now you take care of the cake." Fukai replied as she hands Minato her magic staff."While I." Jade replied as Fukai hands the dark phoenix her magic staff."Clean the room, dear, And I'll make the dress. Well, hurry!" Fukai replied as Jade gets mad and aims her magical staff at the cleaning supplies."Come on, bucket, mob, broom, Fukai says, clean up the room!" Jade replied as the cleaning tools starts cleaning the cottage."And now to make a lovely dress, fit the grace of the Hyuga princess." Fukai replied as she uses her magical staff to make the purple dress while Minako used her magical staff to make the ingredients move."Eggs, flour, milk, just do it the way it's here in the book. I'll put on the candles." Minako replied as ingredients began making the cake. Fukai finishes making the dress while Jade was cleaning and sees the dress."Oh no, not purple. Make it blue." Jade replied as she turns the dress into blue."Jade! Make it purple." Fukai replied as she turns the dress purple."Blue." Jade replied as she turn the dress blue again."Purple." Fukai replied as she turns the dress purple again."Blue." Jade replied as she turns Fukai's clothes into blue. Which made the dark phoenix snicker but Fukai turns her clothes into purple. So Jade turns Fukai's clothes into blue again which the dragon turns her clothes into blue again. Then they began fighting over the colors. While Minako was finished making the cake.Outside of the cottage Talon sees the colors of magic blazing so he flew and landed onto the chimney of the cottage. While the two are still fighting the colors until the dress was turned into both blue and purple color."Now Look what you've done!" Fukai shouted as Minako hears someone coming."Shh, listen!" Minako replied as they hear someone singing."It's Hinata!" Jade replied."She's back, enough of this foolishness. Make it purple" Fukai replied as she turns dress into purple."Now hide, quick." Fukai replied as she grabs Minako and hides. While Jade sees the dress purple."Blue." Jade replied as she turns the dress blue and hides. Hinata walks towards the house."Fukai." Hinata shouted as the three girls sees a mop is cleaning the floor."Good gracious, who left the mop running?" Fukai asked."Stop, mop!" Jade shouted as she used her magical staff on the mop and it stopped moving. Hinata opens the door and enters in the house."Fukai, Minako, Jade!" Hinata replied as she closes the bottom door while Talon sees her."Where is everybody?" Hinata asked as she sees a cake and a blue dress. "Surprise!" The three girls shouted as they approach her."Happy birthday!" Minako added."Oh you girls, this is the happiest day of my life. Everything's so wonderful, just wait till you meet him." Hinata replied."Him?" Minako replied."Hinata!" Jade shouted."You've met a stranger?" Fukai asked."Oh he's not a stranger, we've met before." Hinata answered."You have?" Fukai replied."Where?" Jade asked."Once upon a dream." Hinata answered as she began to sing and dance with Minako.I know you. I walked with you. Once upon a dream ..."She's in love." Minako replied."Oh no." Jade added."This is terrible!" Fukai replied."Why? After all, I am sixteen." Hinata replied."It isn't that, Hinata." Fukai replied."You're already betrothed." Minako added."Betrothed?" Hinata replied."Since the day you were born." Jade answered."To prince Naruto, Hinata." Minako added."But that's impossible! How could I marry a prince, I'd have to be." Hinata replied."A princess." Jade replied."And you are Hinata." Minako replied."Princess Hinata. Tonight, we're taking you back to your father, Hiashi." Fukai replied."But, but I can't! He's coming here tonight, I promised to meet him." Hinata replied as Talon flew away from the house."I'm sorry, Hinata, but you must never see that young man again." Fukai replied."Oh, no, no! I can't believe it. No, no!" Hinata replied as she began to cry and ran upstairs to her room"And we thought she'd be so happy." Jade replied as Hinata lies on the and continues to cry.At the castle Hiashi was standing at the window and expecting that the three magical warriors arrive at his castle with his daughter. But there was no sign of them."No sign of her yet, Minato." Hiashi replied as Minato was eating the food."Course not. Good half hour 'till sunrise." Minato replied as he was a duck leg."Ah, excellent bird!" Minato replied as he looks at Hiashi."Oh now, come on, wake up, battle's over, girl's as good as here." Minato replied."I'm sorry, Minato, but after sixteen years of worrying, never knowing." Hiashi answered."The past, all in the past." Minato replied as he claps his hand. A servant hands him a bottle of Sake."Tonight, we toast to future with something i've been saving for sixteen years." Minato replied as he pours Sake on two cups."Here, to the future!" Minato cheered."Right, Minato, to the future!" Hiashi replied as he and Minato began to sing.Skumps!SkumpsA toast to this knightThe outlook is rosyThe future is brightOur children will marry. Our kingdoms unite. Skumps, Skumps, Skumps!They began drinking the Sake and the servant too as well."Ah, excellent taste. And now, to the new home, ey?" Minato asked."New home?" Hiashi replied."Children need a nest of their own, what? Place to raise their little brood, ey?" Minato asked."Well, I suppose in time." Hiashi replied as Minato began to sing along with him.Of course. To the home! Skumps!Skumps!A toast to the homeOne grander by far than a palace in RomeLet me fill up your glass, That glass was all foam.Skumps, Skumps, Skumps!The two laughed."The plans!" Minato replied as a servant shows a blue print of the castle."Well, what do you think? Nothing elaborate, of course. Forty bedrooms, Dining hall, Honeymoon cottage, really." Minato replied."You mean, you're building it already?" Hiashi asked."Built man! Finished. The love-birds can move in tomorrow." Minato answered."Tomorrow? But Minato, they're not even married yet." Hiashi replied."Take care of that tonight. To the wedding!" Minato replied."Now hold on, Minato. I haven't even seen my daughter yet, and you're taking her away from me." Hiashi replied as the servant uses his bard instrument while Minato was pouring Sake on it."Getting my Naruto aren't you?" Minato asked."Yes, but." Hiashi replied."Want to see our grandchildren, don't we?" Minato asked."Of course, but." Hiashi replied."There's no time to lose! Getting on in years. To the wedding!" Minato replied."Now be reasonable, Minato. After all, Hinata knows nothing about this." Hiashi replied as the servant drank the Sake up and passed out on the floor."Well?" Minato asked."Well, it may come as quite a shock." Hiashi answered as Minato spits his sake out of his mouth."Shock? My Naruto a shock? What's wrong with my Naruto?" Minato replied."Nothing, Minato. I only meant." Hiashi replied."Why, doesn't your daughter like my son." Minato replied."Now, now." Hiashi replied as he was walking backwards."I'm not so sure my son likes your daughter!" Minato replied."Now, see here." Hiashi replied."I'm not so sure my grandchildren want You for a grandfather!" Minato shouted."Why, you unreasonable, pompous, blustering, old windbag!" Hiashi shouted."Unreasonable, pompous." Minato replied as he grabs a fish and uses it as a sword. "En garde, sir!" Minato shouted."I warn you, Minato, this means war." Hiashi replied as he grabs a plate from the dinning table and uses it as a shield.Minato began hitting the plate but the two stopped at a moment and they laughed."What's this all about anyway?" Minato asked."Nothing Minato, absolutely nothing." Hiashi answered."The children are bound to fall in love with each other." Minato replied."Precisely. And as for grandchildren, I'll have the royal woodcarvers start work on the cradle tomorrow." Hiashi informed"Splendid! King size, of course." Minato replied."Certainly. To the woodcarver's guild!" Hiashi replied as the two unveiled the table sheet and sees a servant passed out."His royal highness, Prince Naruto!" The Announcer shouted."Naruto?" Minato replied as he ran downstairs and headed outside while Naruto rode Kurama into the castle."Naruto! Naruto! Naruto, hold, Naruto!" Minato shouted as Kurama stops while Minato ran to his son."Hurry, boy, hurry, and change in something suitable. Can't meet your future bride looking like that." Minato replied as Naruto approaches to him."Well, I have met her, father." Naruto replied."You have? where?" Minato asked."Once upon a dream." Naruto answered as he began to sing and began dancing with his father."Oh Naruto, stop it, stop that, why, Naruto, Put me down!" Minato shouted as Naruto puts him down."Now, what's all this dream nonsense?" Minato asked."It wasn't a dream, father. I really did meet her." Naruto answered."Princess Hinata? Good heavens, we must tell Hiashi! Why this is the most." Minato replied."I didn't say it was Hinata." Naruto replied."You most certainly did, you said." Minato replied."I said I met the girl I was going to marry. I don't know who she was, a peasant girl I suppose." Naruto replied."A peasant g-g-girl? You're going to marry a ... Why Naruto, you're joking. Isn't he?" Minato asked as Kurama shook his head."You can't do this to me! Give up the throne, the kingdom, for some, some nobody? By Harry, I won't have it. You're a prince, and you're going to marry a princess!" Minato shouted."Now father, you're living in the past. This is the fourteenth century. Nowadays." Naruto replied."Nowadays I'm still the king, and I command you to come to your senses." Minato replied as Naruto gets on Kurama."And marry the girl that I love." Naruto replied."Exactly!" Minato replied."Goodbye, father!" Naruto replied."Goodbye, father! Marry the girl you ... No, no, Naruto, stop, come back, hold Naruto! Naruto!" Minato shouted as he tries to catch up to his son but it was too late."Oh, how will I ever gonna tell Hiashi about that?" Minato asked as he sat on the castle stairs.
Sleeping Beauty Crossover Ch 2I do not own Naruto, Bleach, Pokemon, Mortal Kombat, and One pieceMany sad and lonely years passed by for Hiashi and his people. But as the time for the Hyuga princesse's sixteenth birthday drew near, the entire kingdom began to rejoice. For everyone knew that as long as Kurome's domain, the forbidden mountains, thundered with her wrath and frustration, her evil prophecy had not yet been fulfilled.Inside Kurome's castle. Kurome was searching for Hinata but no traces of her so she talks to her minions has human forms and wore Xenomorph armor."It's incredible, sixteen years and not a trace of her! She couldn't have vanished into thin air. Are you sure you searched everywhere?" Kurome asked "Yes, we looked anywhere, for her." Grid replied."Yes, yes!" Derek added."But what about the town, the forests, the mountains?" Kurome asked."We searched the mountains, forests, and houses, and see, in all the cradles." Grid replied."Cradle?" Kurome replied."Yes we looked in every cradle." Grid replied."Cradle?" Kurome replied as she began to get her Xenomorph bird on the head. "Did you hear that Talon? All these years, they've been looking for a baby!" Kurome replied as she began to laugh as well with her minions."Fools! Idiots! Imbeciles!" Kurome hissed as her minions ran away from her and she used her magic to zapped them until they all left."Oh, Talon they're hopeless. Such a disgrace to the forces of the Xenomorph Clan. Talon, you are my last hope. Circle far and wide, search for a maid who is sixteen with hair of midnight blue and lips red as the rose. Go, and do not fail me." Kurome replied as Talon flew out of Kurome's castle.And so for sixteen long years the whereabouts of the Hyuga princess remained a mystery, while deep in the forest, in a cottage, the magical warriors carried out their well-laid plan. Living like mortals, they had raised Hinata as their own.In the forest there was a cottage and the window opens, revealing teenager girl with Midnight blue long hair, pale eyes, light skin and wears a light cream dress with purple corset and black boots named Hinata who is singing.On this her sixteenth birthday the magical warriors had planned a party and something extra special for her surprise.Inside the cottage the three magical warriors in their human forms looked through a book filled with dress designs."How about this one?" Jade asked"This is the one I picked." Fukai answered"Oh she'll look beautiful in it." Minako added."Now I thought a few changes here." Fukai replied as Jade nodded."Don't forget a pretty bow." Minako replied."And there's the shoulder line." Fukai replied."We'll make it dark blue." Jade replied."Oh no, Jade, purple." Fukai replied"But" Jade replied."Of course, we'll need a few pleats" Fukai replied"Yes, but how are we going to get her out of the house?" Minako asked."Oh, I'll think of something." Fukai answered as Hinata came downstairs and sees the girls."Well, and what are you girls up to now?" Hinata asked."Up to?" Jade replied."Up to?" Minako asked."Up to? eh, eh, eh, we, we, well, we, we ..." Fukai replied as Jade sees a basket, grabbing it and handing it to Hinata."Want you to pick some berries." Jade replied."That's it, berries!" Fukai added."Berries?" Hinata replied."Lots of berries." Minako added."But I picked berries yesterday." Hinata replied as Jade puts a purple scarf on Hinata's head."Oh, we need more, dear." Fukai replied."Lots, lots more." Minako replied"Yes!" Fukai replied as the three pushed Hinata out of the house."Now don't hurry back, Hinata" Fukai replied."And don't go to far." Jade added."And don't speak to strangers" Fukai replied."Goodbye, Hinata!" Minako shouted."Goodbye!" Jade added."Goodbye!" Fukai added."Goodbye!" Hinata replied as she went to the forest and Jade closes the door."I wonder if she suspects." Jade replied."Of course not, come on. Will she be surprised? Fukai asked."A real birthday party." Jade replied."With a real birthday cake." Minako replied."Yes, and a dress a princess can be proud of." Fukai replied."I'll get the staffs." Jade replied."Yes, you ... the staffs?" Fukai replied."Oh no." Minako replied."No magic!" Fukai answered."But the sixteen years are almost over." Jade complained"We're taking no chances." Fukai replied"But, I never baked a cake before." Jade replied."Oh, you won't have to, Jade." Fukai answered."I'm going to bake the cake." Minako added"You?" Jade asked."She's always wanted to, Jade, and this is her last chance." Fukai answered."Well, ..." Jade replied."I'm going to make it fifteen layers with pink and blue, forgive-me-nots." Minako replied."And i'm making the dress." Fukai replied"But you can't sow, and she's never cooked!" Jade complained."Oh, it's simple. All you do is follow the book." Fukai replied as she makes Jade stands on a stool."Up here Jade, you can be the mannequin." Fukai replied."Well, I still say we're probably have have if we use magic." Jade replied as the Dragon throws a sheet of purple cloth on her and begins cutting it with a pair of scissors. While Minako gets all the ingredients for the cake and reads the cookbook."Flour, three cups. Cups, cups, cups, cups, cups." Minako replied as she finds the measuring cups, grabbing it and pours the flour in the mixing bowl."One, two, three." Minako replied as Fukai cuts a hole in the fabric."What's that for?" Jade asked."Well, it's got to have a hole in the bottom." Fukai answered"That's for the feet to go through." Minako added."It's purple!" Jade replied."Oh, lovely shade, isn't it." Fukai replied."But I wanted it dark blue." Jade whined."Now, Jade, we decided purple was her color." Fukai answered."You decided!" Jade replied."Two eggs, fold in gently Fold? Oh well." Minako replied as she puts two eggs into the bowl and starts to fold them in. While the dark phoenix is completely hulled into the purple fabric."I can't breathe!" Jade shouted as Fukai cuts the fabric open at the top. Jade looks down on the dress from the inside."It looks awful." Jade complained"That's because it's on you, Jade." Fukai explained."Now yeast, one tsp. tsp?" Minako replied."One teaspoon!" Jade answered"One teaspoon, of course." Minako replied as Fukai measures the size of the dress."Oh gracious how our Hinata has grown." Fukai replied."Oh, it seems only yesterday we brought her here." Jade added."Just a tiny baby." Minako replied as Jade began to cry."Jade!" Fukai replied."What's the matter, Jade?" Minako asked"After the day she'll be the Hyuga princess, and we won't have our Hinata." Jade answered."Oh Fukai." Minako replied."We all knew this day had to come." Fukai replied."But why did it have to come so soon?" Minako asked."After all, we've had Hinata for sixteen years." Fukai answered."Sixteen wonderful years." Jade added"Good gracious, We're acting like a lot of ninnies! Come on, she'll be back before we get started." Fukai repliedIn the forest a Starly was sitting on the branch of a tree and heard Hinata singing so it flew down and sing as well. Hinata was walking and singing at the same time while the Starly flew and lands on a small tree branch. Hinata came over to it and continues to sing while a Taillow came over to. The two bird Pokemon began to sing as well and flew into the forest. The Hyuga princess was walking and singing, they came over to a log, headed inside and waking the two Nidorans by lifting them. The two rodent Pokemon came over to Hinata while Starly and Taillow flew over woke up Furret when it heard the girl singing. It went into a hole of a tree and pushes Hoothoot out of there. The Hoothoot floats down while Hinata held the basket and the owl Pokemon landed on it. Hinata sang while Hoothoot began to sing as well. The Hyuga princess began walking while the Pokemon began to follow her.Meanwhile on the other side of the forest a blonde teenage boy named Naruto was riding on a orange nine tailed fox Kurama and heard someone singing."Hear that, Kurama? Beautiful! What is it? Come on, let's find out." Naruto replied as he turns Kurama around but was struggling."Oh, come on! For an extra bucket of meat, and a few fish?" Naruto asked as Kurama nodded his head."Hop boy!" Naruto shouted as Kurama ran towards Hinata's singing. The nine tailed fox jumps over the log while Naruto gets caught in a tree and falls into a pond. Kurama turns over and sees the blonde boy completely wet. The nine tailed fox came over to him and Naruto splashes water at him."No meat and fish for you!" Naruto replied.Hinata surrounded by the Pokemon in the forest, picking berries, pulling her headscarf down and began to sing.I wonder, I wonder, I wonder why each little bird. Has a someone to sing to. Sweet things to. A little love melody. I wonder, I wonder, If my heart keeps singing. Will my song go wing-ing. To someone. Who'll find me. And bring back a love songTo me!"Oh dear, why do they still treat me like a child." Hinata replied"Who?" Hoothoot asked."Why, Fukai, Minako and Jade. They never want me to meet anyone. But you know something? I fooled 'em. I have met someone!" Hinata replied."Who? Who? Who?" Hoothoot asked."Oh, a prince. Well, he's tall and handsome and ... and so romantic. Oh we walked together, and talked together, and just before we say goodbye, he takes me in his arms, and then ... I wake up." Hinata answered as the Pokemon listened to her."Yes, it's only in my dreams. But they say if you dream a thing more than once, It's sure to come true. And I've seen him so many times!" Hinata answered as a Furret sees the Naruto's wet boots, cloak and hat hanging in a tree. He and the other Pokemon came over and went to the tree."You know Kurama, There was something strange about that voice. Too beautiful to be real. Maybe it was a mysterious being, a wood sprite." Naruto replied as Kurama sees the Pokemon grabbing his clothes and ran off. Kurama began to growl at them."There, stop!" Naruto shouted as the Pokemon ran off.The Starly and Taillow dresses Hoothoot in a cloak and hat while, the Nidorans took the shoes, and they approach towards the Hyuga princess."Oh, why, it's my dream prince!" Hinata replied as she approaches towards her dream prince."Your highness! No, I'm really not supposed to speak to strangers. But we've met before!" Hinata replied as she dances with her 'dream prince', and sings.I know you. I walked with you. Once upon a dream. I know you. The gleam in your eyes. Is so familiar a gleamAnd I know it's true. That visions are seldom all they seem. But if I know you I know what you'll do. You'll love me at once. The way you did. Once upon a dreamNaruto and Kurama see Hinata dancing with the Pokemon. She turns around, while Naruto grabs the Pokemon, places himself and began to sing with her.But if I know youI know what you'll doYou'll love me at onceThe way you did. Once upon a dream.Hinata sees the Pokemon confused, she turns and sees Naruto behind her."Oh? Oh!" Hinata replied as Naruto held her."I'm awfully sorry. I didn't mean to frighten you." Naruto apologized."Oh it wasn't that. It's just that you're a, a ..." Hinata replied."A stranger?" Naruto asked."Hmm-hmm." Hinata answered."But don't you remember have we've met before?" Naruto asked"We, we have?" Hinata asked."Of course, You said so yourself. Once upon a dream!" Naruto answered as he began to sing.I know you. I walked with you. Once upon a dream. I know you. The gleam in your eyes. Is so familiar a gleam.Naruto held on to Hinata's hand and they began waltzing around in the lake.And I know it's true. That visions are seldom all they seem. But if I know you. I know what you'll do. You'll love me at once. The way you did. Once upon a dream.The Pokemon watched the couple danced and finished their dance. Hinata and Naruto heads to a log. The blonde boy lays his arm around the Hyuga princess and the Pokemon followed them and joined in too as well."Who are you, what's your name?" Naruto asked."Hmm? Oh, my name. Why, it's, it's ... Oh no, no, I can't, I ... Goodbye!" Hinata answered as she about to go."But when will I see you again?" Naruto asked."Oh never, never!" Hinata answered."Never?" Naruto replied."Well, maybe someday." Hinata replied."When, tomorrow?" Naruto asked."Oh no, this evening." Hinata answered."Where?" Naruto asked."At the cottage, in the glen." Hinata answered as she ran into the forest leaving both Naruto and Kurama alone.
Sleeping Beauty Crossover Ch 1I do not own Naruto, Bleach, Mortal Kombat, and One pieceIn a far away land, long ago, lived a king named Hiashi Hyuga and his fair queen Hina. Many years had they longed for a child and finally their wish was granted. A daughter was born, and they called her Hinata. Yes, they named her after the sun for she filled their lives with happiness. Then a great holiday was proclaimed throughout the kingdom, so that all of high or low estate might pay homage to the infant princess. And our story begins on that most joyful day.As all the people in Konoha village came over to the Hyuga kingdom and sang.Joyfully now to our princess we come, Bringing gifts and all good wishes too.We pledge our loyalty anew.Hail to the princess Hinata!All of her subjects adore her!Hail to the King!Hail to the Queen!Hail to the princess Hinata!Health to the princess,Wealth to the princess,Long live the princess Hinata!Hail Hinata!Hail Hinata!Health to the princess,Wealth to the princess,Long live the princess Hinata!Hail to the King!Hail to the Queen!Hail to the princess Hinata!Thus on this great and joyous day did all the kingdom celebrate the long awaited royal birth. And good King Hiashi and Hina made welcome their life long friend.Trumpets played when someone came to the Hyuga kingdom."Their royal highnesses, King Minato Uzumaki and prince Naruto." The Hyuga Announcer replied as a blond haired man and a eight year old boy came over to the castle.Fondly had these monarchs dreamed one day their kingdoms to unite. Thus today would they announce that Naruto, Minato's son and heir to Hiashi's child would be betrothed. And so to her his gift he brought, and looked, unknowing, on his future bride.Hina brought the blonde boy over to their daughter in the crib. When Naruto sees Hinata, and made a awkward look on his face. Trumpets played again. Suddenly a beam of light shined through the window as a three females holding staffs appeared."The most honored and exalted excellencies, the three magical warriors. Dragon Fukai, Kitsune Minako, and Dark Phoenix Jade." The announcer replied as a girl who in her late 20s, she has dark blue long hair, golden eyes, wears a dark blue hanfu, cloak, boots, fingerless gloves and a circlet on her head. Another girl was a teenager who is seventeen, has white long hair with fox ears, green eyes, and nine tails, she wore a white kimono, with socks and sandels. And the last was a twenty year old girl with Black long hair with red, blue and purple highlights, red eyes, wears a black long kimono, black feathered cloak, boots, fingerless gloves, a ice blue crystal necklace and a circlet. They came over to the crib and was adored when they see baby Hinata."Oh, the little darling!" Jade replied as Fukai and others approaches to Hiashi and Hina."Your majesties," They replied. "Each of us the child may bless with a single gift. No more, no less." Fukai replied as she went to the crib first."Little princess, my gift shall be the gift of beauty." Fukai replied as she waves hers staff around and made a spell for Hinata.One gift, beauty rareFull of midnight blue in her hairLips that shame the red red roseShe'll walk with springtimeWherever she goes.The gift of Beauty casted down on Hinata, as Minako came over to the crib."Tiny princess, my gift shall be the gift of song." Minako replied as she made a spell.One gift, the gift of song. Melody her whole life long. The nightingale's her troubadour. Bringing her sweet serenadeto her door.As the gift of song casted down on Hinata. And lastly Jade came over to her."Sweet princess, my gift shall be ...As Jade was about to cast a spell on Hinata. Suddenly wind blow through the castle, the doors are wide open. Hiashi, Hina and the magical warriors sees who it is. Thunder zapped as black flames appears. A woman who is about Fukai's age has black long hair, wearing black robes, a Xenomorph queen crown on her head, and holding a black staff. A xenomorph bird named Talon flew over and sat on the staff."Why, it's Kurome!" Minako replied."What does she want." Jade growled."Shhh!" Fukai replied."Well, quite a glittering assemblage, Hiashi. Royalty, nobility, the dragon, and, the Kitsune, and even the Dark Phoenix." Kurome replied as Jade was about to attack her but was held by Fukai and Minako"I felt quite distressed of not receiving an invitation." Kurome replied."You weren't invited!" Jade replied."Not wa...? Oh dear, what an awkward situation. I had hoped it was merely due to some oversight. Well, in that event I'd best be on my way." Kurome replied as she was about to leave."And you're not offended, your excellency?" Hina asked."Why no, your majesty. And to show I bear no ill will, I, too, shall bestow a gift on the child as well." Kurome replied as the three magical warriors is protecting baby Hinata."Listen well, all of you! The Hyuga princess shall indeed grow in grace and beauty, beloved by all who know her. But, before the sun rises on her sixteenth birthday, she shall prick her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel and die." Kurome replied."Oh no!" Hina replied as she grabs baby Hinata out from the crib and held her closely. Kurome began to laugh evilly."Seize her!" Hiashi shouted as the guards were about to attack Kurome but she stopped them."Stand back you fools." Kurome replied as she disappears in black flames and continued laughing while Talon flew away out of the castle. Hiashi and Hina frowned that Kurome put the curse on their daughter."Don't despair, Hiashi. Jade still has her gift to give." Fukai replied."Can Jade undo the curse?" Hiashi asked."Oh no, Hiashi." Jade answered."Kurome's powers are far too powerful." Fukai replied."But she can help!" Minako added as she and Fukai pushed Jade."But." Jade replied."Just do your best, Jade." Minako replied."Yes." Fukai added as Jade made her spell."Sweet princess, if through this wicked witches trick a spindle should your finger prick, a ray of light there still may be in this, the gift that I give you. Not in death but just in sleep the fateful prophecy you'll keep, and from this slumber you shall awake when true love's kiss the spell shall break." Jade replied as the final gift casted on Hinata.For true love conquers allBut Hiashi, still fearful of his daughter's life, did then and there decree that every spinning wheel in the kingdom should on that very day be burnt. So it was done.All the spinning wheels were being burnt by all the villagers while Fukai sees it outside of the balcony. Both Minako and Jade were drinking red wine."Silly fiddle faddle!" Fukai replied as she came over to the Kitsune and the Dark Phoenix."Now, come have a nice glass of wine, Fukai. I'm sure it'll work out somehow." Minako replied."Well, a bonfire won't stop Kurome." Jade added."Of course not. But what will?" Fukai asked."Well, perhaps if we reason with her." Minako answered."Reason?" Fukai replied."With Kurome?!" Jade replied."Well, she can't be all bad." Minako replied."Oh, yes, she can." Fukai replied."I'd like to turn her into a roach." Jade replied."Now, Jade, that isn't very nice thing to say." Minako replied."Besides, we can't. You know our magic doesn't work that way." Fukai replied."It can only do good, dear, to bring joy and happiness." Minako replied."Well, that would make me happy." Jade replied."But there must be some way ... There he is!" Fukai replied"There he is?" Jade replied."What is it, Fukai?" Minako asked."I'm going to ... shh, shh, shh! Even walls have ears." Fukai replied as she sneaks around the castle to see no one is hearing them"Follow me!" Fukai replied as she shrink herself along with Jade and Minako and hides into a box filled with jewelry on the table."I'll turn her into a flower." Fukai replied."Kurome?" Jade replied."Oh no, Jade, the princess!" Fukai answered."Oh she'd make a lovely flower." Minako replied."Don't you see, a flower can't prick its finger." Fukai replied."It hasn't any." Jade replied."That's right." Minako replied"She'll be perfectly safe." Fukai replied."Until Kurome sends a frost." Jade replied in sarcasm."Yes, a ...oh dear!" Fukai replied."She always ruins your nicest flowers." Minako replied."You're right. And she'll be expecting us to do something like that." Fukai replied."But what won't she expect, she knows everything." Jade replied."Oh but she doesn't Jade. Kurome doesn't know anything about love, or kindness, or the joy of helping earnest. You know, sometimes I don't think she's really very happy." Minako replied."That's it, of course! It's the only thing she can't understand, and won't expect. oh, oh, now, now ... We have to plan it carefully, let's see, a cottage, yes, yes, the abandoned one, of course Hiashi and Hina will object, but when we explain it's the only way" Fukai replied."Explain what?" Jade asked"About the three women raising a foundling child deep in the forest." Fukai answered."Oh, that's very nice of them." Minako complaint"Who are they?" Jade asked."Turn around!" Fukai replied as Jade and Minako faced a mirror. Fukai turned them into their human form and wearing normal maid dresses."Why, it's ... us!" Minako replied."You mean, us?" Jade added."Take care of baby Hinata?" Minako asked."Why not?" Fukai replied."Oh, i'd like that!" Minako replied as Jade changes her dress from pink to black."Well, yes, yes, but will we have to feed her?" Jade asked."And wash her and dress her and rock her to sleep. Oh I'd love it." Minako replied."You really think we can?" Jade asked."If her parents can do it, so can we." Fukai replied."And we have our magic to help us." Jade replied."That's right." Minako agreed"Oh, no, no, no, no, no magic! I'll take those staffs right now. Oh, better get rid of those feathers, Jade too." Fukai replied."You mean, live like normal? For sixteen years?" Jade asked as Fukai removes the feathers from Jade's back."Now, we don't know how. We've never done anything without magic." Jade replied."And that's why Kurome will never suspect." Fukai replied"But who'll wash, and cook?" Jade asked."Oh, we'll all do it." Fukai answered."I'll take care of Hinata!" Minako replied."Let me have it, Jade." Fukai replied as Jade hands her staff to her."Come along now, We must tell their Hiashi about it." Fukai replied as she changes herself to normal height."Fukai!" Both Jade and Minako shouted as Fukai stops and made a spell again that both Minako and Jade are in their normal height. As they headed ran into the castle. Outside of the castle. Hiashi and Hina looks down on the balcony seeing the magical warriors holding their baby and ran off.As Hiashi and Hina watched with heavy hearts as their most precious posession, their only child, disappeared into the night.
You're no God! Predator v Engineer v Neomorph by KNIGHTPREDATOR
Nightfurymorph by XADarkAngelOfDeathX


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