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Hinata like Covergirl (G.I.Joe) 4 by gekkodimoria

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Judy on a car by artman7391
London (from A Muppet Christmas Carol) by artman7391
UrGoh and Flash by artman7391
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Sonic Terminus issue 1 cover by TheMagyar
Motoko Kusanagi | Ghost in the Shell Fanart by nirryc
Wake Me Up When September Ends by CHADinskee
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CHAOS by MarcusThomas
Chibi Pewdiepie, Maya and Edgar! :3 by ShannonxNaruto
Hello Bart! :3 by ShannonxNaruto
Fairy Tail 442 - The Scarlet Mage by DeviousSketcher
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COMMISSION: Matsumoto by Flowerxl
Mavis by AJM-FairyTail
Pink Floyd - Dark Side of The Moon by smjblessing
Spider-Man Minimalistic Poster by GushueDesign
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Boomerang by zacharyknox222
Carnage by zacharyknox222
Wonder Man by zacharyknox222
Hobgoblin by zacharyknox222
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Blackwidow fan art by LostHawK81
Capt. Marvel by LostHawK81
Wonder Woman by LostHawK81
Widow Endgame by LostHawK81
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Cafe Maid May Day 4: Happy by Cartuneslover16
Cafe Maid May Day 3: Shirakawa by Cartuneslover16
THEM 2!! by CoolEmma03
Adopt N1 - Candy Witch [ OPEN AUCTION] by Cogamori
Anime 4 Full
Lombre Papercraft by PatrykGPL
.: YGO CR : three Beauties :. by Sincity2100
Inktober 26th: Stretch by KingCommotion
Happy Pokemon Halloween ! by themomosheep
Anime 3 Full
Genos by CyberII
Tokyo Ghoul by CyberII
Eva 01 by bluestargamin
Fresh prince of russia by TVegapunk
Anime 2 full
Cute Lucy by kunaiXX
The Legendary Broly by Sam-Baten
Sesshomaru by Sam-Baten
Daoko GIRL by JeyraBlue
Anime full
Ranma Nibun no Ichi by TikiiCherry
Smaug by IronChief01
Samantha BE by HyperFlannel
La Vivandiere by RGPC
Aphrodite and Satan by KawaiiStorm
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Lady Dimitrescu and daughters by AnryMaryStudio
Games 7 Full
''Are you still following me?!'' by JeffTheIronic
Games 6 Full
Pokemon: Scorbunny by softlytired
Games 5 Full
Maeve (Paladins) by DENDEROTTO
Games 4 Full
Lunafreya.nsfw optional. by Axsens
Games 3 Full
White Gold Tower by Yacrical
Games 2 Full

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Mercy by HARKHAN71
Games Full
Meeting Different Amies by JayZeeTee16
Ran Mouri redraw (2021 ver) by minnhsg
Movies 3
Chungking Express: Woman in blonde wig by Nicksplosivez
Movies 2 Full
Jessica rabbit by Natali-O
Movies full
Lumiere\ Cogsworth younger by OnePiece260
Watermelon - LenWeek2021 / Day 6 by ElectricShan
TV Series 5
Powerpuff Girls Live Action Reboot by TimBurton01
TV Series 4 Full
VANYA aka 00.07 by UNDISCOVER-art
TV Series 3 Full
-[Entitled]- by Lawleighette
TV Series 2 full
Pinkie Pie by CaptainEdwardTeague
TV Series full
DCAU Duality - Diana Prince/Wonder Woman by OptimumBuster
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Web Series
Cafe Maid May Day 5: Disco Bear by Cartuneslover16
OC Fanart 4
(Gift) Chubby Clown Girl by CuteCArtsy
OC Fanart 3 Full
Are you talking to me? by JoastudiosX
OC Fanart 2 Full
goblin b-day by SuperG0blin
OC Fanart full
Luxury Space Travel by ChloexBowie
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Fanart Zoro and Sanji [OnePiece Manga Chapter1012] by HoHaiiro
Miscellaneous 2
University Fluttershy by EmeraldBlast63
Miscellaneous 1
Oni by AdriaMarina

Competitions from affiliation and group members and News

:iconrozentwins: Rozen Maiden Dolls by RozenTwins Punkers Kimi and Miki by RozenTwins Nagisa and Hinata by RozenTwins

:iconcrazyanimeyakuza: is a new group, consisting of animanga fans of all sorts. I advise this group for people who truly love community spirit, for the founder, kondouyumi-tan is very involved with her members and staff. So please if you love anime and enjoy community spirit, join. =D

:iconpoints--for--groups: a brand new group which needs the attention because it was made to support groups. And without that attention it can't support groups.

Everyone please look at :iconpointsforgroups: it a really good place which raises funds for groups. And if you can please donate.


Hello there and welcome to The-World-of-Fan-Art!! This group is still very much alive and we look forward to seeing your contributions! Everyone is welcome here despite your level of art!!

:star: Here are some updated rules of the group! :star:
:bulletpurple: Your art MUST be fan art!! Hence the name of the group. This means no OC's!!
:bulletred: Please be friendly and give constructive feedback when the contributor asks
:bulletgreen: We allow mature content but PLEASE put on the mature content warning!!!
:bulletblue: Try to submit to correct folders! Put your best work in featured! :)
:bulletpurple: Please try not to submit the same piece of work more than once. We might be busy but we'll get around to accepting your wonderful art!
:bulletred: Please try to keep it to 3 submissions a day. This will help keep things organized!!
:bulletgreen: NO STEALING PLEASE
:bulletblue: HAVE FUN!!! This is the most important rule of all!!! :D

If you have any questions, feel free to write us a note!!! :meow:


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This group is made for fan art, involving movies, books, mangas, animes, games, etc.
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Aug 1, 2010


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Fan Art

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Commission: Flexuh by kjpluemmini
Custom And commission OPEN
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Commission art  by 8Hotaru8   Fanart Gwen, League of Legends by 8Hotaru8   [AUCTIONS OPEN] ADOPTABLES SALE  by 8Hotaru8  

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NSFW YCH 150 USD [OPEN] by 8Hotaru8
The-JR Featured By Owner Edited May 4, 2021  Student General Artist
I started doing commission!! \(^0 ^)/
Check the info and some of my works and feel free to contact me with no compromise

-COMMISSION INFO- *OPEN*✨Hello everyone, I decided to try to do some commissions so I'll leave here the info for anyone interested. You can ask with no compromise 😊 ✨How to contact me 📡You can contact me via DeviantArt DM but to specify details I'd prefer an e-mail E-mail: Give me as many details as you can. Also, I'll work by default on 3508x4961p but knowing what file dimensions you want would be cool. Important note:*I'M PRACTICING DRAWING BACKGROUNDS AND LIGHTS BUT I'M NOT REALLY GOOD AT IT YET SO KEEP THAT IN MIND*I'll accept the commission once I consider I have enough info about it. Payment 💸Once the commission has been accepted, you will be required to pay in advance at least half of the price. Standard prices would be Headshot (7) Half body (15) Full body (25) [ 8USD, 18USD and 30USD aprox. respectively ]. Please, know that these prices are subject to vary depending on the complexity of the request, like if you simply want line art or flat color or if you want complex posing and multiple elements, to name some examples. These details shall be discussed once I get all the info about the requestPayment will be made via PaypalTime and Refunds ⌛◼ The amount of time it could take me depends of course on the complexity of the request but I'd ask you to be patient since I'm also studying and don't have all the spare time I'd want. But I'll try not to exceed more than a few weeks (could be less, could be more. As I said, I have other duties to attend). ◼ If I feel like I'm overwhelmed with stuff to do and it's taking me or could take me too long to complete, I'll make you know that I don't see myself capable of properly finish it or ask you if you don't mind to wait a bit longer. If the answer is no and in the first case, I'll refund you what you payed in advance. But I'll try to manage my time as best as I canMethods and Personal use ✏I will provide updates on the process every now and then in case there's something you'd like to change and you can use the final piece for personal use however you want but if you want to share it I'd ask for some credit, naturally. I could use the piece to post it on social media (tagging the client if they want) and maybe on a portfolio with your acknowledgement.What I do:◼ Fanart (I'd feel more motivated if it's about anime and videogames) ◼ Your original character ◼ Possibly drawing a person as an anime character portrait What I don't do: ◼ NSFW content ◼Abusive/violent or offensive content ◼ Furry art (I suck at drawing animals)Feel free to send me something and I'll give you my best!! (ฅ`ωฅ)You can also buy me a coffee if you want :3some examples of works I've done:,,,
kjpluemmini Featured By Owner May 2, 2021  Professional Artist
Commission: Lidia C. by kjpluemmini
Commission OPEN
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Emoji stickers.

Funny team. by DersvingMoraine  
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Wing (left)I hope you like my art! Go check my gallery xD Wing (right) 
Kai'sa  K/DA League of Legends by DancingWithHandsTied   Dakota Commission by DancingWithHandsTied  
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