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New Theme of the Month - Architectural Detail

Journal Entry: Sat Oct 2, 2010, 5:57 AM
Hello everyone!

You had the opportunity to vote for a new theme of the month for the past two days.
The theme “Architectural Detail” won out, if barely, but still, it won.
Poll Results
Even though we call it Theme of the Month, this folder will be open for two months – starting today until 30th November. Only new works will be accepted in the Theme of the Month, i.e. works that have already been submitted to the group cannot be added to the Theme of the Month. Also, Devart sends a notification every time a work is withdrawn from the group, so please don't withdraw and then resubmit the same work.

Every one of you will be able to submit two pictures for each of those two months. These four pictures are not counted among the one picture per week you can submit in the other folders. Also, you can send us all sorts of architecture details. The only condition is that you add in the description of the picture where it was taken (Country, City) and what kind of a building this detail is part of (office building, residential building, religious temple, etc). As always, the most interesting pictures will be featured in our journal.

After the folder is closed, you’ll be able to vote for the most original picture which will be featured on our homepage.

Your admin :iconaivaseda:

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