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Journal Entry: Fri Aug 20, 2010, 3:42 AM

Hello, everyone!

I am writing this, because there’s a problem, which although small, has become too wide-spread and requires an announcement that would reach as many of our members as possible. First of all, let me assure you that we always appreciate greatly your submissions – they are, after all, what this group is all about. However, when you submit, please have in mind the topic of our group. Here are posted pictures from all over the world, from places that are both recognizable and famous, to places that are obscure and no one knows nothing about them, but are just as beautiful and interesting. When you post a picture of such a place, your viewers wouldn’t know what that is, unless you explain where the picture is taken. The viewers might want to find out more about this place, but if it’s just a pretty picture without explanation, that becomes a very difficult task. The group rules, the entirety of which you can read here:


specifically state that any and all pictures submitted to the :iconthe-wolrd-in-photos: should have an explanation where that picture was taken. It doesn’t have to be a long-winded novel, just state the country and city or region and what is that on the picture. For example if it’s a building, your own admin has to know what the building is so that the picture can go to the right folder.

This is the exact quote of the rule, which has already been changed, it used to state that pictures will not be accepted before the explanation is added, but that apparently is not enough:

3. Please write a commentary into the artist's comments where this picture is taken (City/Village and Country) and what is that on the picture (historical monument, geographical area, city, village, church, barn, etc).
Pictures without such commentary will be rejected.

Recently we’ve had more and more submissions that do not follow that rule, forcing the admin to ask again and again that it be followed. Replies are slow or there are no replies at all, and the submission process becomes cumbersome, gathers a lot of backlog that is a problem for everyone who submit. This issue has become so wide-spread, however, that the admin would have no other choice but to begin rejecting works. In the future any and all submissions that don’t follow that rule will be rejected outright. Of course, we’ll give you an explanation why we’re rejecting your work, as you know we consider it disrespectful to reject a submission without a word.

So, everyone who haven’t done this so far, please, read the group rules and follow them, so that the experience of this group is pleasant for everyone. Don’t force us to reject your beautiful works – that I am sure, is a disappointment both for you and for the admin who does it.

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