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Tavrie Ubris Ornil-Nilim, The Lingering Shadow

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Name: Tavrie Ubris Ornil-Nilim
Age: 18 (7000 BBY)
Gender: Female
Species: Neti
Date of Birth: 7018 BBY
Place of Birth: Myrkr, Inner Rim
Affiliation: Jedi Order
Rank: Jedi Knight
Class: Consular Shadow


There was something very special about this sapling. It sprouted on its own in a large clearing next to one of the many waterfalls on Myrkr and grew in this spot for a long while, being visited every day by one of the many caretakers who lived on the planet; the caretaker spoke to the sapling for hours each day and got to know it personally. As time went on, the caretaker became attached to the sapling and it was their favourite - they would spend a lot of time with it, talking to it and also telling it about the galaxy.

From time to time, Dark Siders would arrive on Myrkr to steal saplings and turn them into unstoppable warriors. The saplings would be immersed in the Dark Side and then given growth accelerants to turn them into near-humanoids. But, the Force seemed to protect this tiny sapling for an unknown reason and it killed any Dark siders who tried to remove it and turn it into an instrument of destruction and pure evil. There were the stories about the near-humanoid Neti Dark warriors who could destroy entire planets.

The Force seemed to have grand plans for this sapling, but as of now, they were being kept well hidden and were only known to the sapling itself. The sapling kept growing and then one day the caretaker was greeted by an astounding surprise. At the spot, a newborn Human baby girl had replaced the Neti sapling. The caretaker picked up the newborn and wrapped her up in their cloak, before taking her back to their old cottage.

The caretaker could feel the Force flowing through the newborn like a river, and they spent the next week or so caring for the little girl, before they contacted the Jedi Order with the discovery. The Jedi sent a Twi’lek Jedi Knight, Orokkoka Olgkru, to collect the human Neti and bring her safely to an isolated Jedi temple to begin her training. It was a bittersweet moment when the Jedi Knight arrived to take her away from home - the caretaker said a prayer to the little girl, saying she was going to do great things.

As Orokkoka held the baby in his arms, she began to smile and giggled at him. After a tearful farewell from the caretaker, the young Twi’lek climbed into his ship and then the pair headed offworld for the planet of Tecriea located within the Outer Rim Territories and its Jedi temple. Suddenly, he felt a disturbance in the Force, and he looked across to the baby basket; it was empty. He began to panic and immediately went to find her.

He found her, amazingly, walking around the ship, exploring her new surroundings. It was a hard task getting her back into her basket, but Orokkoka managed it. He jumped to hyperspace and emerged near the planet. His ship entered the atmosphere and came in for a perfect landing at the dock; his precious human cargo undamaged and safe.

* * * * *

A group of Jedi Masters met Orokkoka and they were taken aback by his story about the baby and her amazing transformation. As each Master held her in their arms, they felt the Force resonating strongly from within her and on checking her Midichlorian count; it was one of highest that they had ever seen in a youngling. She was taken into the temple and taken directly to the nursery, where she would be loved and cared for.

From now on, she was to be immersed in the Jedi culture and be trained in the ways of the Force and lightsaber combat. Upon finding out that this baby girl had no name of her own, the Jedi Masters picked out a name that they felt suited her; Tavrie Ubris Ornil. As the years went by, Tavrie became a quick learner and was considered to be the best lightsaber duellist within her clan, defeating highly trained and long-serving Masters in single combat, and she mastered diplomacy, learning to diffuse situations.

In 7005 BBY, Jedi Master Ceshi Gamme, who was an Anzati, picked the 13-year old Tavrie to become her Padawan. The pair immediately became close and the 1500-year old Anzati deposited all of her knowledge and skills on to the Neti. Being a Consular with the speciality of the Shadow class, Ceshi was well versed in operating behind the lines in hostile territories against an overwhelming enemy. The pair soon began to go on sanctioned missions, allowing Tavrie to hone her skills and also gain experience.

On one mission, they arrived on Nar Shaddaa disguised as an impoverished mother and daughter, who had come looking for an uncle who was said to be living there. But in actuality, they were on the planet to help refugees escape from slavery and poverty. It was a dangerous task, but the pair managed to smuggle many hundreds of refugees off of the “Smuggler’s Moon” and deliver them safely to their new homeworlds. But a refugee betrayed them to the Hutts; he was an informer for a powerful criminal clan.

They were captured by Chortuss Plell’s bodyguards and were tortured and imprisoned in a jail underneath his palace. Tavrie retreated inside herself and began to formulate a plan to escape and take down the crime syndicate. During one torture session, she was able to free herself from her bonds and then killed her guards, before releasing Master Gamme and killing the remaining bodyguards. She also released the other prisoners in the jail and found large groups of refugees being held hostage, and they were set free.

Tavrie told her Master to get everyone out of the jail and head to the dockyards and to board their ship. She would be along shortly after dealing with Chortuss in person. As she advanced into his throne room, the Hutt set off traps to deter his enemy, but it was no use; the Neti Padawan managed to outsmart each one. He told her that she would never be able to free all the slaves and refugees on Nar Shaddaa, but Tavrie held her lightsaber to his throat and said she would do her best to give them a second chance. She felt anger and hatred swirling around inside of her at the thought of the people of Nar Shaddaa being enslaved for millennia to come. But Tavrie managed to quell all thoughts of killing Chortuss Plell and gave him a warning; if he did not end his life of crime and continued to enslave other sentient beings, she would return. This somehow wormed deep into Plell’s consciousness and he pleaded that he would now change.

As she turned to leave, a surviving bodyguard fired a shot from a stun rifle and Tavrie fell to the ground. He approached the lifeless Jedi Padawan and began to drag her to the stairwell that lead back down to the cells, but he soon felt the air being sucked out of him and the motion of flying backwards into the stone wall. Tavrie stood over him, her lightsaber ignited and resting on his neck. She marched him down to the cells and locked him inside her cell, before retreating back out to the dock and the waiting ship.

They arrived back at the Tecriea Jedi temple without further problems and the slaves, refugees and impoverished citizens were brought into the temple and looked after by the Jedi. They were also given new clothes and other necessities, hot food, plenty of credits and transport to their new homeworlds, far away from any further conflict. Tavrie was called to the Council Chamber and was congratulated for her effort in freeing sentient beings and received commendations and medals for her missions by the Jedi Masters.

she retired to her room to rest and relax, Padawan Boc Nilim, her closest friend in the temple, caught up with her. Boc said that he was on Nar Shaddaa with his Master on a mission from the Council, but the Force directed him to her and Boc had used his Force powers to protect her during the torture sessions and also amplified her powers when she was fighting Chortuss and his cronies. Boc admitted that since the day they first met, he had fallen for her and then embarrassingly revealed his true love for her. 

Tavrie kissed Boc and admitted her love for him as well. Several weeks later, after the pair completed their Trials of Knighthood, they were married in a lavish ceremony on Tacriea that was fully supported by the Council and their former Masters. The Force would continue to protect Tavrie, and it would also look over Boc, since it found the perfect partner for Tavrie in him. But as 7000 BBY approached, dark clouds began to form and those two Knights would have to rely on each ounce of individual strength, determination and Jedi training to survive the oncoming conflict; the Hundred Years' Darkness. 


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Wow, that's some  back story! The details and thought put into this it's astounding. 
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Thank you Harley :D

I'm just about ready to put up her 6950 BBY avatar and continue her story during the Hundred Years' Darkness :)
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Sweet Spock, so she's a prequel, PREQUEL character? Didn't the Hundred Years' Darkness happen before the Empire?
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*nods* it occurred from 7000 BBY-6900 BBY. 

So, it happens between the ages of 18-118 for Tavrie (although as she gets older in Neti years, her near-human form remains 36 years old).
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Dang, how are you not writing SW films? You know you're way around and create some awesome characters!
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I know right?!! 

If only I could talk to Lucasfilm about all of my ideas >_<
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*protects my ideas and locks them away in a secure vault deep underground*
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