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A Short Cut to Apples

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Sniff sniff, sniff . . .

So, I've finally done it. A crossover between two of my favorite franchises.

Best when accompanied by this music:…

Watercolor on Strathmore 140 lb. cold press watercolor paper. Finished: 3/12/15.
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So which one is supposed to be Frodo? Emotipony Tease 
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Apple Bloom. Then you have Babs as Pippin, Sweetie Belle as Sam, and Scootaloo as Merry.
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You make beautiful work.

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When your mom asks you for a favor:
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Very Nice, this is another great example of how versatile MLP:FIM is when it comes to cross-overs. I mean sure cross-overs are only really limited to the imagination of the fans, but some fandoms are less versatile than others or like in the case of angry birds, lose their elasticity over time.
By the way, you should totally make a full MLP:LOTR cross-over, animation and voice-acting for bonus fabulosity.
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In the Book, this was Kamul, one of the black Numenorians, I think the terror involved with this incident was well illustrated!!!
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Awesome crossover. Very well done!!!
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I love crossovers, special with Lord of the Rings :)
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Thanks! This one is still one of my personal favorites. I'd love to do more if I ever get any good ideas for them.
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Oh this is a great bit of crossover right here.  Well done. :)
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Thanks! This is still one of my favorites. :D
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above everything else about this picture... IT HAS BABS! BABS BEST PONY!
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I sure wish she'd show up again. We haven't seen her since before she got her cutie mark.
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i was SOOOO pissed when they gave her her cutie mark... IN A LETTER! AND ITS SCISSORS!!??!!
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this looks AMAZING!!
The colour and detail is epic

I can clearly tell who the characters are
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Thanks very much!
With the exception of using a vertical format, I kept pretty close to the reference screenshot.
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Your welcome
You can tell just by looking at it that you take a lot of pride in your work

What's more, you can clearly see that a lot of time and effort was invested in your work
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