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I know its been a while since I've posted anything ^^;
Personally, I blame online classes. They've been draining me creatively and I find it hard to draw something when I lack the motivation.

Art trades and commissions will probably be closed for a while. I did promise a revision for a friend but after that, everything will be closed until I can get back into rhythm again... Which may not be for a while ^^;

Sorry guys

Time Runner (c): The-TimeRunner
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Yaaaay OTP!! :heart: 
I always love seeing these two haha and you drew them so well! ^^
Good job! :heart:

**I just saw the description and aaaaah please take care!!! I can relate how stressy class can be >_<
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Hehe thanks ^^

**I'll try ^^;**
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((It looks lovely, thank you so much :huggle: I love the included background, and the pose is loving and cute :iconunclesebs:
I hope you classes start to give you a bit of a break soon ^^; Sounds very hectic))
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I'm so glad you like it! :)
I'm sorry it took so long ^^;

I should be getting one soon. Right now, I'm doing all I can to work on my halloween pic and since this is my last week for the first set of classes, hopefully I can squeeze in every chance I get. If I'm not mistaken, it may last for a week before I start my next two classes :')
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((It's awesome. Thank you again :D
It's not a problem :huggle:

I saw :ohnoes: It came out beautiful :love: You drew Amy and Unnie so beautifully and in such a Tim Burtony style. It was awesome :la:
Aaah goodness. Well I wish you all the luck with them! :huggle:))
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No problem :)

Hehe thanks ^^
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