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Can I join? I don't do art or animation, but I could help with the story, or just contribute a character.

Btw, where I can read/watch the story?

I'm sorry, but only staff can join, and we currently have all the characters we need. (In fact, a lot of the original cast of characters had to be cut.) The story is being worked on by myself and the scriptwriter. You are welcome to watch the group, though.

Whatever exists of the story should be in this group, and any updates will be in journals here. More is going behind the scenes than is shown here. Distribution of the finished story is still being decided, as a lot as changed in media in 9 years. :)

*Oogly eyes the group*
Well hello. :) See anything you like?
*Points at the wolves* That one, and that one.
I may have some more adopts soon. ^^
Ive loved seeing the process and the storyboards of this being created! Great job guys!
Do you have any idea when the trailer or something similar will be out?