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Name: Ava Jackson

Nicknames(s): N/A

Gender: Female

Height: 5' 6"

Weight: 150

Sexuality: Straight

Age: 18

Birthday: October 31, 1999

Star Sign: Scorpio

Physical/Material Facts-

Skin: White

Hair: Black with a streak of blue dye on right side of her head

Eyes: Bright Blue

Build: medium build

Clothes: Red t-shirt with black sleeves, black jeans, and black slip on shoes

Notable Features: elf like ears and two blue streaks on both cheeks

Other/Etc: wears a silver heart with black wings necklace


Likes: Blaze, her family, going on adventures, swimming, dancing, reading, cooking, roses, music, drawing, Frappuccino, and stuffed animals

Dislikes: Spiders, pitch black darkness, Reaper, Lucemon, snobby people, hospitals, headaches

Fears: Losing control of her powers and losing her friends and family

Favourite Food: Sushi and ice cream

Favourite Possession: Impmon plush and her winged heart necklace

Favourite Digimon(s): Beelzemon, Impmon, Agunimon,  Reapmon, Agumon, Wargreymon

Hobbies: Spending time with Blaze and drawing while listening to music

Job: Works part time at the Digipal Cafe

Personality: Very kind hearted and caring, but won't hesitate to kick ass. Outgoing and adventurous, but will run away screaming when seeing a spider


Nationality: Caucasian

Species: Half Human Half Digimon hybrid

Family Members: Agunimon (Digimon, Father) Mia Jackson (mother)

Enemy(s): The Seven Great Demon Lords

History: Ava met Blaze, who was Impmon at the time, after he protected her from bullies and inviting him to come and play with her at her house. Both bonded over the years until Blaze mysteriously disappeared for several years. Ava was heart broken, but kept her hopes up that he might come back to her one day.

Digimon Partner

Name: Beelzemon

Nickname(s): Blaze, Blazey

Prefered Gender: Male

Height: 10' 8"

Likes: Ava, riding around on his motorcycle, showing off, motorcycles magazines, and flying (when he earns his wings)

Dislikes: Reaper (his older brother), Agunimon, bullies, cats, Lucemon 

Favorite Food: Sushi and hamburgers

Personality: Has a tough guy attitude, but absolutely loves the attention he gets from Ava, laid back, bit of a prankster, overprotective of Ava. Has very strong feelings for Ava, but keeps them a secret till the time is right.  

History: Blaze left the Digital World to get away from his older brother and hopefully start a new life in the human world. As he wondered throw a park he came across a small group of older kids picking on young girl, Ava. It reminded him of his brother. He couldn't stand watching anymore and quickly scared off the kids. Ava and Blaze became  wry close and inseparable. But that all changed when Reaper threatened to kill Ava and her family if Blaze didn't join him. Having no choice Blaze joined him, but he swore to himself that he will find a way to return to his Ava.

Other Note(s): Blaze couldn't swim till he meet Ava who taught him to swim. Blaze wears a similar necklace that Ava wears with the engraving on the back "Blaze and Ava Best Friends Forever". He never takes it off.

Normal Evolution Line

Name: Beelzemon

Name Origin: Beelzebub

Level: Impmon, Wizardmon, Reapmon, Beelzemon, and Blast Mode

Attribute: Virus

Type: Demon Lord

Family(s): Reaper (Older brother)

Attacks: Heartbreak Shot, Double Impact, Darkness Claw, Corona Destroyer, and Corona Blaster
Whew finally did a bio thingy for some of my ocs lol :happybounce: La la la la 
I've been meaning to do this, but real life stuff happened aaaaaannnnddd I'm lazy lol

These two characters are the main focus in my fanfic Angel of Darkness if you're interested in reading it click on the link.

Right now I'm planning on redoing it Write A Masterpeice 

Anyway I hope you enjoy this, please fave +fav and comment Writing emoticon  
Thank you

Digimon (c) Bandia
Ava & Blaze (c) :iconthe-white-spirits:
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