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Passing on some great merchandise news from one of our artists, Reddera.

Full article and product pictures at Dragonmount

The official Wheel of Time playing cards you have eagerly anticipated are finally here! Our pals at Ta'veren Tees have these cards, plus a lovely "Tarmon Gai'don" poster for sale. Both the cards and the poster feature the spectacular artwork of Ariel Burgess. Check out the press release below for complete information:

“3 Editions of Wheel of Time Playing Cards Decks now available for Pre-Order and never before seen ‘Tarmon Gai’don’ Poster by Ariel Burgess” At this time, the limited edition deck has been sold out.

Ta’veren Tees is excited to announce the “Wheel of Time Playing Cards Decks”, featuring the artwork of Ariel Burgess, available to pre-order at [LINK]

For The Wheel of Time®, Robert Jordan created thousands of unforgettable characters – both good and evil – that fans have come to know and love. The Wheel of Time® Playing Cards bring over 60 characters to life through the breathtaking art of Ariel Burgess and are an essential addition to any WoT fan’s collection. Every card features a different character or characters from the series.

A portion of the proceeds from each edition sold will be donated to Mayo Clinic to fund research on Amyloidosis, the rare blood disease that claimed Robert Jordan’s life in 2007.

A complete list of characters included in the deck can be found at {LINK}


Just in time for the Last Battle, Ta'veren Tees is excited to provide this stunning piece of new, NEVER-BEFORE-RELEASED artwork by Ariel Burgess titled “Tarmon Gai’don”. This 16" x 20" poster features Perrin, Rand and Mat as they are before A Memory of Light and the Last Battle. Add it to your art collection today!
HannaClay Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2013
I ordered the special edition set with the two decks...I only hope they eventually offer to sell the prints later on (I need Barid Bel!!)
venea1391 Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2012  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Thanks! I'm so excited for these cards :heart:
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