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Here's the final cover for the final book:…

The WIP looks good, but what does everyone reckon about the artwork?
Read it here:…
It's been a while since I've made a new entry, and lately I've been thinking that there is a real need for more admin managing this group since it's starting to get bigger and bigger (it's really not a one person job! =P )

So, if anyone is interested in helping managing this group and has great ideas in making it better (especially since the final book is coming this year :eager: ) send me a note to express your interest =) If you're worried about submissions flooding in, fortunately since this group is based specifically on WoT books submissions don't come flooding in like other groups out there. So, if you're a WoT enthusiast and you're willing to be committed to helping and managing the group (we're a pretty easy-going bunch so it's not too hard =D ) just let me know if you're interested =D
For those of you who may have read off from this post here: aes-sedai-and-wot.deviantart.c… the artist of all the Wheel of Time novels, Darrell Sweet, recently passed away. Brandon Sanderson had written an entry dedicated to the artist here:…

Though Darrell's covers for the WoT novels have ranged from appreciation to mockery, the novels will not feel the same without his artwork stamped on them. Who knows if they will use his concept work for the last few novels when they're released
Would you like to see the Wheel of Time adapted into a TV series, or a movie? I was kinda iffy with the TV series at first, but after seeing how they managed to adapt Game of Thrones (which I have never even read before by the way, but it was pretty easy to pick up on...and I am still shocked by some parts :lol: ) it seems that a TV series would be more appealing in terms of staying faithful to RJ's story and characterization.

What do you guys think?

**PS. dA has stupid connection problems sometimes, so sorry for the double post D:

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