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Mr Coat SJ Sam - A Look Back at Blockbuster Video

This is a new title card, this time for Mr. Coat :iconmrcoat: as he and South Jersey Sam :iconf1315nj: are doing a look back on the Blockbuster Video rental chain.

As you can see, Coat is looking eagerly at one of the videotapes that Sam checked out. I don't know, I thought it would be fun to see him grin.

In the background are a couple of characters from chain's past. The kid behind the bush is Slo-Mo, and the girl behind Sam is Stopper, who were part of the Blockbuster kids which also included Player and Rewind, and a dog named Pause.

And in case you are wondering about the ampersand replacing the actual logo text, I thought perhaps that would keep the eyes moved toward where it's important.

But anyway, it was slow moving but I got it finished. :D You can watch the video here ---> [link]
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R.I.P Blockbuster. I cant be bothered with streaming services.

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I used to go to Blockbuster Video A LOT when I was little. I remember that I would mostly rent Disney VHSs.
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There used to be one in walking distance from where I lived.  One time we rented a Sega Genesis to play Sonic games, they were fun stores.
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I didn't notice the ampersand until you pointed it out.

Also remembered the hamster and rabbit.
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Well I figured some people would see that not knowing that it was to bridge the logos of the two reviewers in the video. And yeah, the rabbit and guinea-pig were funny. :D
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What's the link to the video?
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I don't think he uploaded it yet, he said Saturday. I just had to get this done first.

It will be on his website ---> [link]
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I just saw it, interesting look. In fact, I've seen Mr. Coat's other work, and this caught my attention.
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I'm sure any title card will do that if you know them. :D
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