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So I've been at war with :iconmalohn: and :icongtapsycho: cos they insulted me and killed me

Pls send hate to them thanks.
How did I even get 100 watchers

Well anyway

So, you want to be a absolute asshole to people who are actually better than you, well u have come to the right video with How to be Migwally Zero

Step one: Make lots of pointless status updates on deviant art

Step two: Make friends that are friends with popular people

Step three: tell them how much u appreciate them

Step four: Become friends with the popular person

Step five: begin using the friends as a defence shield

Step six: realize the friend is pointing out too many opinions that are better than yours

Step seven: Treat the friend like filth

Step eight: tell the white knights to attack them

Step nine: realize they are gonna expose you with good reasons and apologize

Step ten: Cause drama
So yay, i got tagged for the first time by MamaMangle for some reason lol

anyway time to do this :D

-1. You have to post ALL the rules
-2. Answer 12 questions asked to you and invent 12 questions for tagged people to answer
-3. Choose 12 people
-4. You legitimately have to tag 12 people
-5. You CAN'T say you don't do tags 
-6. Tag-backs ARE ALLOWED
-7. YOU MUST DO THE JOURNAL ENTRY! NO COMMENTS! Unless you're talking -ABOUT the Journal Entry 
-8. You have to finish within a week. If you don't finish in time, you have to do whatever the creator asks

1.) What's your first genuine memory?
My Earliest memory was when i was around 5 or 4 when a bird flew into my house, i remember my grandma catching it and holding it like a baby and letting it go outside

2.) do you have a fictional character you completely relate to or are just like?
This may sound cliche but i can relate to the doctor due to me being not normal around other people in life
3.) Fictional crushes?
ummmm, too many to count ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

4.) Favorite Artwork in my gallery?
Tutelage by MamaMangle

5.) what comforts you when you're sad?
My Friends... sometimes cos i never say if I'm sad

6.) what are three qualities you like about me?
1. You are kind
2. you encourage people
3. when you are sad you able to keep a smile (if that makes sence)

7.) What's the one thing that makes your heart flutter?
if flutter means what i think it means then its laughing with people who i care about
8.) Whats your favourite piece of work that you've done?
A New Age by The-Watcher5292
9.) Favourite fandom and why?
The Doctor who fandom because they are the most accepting and not cringy

10.) Do you get along with one gender better than the other? why?
I mostly get along with Males because im allowed to make jokes that females would take offence to (no offence to females)

11.) What inspires you?
When people say that they like my art

12.) What makes you laugh so hard you pee a bit? X3
you will understand when you watch it

Time for the tagging

:iconmamamangle: (since you tagged me for some reason :3)

1. What is your favourite TV show?
2. Who told you to join DA?
3. What is your opinion on me?
4. What annoys you the most?
5. Cats or Dogs (or other)
6. What is your favourite art of mine?
7. What was your favourite TV show as a child?
8. What do you consider as cringy?
9. What do you have planned for your future on DA?
10. Favourite Movie?
11. Favourite meme?
12. Are you known for what you want to be know for, or do your fans only focous on one thing you dont want to do?

So thats my tag done, hopefully i have done everything correctly, and goodbye :3
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Massive shoutout to :iconsquidempire:, this guy does absolutely fantastic work and only has 87 watchers, please go give him some more, he deserves them
Why am i fucking everything up? it seems like whenever i try to help my friends i make it worse
Tis a shame that only 6% of my watchers are active :(
I now have a donation pool m8s, feel free to send your points if a want :)
The past hour has been the most active time on my DA profile and there is only one person to thank :iconmigwally-zero: really big thank you my friend :)
I put a lot of work into my posters and barely get any criticism, the only criticism I get is from my sfm friends when I bug them asking if it's good so can you please just let me know if it's good or bad or georgous or shit
Since I don't have core on DeviantArt and don't have the option to put it on my front page I may as well make a journal on my inspirations

These are in no specific order


Its not a very long list and im sorry for that
Heart 3D If you are one of the people who i named, I think you are absolutly fantastic, keep doing what u do best Heart 3D