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Yes, this is the famous Rumskulla Oak, a.k.a. the Kvill Oak. With an age about 1 000 years it is the oldest known oak in the country. It is all hollowed out and have been used as shed or shelter before it became protected by law. The oak is a home for thousands of different organisms - animals, plants and fungi - for example a tribe of corpulent hornets as big as a grown man's thumb. In this photo it seems as if it was dying - and it has actually been doing this for several human generations. But every time it seems that the hope is gone, the ancient tree sprouts new foliage and decide itself to hang around for a few more years. Or decades. Or centuries. Or... Kvill, Småland, Sweden.…
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What a beautiful soul he has 💚

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May he be preserved for many years to come! Acorns and Oak Leaves

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This oak is majestic and magical!

Thank you so much for sharing this photo!

It brings hope. :heart:

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Thank you - I'm very glad my photos can spread some hope in this world... :flowercuddle:

Oak Leaf

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Indeed! Majestic yet fragile, like an aged king... :-)

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:) I like this comparison - you're welcome!

I like especially his will to live.

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It is said it takes 300 years for an oak to grow up, 300 years for it to mature and age, 300 years for it to die - and at least 300 years for it to return to earth. This oak seems to take longer time with the ageing and dying, but great parts of its former mass is now gone. This hollowing out of the trunk isn't necessary bad for the tree. Before it finally grows too thin and break it serves for centuries as a vault, making the trunk stronger against the storms and less rigid than if it had been solid all the way through...


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That was very interesting to read!

I've never thought about positive aspects of old trunks being empty.

Thank you!

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My pleasure! :D

When a tree hollows out, ants and fungi and such make the wood to a fine pulp. Sometimes trees manage to shoot roots inside their own mouldering core and thus recycling it! That's quite cool, isn't it!

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Very nice photo. How old is this tree thought to be?
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Thank you! The oak is about a thousand years old, give or take. So it first sprouted in the end of the so-called Viking Age. Hard to know exactly, because the trunk is so hollowed out.


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Very cool. There was one around here that looked very similar. It’s name was “Old Man Oak.” Old Man was partly hollow and seemed to failing but what a fighter he was. Then taken down for a f municipal water project!

Old Man was thought to be 600 years old (a lot of years for The States!).

But what an example you photographed! Amazing... since the Vikings! Hard to wrap one‘s head around.

thanks a ton for getting back. Awhile back a woman on here, forget who it was posted an old Oak, very healthy looking and growing in Germany - on an old WW2 battlefield no less! But not 1000 years old!

Thanks a ton for getting back, much appreciated.

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You're welcome! There are a few very old trees in the country, but this is the most spectacular of them. And the oldest of our oaks. Sometimes it is hard to know if a tree is old - we have some that are small and looks rather young - but they have sprouted from roots who are many thousands years old. However, it is always sad to hear about old trees that have been cut down or mistreated. These mighty creatures should be protected from human harm.

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