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3 draeneis facing the Burning Legion by ipheli
Portrait of Crystael by CarlaCmr
where your heart lies || tyrande x illidan by retromortis
Grizzly Hills by PersonalAmi
Featured Holiday - Brewfest
Brewfest 2009 by nanecakes
Happy Brewfest by pucapup
Harvest Festival! by scourge-minion
WoW -- Kungaloosh Lable Mockup by SRSobotka
- Digital Art - FULL
Jaina Proudmoore [Fanart] by Lei-Mizuhime
Jaina Proudmoore - Daughter of the Sea by jyraco
Worgen warrior by VanHarmontt
Feruna, Daughter of Okhan by TharynPetralanda
Digital Art 2 - FULL
Hungry  by ImoonArt
Commission: Colm Gallagher by LacticWanda
Commission: Caty by Lyubk
Providing directions by Sk-8080
Traditional Art
10 Pattern by Laelonys
07 Enchanted by Laelonys
09 Swing by Laelonys
Inktober 1: Ring by demonsfearme
World of Warcraft, Ysera  - Nightmare, 2 by AmazingRogue
Ysera- Lady of Dreams by ShiVoodoo
Draenei Hunter and her BFF (9) by Feyische
Ysera- The awakened by ShiVoodoo
Photography, Sculptures, and Crafts
World Showcase: Norway: Mosses For Lunch by MaastrichiangGuy
Wolfhawk World of Warcraft by midsummer1942
Sindragosa World of Warcraft by midsummer1942
Vulpine Familiar (World of Warcraft) by panteriusworkshop
Dragonmaw by Der-Khan
Scorned Child of the Sun by MullinstheGreat
Warbringer Urduk / Kriegsbringer Urduk by Der-Khan
Night Elf Mermaid by NevanGoth
Line Art
Iant + Lyvanne by strxbe
190210 Ra by Wyzzel
190204 Ana by Wyzzel
190127 Angry Thal by Wyzzel
Lor'themar and His Closest Allies by Kurtssingh
Warcraft 3 Comicbook - Arthas Menethil vs Uther by Gelorum
Arthas WANTS you by Gelorum
Warcraft 3 Comicbook - Thrall Vs. Grom Hellscream by Gelorum
Model Viewer - Screenshot - Manipulations
Be warned by Der-Khan
Undead Vashj by eges96
Pixel Art
Daoren Avatar by Doudren
Kasani - Night Elf Druid by Rendou-Animated
Signature Banners
KaiRyu Twitter Banner - World of Warcraft by NevanGoth
In-Game Holidays
Easter, Baby. by LucidCreations
Naga witch by Mneme5is
Exotic Pet by MIT-Hellan
Night Elf step-by-step Tutorial by ryumo
Mature Content

Mature Content

Night by ElireRahael
Work In Progress WIP
Nareon [Scribble] by Nethari
Commission: Pandaren Shikimou by LenamoArt
Digital Art 3
Asaeith| ych for jazakfon by ktrew


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Submission Rules

So, your art was declined, did it follow these rules?

:bulletblue: Upload to proper categories or it will be declined. If you aren't sure, ask.
:bulletblue: Screenshots are permitted, but please be sure they follow the TOS. (No Straight Screenshots, edit them in some way or another.)
:bulletblue: Do not submit work you've found on the web or from another artist, it must be of your own creation.
If you have created a piece of art that has used resources from another artist. Credit them! Be sure to read their TOS.
:bulletblue: Artistic nudity, Some sexual themes and violence are permitted, but it is up to the discretion of the admin accepting. -NO- fetish arts. (No underage nudes, rape, ect.) If you have to question it yourself, send a note to ask or don't submit it.
:bulletblue: Do not submit works that are begging for gold/money/leveling, both in game and out. (Commission info is fine, we even have a blog and folder for that!) No posts for gold selling/buying and everything else in between.
This also includes the buying, trading or selling of accounts.
:bulletblue: Admins remain the right to refuse artworks based on content

Hello beautiful people!

Please check your submissions and if it's digital work, put it in the - Digital Art - Folder.

There is a folder called "digital art", which seems to be full.
If you get the message during the submission process, that the folder is full, search for the other digital art folders.

Sorry for the inconveniences!


Please don't submit your images to the wrong folders, thanks.
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