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Hi, I'm a hugggeee Walking Dead fan, obviously Daryl Dixon is my favourite xD Anyway I do roleplay over Skype and I do over 18, uhh I also play as any character for your OC.

My OC is hooked up with Daryl hehe xD I'll play your OC's crush/lover.

Send me a note if your interested. I'll give you details.

Thanks :)
TWD - The lost brother "

Genre: Romance/drame/humor

Here's an idea of RP that I get. My character would be the personnal doctor of the twin brother of Daryl Dixon; Derek Dixon. The third brother was taken to the Dixon family when he was a baby because of his health problems and very serious negligence on the part of his parents. A rich French family adopted him, living in France with his family in a golden bubble if we can say it like that.

He never go outside from the manor and have a crush on my character. It is the opposite of his brother Daryl. It is also sensitive but unlike him he did not hide his feelings (sadness, anger, etc.) and do not know use of a weapon. He is hypochondriac and phobic. It is also very fusionnel with my character, unlike Daryl who know how to be alone.

I am looking for someone to play Derek, you can change its name if you want, and add somethings ;)
send me a note

I'm looking for someone who want play Daryl Dixon. I can play in return another canon character for your Oc ^^
just send me a note. Only active and serious/motivated person please
Wow it's been a WHILE since I've been on here....

This is Ungodly, and I was thinking of maybe passing the leadership on to N-U-K-E-D because I rarely ever log onto dA anymore.
I might still RP or something if anyone gets one going, but I mostly stay on FA now to make money.

If you guys want t start an RP, go ahead, I don't mind.
Just make sure it's nice and orderly, no WE'RE HERE. NOW WE JUMP TO HERE IN THE STORY.
That just doesn't work.

anyway, hope you guys have fun, and I'm sorry I just quit. ;o;
N-U-K-E-D here
So, a lot of people have been inactive lately, including myself, and I think we should have an activity check. Yes, I know there has been school, and college and other things that have gotten in the way, but don't you guys think that we should at least try and be a semi-nice group with nice art in it?
Okay, so during the activity check -

Username -
Character(s) -
How many art pieces? -
Issue for being inactive ? -

Thanks again,

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