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<h1>About Me</h1>

<h2>Professional Stuff</h2>

<b>Buy me a coffe:</b> https://ko-fi.com/shinigamiofexcellence

<b>Become a Patron:</b> https://www.patreon.com/shinigamiofexcellence

<b>Commission Status:</b> on backlog; Not accepting new commissions until I complete my current ones. Ask about art trades. I don't do requests. Gifts are for friends only.

Commission Info: https://www.deviantart.com/excellency-shinigami/art/Commission-Prices-Semi-Open-798068462

Headshot Commissions: https://www.deviantart.com/excellency-shinigami/art/Headshot-Commissions-Open-798072974

<b>Full handle is Shinigami of Excellence. Formerly Violet-the-Siberian and The-Violet-Shinitato</b>

<b>REPOST POLICY (Do not repost my work without permission.): https://www.deviantart.com/excellency-shinigami/journal/Repost-Policy-769382138 </b>

<h2>Me On Other Sites</h2>

<b>Pixar Planet</b> (my art thread):

Violet Parr



Violet Parr Minefield Dancer


Shinigami of Excellence



Shinigami of Excellence



Shinigami of Excellence



Shinigami-of-Excellence (art blog)

little-mister-disappear (personal)

sapphires-little-cave (little and headspace blog)

outofworkshinigami (Gundam Wing and role play)

morningstarlucemon (formerly the-darkest-sun) (Lucemon RP blog)

duocoloredarcadia (MoHun RP blog)

lucifers-indulgence (fetish blog









<b>Fur Affinity</b>



I have a Duo, Treize, and Lucemon over there. Ask privately if you would like a link.

<h2>Other Accounts</h2>

:iconvisessentia::iconchub-grub-nubs::iconlord-mendax: I don't use any of these and will probably delete most of them.

<b>My Groups</b>

:iconAll-Star-Role-Play::iconMinefieldDancer::iconVioletxTony: Planning on giving ASRP and VxT to someone else. If you're interested, let me know.


:thumb576070459::thumb378226596::thumb390555403:<img src="https://orig00.deviantart.net/1154/f/2013/215/6/8/lucemon_falldown_mode_by_digimongif-d6giyz7.gif"><img src="https://orig00.deviantart.net/8df2/f/2018/310/6/b/lucemon_holy_mode_sprite_by_excellency_shinigami-dcrdnjz.gif">

:thumb663605059: ⊙ <b>DuoAmbrose</b> ☽ :thumb508392877:

Duo Ambrosia Grace Groff | He/They/It | Digimon and Gundam Wing | RPer, Artist, Kinkster, Kin

:thumb602304818: :thumb602304773: :thumb574642554: :thumb574642567: :thumb693071573: :thumb642021938: :thumb742848907: :thumb271771713:


Call me Duo, Ambrose, Shini, and of my muses' names, or whatever other nickname you might know me by. I've got a lot of them. "Dumb Bitch" also works.

Trans-Masculine Non-Binary | Demi-Sexual/Romantic | Agnostic Luciferian Satanist | Gemini Sun | Libra Moon | Pig Chinese Zodiac | Hawthorn Celtic Zodiac | INFP-T | Slytherin | Snake and Dog Patronus | Nerodivergent | Dark, Ice, Light, and Aether Elements | Crest of Miracles , Crest of Reliability

<b>RP Muse List</b>


I value Loyalty, Respect, Passion, Curiosity, Calmness, Kindness, Consent, and Critical Thinking.

Kin positive. Kink Positive. Furry Positive. Problematic Fiction Positive.

I am an agnostic Luciferian Satanist. I pay homage to the Abrahamic God, Fenrir, Lilith, Scylla, Sophia, and Lucifer.


Duo Maxwell (Gundam Wing)

Violet Parr (The Incredibles)

Black Shuck (cryptid; canid creature of death)

Ambrosia (unidentified black-haired male; have designed an OC around this kintype)

Lucemon (Digimon)

Treize Khushrenada (Gundam Wing)

Howl (Howl’s Moving Castle; off-canon)

Beelzemon (Digimon, non-canon; may be related to/ same entity as shuck)

Headmates -

Obelious (unidentified white-haired male; have designed an OC around this headmate)

Synpaths -

Levi Ackerman (Attack on Titan)

Damien Bloodmarch (Dream Daddy)

Adrien Tepes (Castlevania)

Sephiroth (Final Fantasy)


:bulletblack: Please don't repost my art without my explicit permission.

:bulletblue: Please don't thank me for the faves.

:bulletpurple: You can always ask me things even if you think the questions are stupid. I may take forever to reply, though, so forgive me.

:bulletpink: Don't be afraid to call me out if I do something stupid or insensitive.

:bulletred: It's fine if you disagree with my headcanons or don't like my content. But please don't repeatedly come here just to tell me that. I don't care.

:bulletwhite: I value respect, consent, equality, and freedom of expression and exploration so long as it does not directly harm another real person. If you have any other questions as to my stances on specific things, you can ask. But I don't care for getting involved in discourse.

:bulletpurple: If you ever wanna make me very, very happy, please give me constructive criticism on my pieces, comment with your thoughts on my stories and scene art or character designs, interact with my concept posts, and other stuff like that. Feed my muse and it'll return the favor.

<h2>Close Friends</h2>

:blackrose::rose: <b>~My Darling Onions :heart: ~</b> :rose::blackrose:

Generally, most of my friends can be found in the "friends" tab. But these are my inner circle.

:iconVernus-Destro: - Boyfriend, Daddy, Feeder

:iconearthnix: - Caregiver, Girlfriend

:iconars-daemonum: - Best Dergin, Best Friend and Fellowship

:iconthatlaughingstar: - Art Goals™

:iconEllNicholas: - Fellow Nerd

:iconiminconspicuous: - Pixar Bro

:iconwartimesweets: - Whump Expert

:iconstarswordsman: - The OG Incredibles Hoe

:iconk-razielim: - Horny Digimon

:iconmarsipanda: - Ghost from Another Host

:iconevide: - I Warned You About Those Stairs, Bro




<b>Favorite Characters</b>


<b>Fandoms/Favorite Media</b>







<b>Favorite Dog Breeds</b>


<b>Other Animals</b>


<b>Other Stuff</b>



Favourite Visual Artist
Autlaw, SirKoday, Grypwolf, Kate-Fox, Serphire, Teryster, Kerneinheit/HornedFreak, Maws Paws, TheLaughingStar, Ars-Daemonum, EllNicholas
Favourite Movies
Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz, Howl's Moving Castle, Big Hero 6, The Incredibles (1 and 2)
Favourite TV Shows
Gundam Wing, Digimon Frontier, Castlevania, K Project, MLP, Hetalia, Teen Titans, America's Funniest Home Videos, Who's Line Is It Anyway?
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Mumford and Sons, Bastille, Imagine Dragons, Cell Dweller, Fallout Boy, Owl City, DAgames, Black Veil Brides, 30 Seconds to Mars, Evanescence, Placebo, Genesis, Disturbed, Caleb Hyles, Broken Iris, Rishloo, Poets of the Fall, many others
Favourite Books
Tails from the Gas Station, Gundam Wing: Glory of the Losers, Kaze no Yukue, The Dog Bible, 96 Horse Breeds of North America, Fable
Favourite Writers
Jack Townsend, Vincent V. Cava
Favourite Games
Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth, Monster Hunter: World, Elder Scrolls Online, Digimon Linkz, Sims, Zoo Tycoon, Dream Daddy, Solitaire, Slither.io, BeyBlade BURST, Dragonvale, Pokemon GO!
Favourite Gaming Platform
PC, Game Cube, mobile format, PlayStation (1 and 4), Wii
Tools of the Trade
traditional media (pencils, ink, markers), Photoshop, Fire Alpaca, Adobe Premiere, Windows Movie Maker, occasionally sewing supplies or clay, lots of other things
Other Interests
kin community, kink positivity, roleplay, conventions, cosplay

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thanks for the fave~

Thanks for the fave! :)

Thank you so much for the fave

Here's my Incredibles fanfic, When the Hunters Become the Hunted. I hope you like it.

It's set in the late '70s (some four years after the events in the movies, according to my headcanon), against the backdrop of looming civil war and the rise of a far-right, anti-Super, anti-Anthro political movement.

When a Nazi hunt goes hideously wrong and civilians are killed as a result, Mirage is transferred to New York City. But when fate takes a hand and the Parrs are outed as Supers, they too are forced to flee to New York. There they make new friends, meet new enemies and even reunite with a few old faces. But when Helen, Violet and Mirage learn that a notorious Ukrainian Nazi collaborator/war criminal/Holocaust perpetrator is living in the Big Apple, a group of Soviet superheroes are called in as part an international joint operation to catch the war criminal, and when Violet falls in love with one of the Soviet Supers, that's when things really start to get interesting.

Please let me know what you think in the comments section of each chapter. You'll find the folder containing all of the chapters I've posted so far in the link below. Enjoy! :D

Thank you for the faves on my art :iconperidotplz:
If you want, feel free to follow for more in the future! Hug