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If anyone needs another folder added to the gallery, just send a note to flame-alchemist2002

Also, I would like to remind group members that if you submit something to the "WAITING TO BE SORTED" folder that you PLEASE include somewhere what GAME your artwork is from. The folders are listed by gaming companies.

Absolutely NO TRACED/STOLEN ART ALLOWED! If I am informed that your submission is traced or stolen: 1) If traced, it will be removed from the gallery and you will be warned. 2) If stolen, this results in immediate removal from gallery AND group. Also, you will be reported.

Also, NO SCREENSHOTS or WALLPAPERS! I'm serious about this one. If you violate this rule you will be warned first, and if it happens again, I will make it so it has to be approved before being accepted into the gallery. (Which honestly I don't want to switch to that option. Just don't do it in the first place >:[ )

**If you join this group just to submit a bunch of your stuff and then leave the group all of your submissions will be removed from the gallery**

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Gallery Folders

Sundown on Galbadia's Garden - Final Fantasy 8 by Carancerth
Silent Hill Cosplay by elenasamko
Loveless Act (Final Fantasy VII) by Clay-zius399
Kingdom Hearts - Shrouding Dark Cloud by branden9654
2014 Submissions
Ragnarok Online: Stalker - #Vulture's Eye by DashingTonyDrake
Don't be mean to Derps....+Pokemon+ by iSapphirus
U-1.. The legendary hero! by nyaofish
Black Mage by JamToon
2013 Submissions
Tetra by QuackingMoron
Long Live Zelda - wallpaper by DavyWagnarok
Shadow Generations by ThePatronium20
Biohazard Killing floor cosplay by DiogenSick
2012 Submissions
Amy Rose by Amaterasu18
Amazing World of Gumball- Super Street Fighter 4 by xeternalflamebryx
Duna by MewMew55
OverKill Cover: Pipe Mania by com1cr3tard
2011 Submissions
Ryu breath of fire 3 by thunderaxewarrior
club nintendo platinum prize by chappy-rukia
i jest got this in the mail today by chappy-rukia
mobs in the night by chappy-rukia
2010 Submissions
A Very Mario Christmas by kcjedi89
Elemental Control by forbiddenrace1
Summertime by Angels-Advocate
Dodrio by swordscomic
2K Games
Assault SilverHawk Burst by Tarrow100
DUEL OF TOP by Tarrow100
Artic Zarya by Shevaara
Satya by Shevaara

Mature Content

Patreon: Jaina by The-Moonbound
C: Needle by The-Moonbound

Mature Content

Patreon: Synea by The-Moonbound

Mature Content

Patreon: Camellia by The-Moonbound
Anything Anime
The Prince Detective (Halloween Outfit) by 12345t67
Nervs Of Steel by darkchapel666
Ethernet Vignettes by darkchapel666
+ Charm by creylune
Cherry Blossoms by creylune
Praise Booty by creylune
Etrian Odyssey V~Herbalist by allvana
TES: commission for Sashafras by PaleCaesar
Falcon and Ayame Power Stone by SugarDeamon
Wonder Woman by Shadowl360
Iori Yagami - Arashi no Saxophone II #KOF by DashingTonyDrake
Courage The Cowardly Dog by TheGaboefects
Cross-over and Group
Crash and Yoshi's Joy Ride by greenth1ng
Independent Game Projects
The Adventure Begins - Mystery of Melody Memorial by RyanSilberman
vote captain qwark for 2020 XD by chappy-rukia
Good Boy's! by WitcheressWoxy
Nr. 61 My dear Artorias by WhyCozISaySo
Naughty Dog
Outside by Shyngyskhan
Summer Fun! Snivy and Decidueye by Shadow-pikachu7
Riot Games
Ravenborn LeBlanc by MagicnaAnavi
Aloy by IrisGrass
The Chase by Shyngyskhan
Emerald Guardian Powerhouse - Knuckles The Echidna by FierceTheBandit
Lara Croft. by UzmaVictor
Waiting to be Sorted
Solar Debris by Slofkosky
Happy New Year! by RoosmaRoo
Videogame Memes
Marceline The Vampire Queen SPEED DRAWING by TheGaboefects
2017 Submissions
Kiryumajin by Birdechu by NinGemTitan

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Latest Favourite Artists


KOF fanfic.- Chris y Kula Diamond Valentine by EliVDraws
CM 32 - Meteorstom by KamiraExp-Commission
Chaos Dwarf sketch by Thrillosopher
Commission by melqinnee
Devil May Cry 3 Babies by the-crazy-spork
Devil May Cry III by ScabbedAngel
Devil may cry by togatsuko
Vincent Valentine by RobasArel
Final Fantasy - Vincent by snowbunnyluv
Zen - final fantasy VII poster by siguredo
Final Fantasy VII - Fanart by MichelleHoefener


KOF fanfic.- Chris y Kula Diamond Valentine by EliVDraws KOF fanfic.- Chris y Kula Diamond Valentine :iconelivdraws:EliVDraws 43 3 CM 32 - Meteorstom by KamiraExp-Commission CM 32 - Meteorstom :iconkamiraexp-commission:KamiraExp-Commission 112 5 Chaos Dwarf sketch by Thrillosopher Chaos Dwarf sketch :iconthrillosopher:Thrillosopher 13 3 Commission by melqinnee Commission :iconmelqinnee:melqinnee 10 0 Elcielle Milirose by melqinnee Elcielle Milirose :iconmelqinnee:melqinnee 68 2 Skies of Arcadia.- Vyse and Fina Christmas by EliVDraws Skies of Arcadia.- Vyse and Fina Christmas :iconelivdraws:EliVDraws 35 8 Megaman X OSFE fanart by Revolart Megaman X OSFE fanart :iconrevolart:Revolart 39 6 Hub and Xiaomu pokemon trainer outfits by EliVDraws Hub and Xiaomu pokemon trainer outfits :iconelivdraws:EliVDraws 97 2 CM 18 - Meteorstom by KamiraExp-Commission CM 18 - Meteorstom :iconkamiraexp-commission:KamiraExp-Commission 160 14 Tales of World: Genis and Rita practicing magic by EliVDraws Tales of World: Genis and Rita practicing magic :iconelivdraws:EliVDraws 33 5 Pit and Viridi Kissing by NathanFilms Pit and Viridi Kissing :iconnathanfilms:NathanFilms 63 13 Rebeccas Kiss by stlbabie24 Rebeccas Kiss :iconstlbabie24:stlbabie24 95 29 CM 33 - Meteorstom by KamiraExp-Commission CM 33 - Meteorstom :iconkamiraexp-commission:KamiraExp-Commission 54 2 Freja carnage parasite by DMFantasyArt Freja carnage parasite :icondmfantasyart:DMFantasyArt 11 3 Skies of Arcadia: Fina comforting Vyse by EliVDraws Skies of Arcadia: Fina comforting Vyse :iconelivdraws:EliVDraws 41 9 Genis and Rita by KawaiiStorm Genis and Rita :iconkawaiistorm:KawaiiStorm 65 12
Hello everyone, it has been quite some time since I last posted here. I tried to at least log on once a week to approve submissions. I unfortunately can't be around as much due to life lately. From here on out, all folders are LOCKED except for "2017 SUBMISSIONS" and "WAITING TO BE SORTED" as such, you will only be able to submit deviations to those 2 folders.
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Feel free to contact the founder if you have any comments/concerns/questions.



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NurBoyXVI Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2022  Professional General Artist
The Legend Of Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom WALLPAPER by NurBoyXVI  The Wait is Finally Over. 
NurBoyXVI Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2022  Professional General Artist
TEKKEN 8 - Teaser Unreal Engine 5 | 4K Wallpaper by NurBoyXVI  
NurBoyXVI Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2022  Professional General Artist
Final Fantasy XVI - PS5 in-game screenshot 02 by NurBoyXVI   Final Fantasy XVI FFXVI - Logo Motion-FX Wallpaper by NurBoyXVI   Final Fantasy VII Rebirth | 4K Wallpaper by NurBoyXVI   Final Fantasy VII Remnant | 1080p Logo Wallpaper by NurBoyXVI  
DemonicRexx Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2022
Hey, make sure you set your group admin permissions to "Subject to Vote" or "Are Not Allowed". There has been two notorious group hijackers for over a month now who apply as a co-founders, delete all the artwork in the gallery and favorites, and replace it with gore, scat and porn.
As an example:…
(the disgusting stuff has since been removed, but the galleries have been completely wiped out)
IndigoMystiere Featured By Owner May 1, 2022
I thought this group died back in 2017.
Sister of Battle (assault veteran) _ 20220502 by IndigoMystiere   Furries Night at Great Pug West (1) by IndigoMystiere   A Synth in France _ 01 by IndigoMystiere   Space Marines versus Chaos Dreadnought by IndigoMystiere   Mars Pattern Mk45 Plasma Cannon by IndigoMystiere  
NinGemTitan Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2022  Hobbyist General Artist
[ZINE] Sakurai's Super Smashing Scoops*Banner by Sweet-SharottoEven though I said that I would be retiring from hosting collabs earlier, I'm still willing to host one last zine, especially now that I'm less busy. And here it is, our second one. Though zines are techncially fan magazines, the theme will be a visual menu for a Smash Bros.-themed ice cream parlor. This is to pay tribute to Masahiro Sakurai's hard work and to celebrate the completion of the SSBU roster, ending with Sora. @Smash-New-Universe will be sharing this project. In the item visuals, characters would be associated with their respective ice cream flavors in various ways (eating, giant food, costumes, SFW transformations, etc.). The deadline will be January 21, 2022.Here are all the rules (Subject to change):There will be 9 menu items (3 x 3) in each page (vertical 8.5 x 11 or A4), with the exception of the Ultimate Special, having its own page. That would be 12 pages. I recommend keeping things simple, but creative. Backgrounds are okay.Full bodies are optional.We'll need someone or more to make the logo and/or pages; for instance, the front cover could portray an ice cream based on the Smash Ball.We must have ALL characters finished in order to assemble the menu.The ice cream/flavors are the main focus. Stick to the flavor on the list. If you're not sure what the flavor is, do Google it! Some of them are actually fictional (for now), so the best thing to do is be creative.That said, if you don't agree with the flavor, consult @Enlightened-Titan (me), and we'll work something out. While avoiding duplicates, I'm all in for changing flavors when necessary.There will be 100 flavors in total (typically scoops or soft-serve).One entry at a time please! Any participant can ask for another item once they complete each entry. We would like to give more artists a chance if possible.Handmade drawings only, meaning no tracing or bases whatsoever.No NSFW or lewd content, please. This is an ice cream shop for families (alcoholic items aside).Only simple, non-invasive signatures are allowed. However, if you wish to send us the non-watermarked versions privately, that is fine.As I have a life outside the internet, if I'm not here, another admin should approve your choice.We will occasionally check on you, to make sure you're on task. There will be no individual deadlines as having fun is the top priority.We intend to host this zine on Twitter as well.Spread the word if you can!Once the zine is finished, it will be a digital print (PDF) that's free of charge.Finally, here are the ice cream flavors:Mario - Vanilla - Amourshippingisreall - DONE Donkey Kong - Banana - GameArtist1993 - DONE Link - Key Lime Pie - LovelyUsagiCake - DONE Samus - Rainbow Sherbet (Lime, orange, and raspberry) - ninpeachlover - DONE Yoshi - Fruity Pebbles - GameArtist1993 - DONE Kirby - Strawberry - ninpeachlover - DONEFox - Pineapple - VixDojoFox - DONEPikachu - Vegan Golden Milk - GameArtist1993 - DONE Jigglypuff - Bubble Gum - CristianDarkraDx2496 - DONE Captain Falcon - Fruit Punch Sorbet - VixDojoFox - DONE Ness - Chocolate - Kwaku722 - DONE Luigi - Green Apple Sorbet - LuigiKittyKat - DONEZelda - Leche Flan - LovelyUsagiCake - DONE Sheik - Matcha Green Tea - VixDojoFox - DONEPeach - Peach Cobbler - Mary-Bella - DONEBowser - Mango Chili Sorbet - SnowmanEX711 - DONEIce Climbers - Cotton Candy - TheKikaKikoDr. Mario - Licorice - NinSegaMMDfangirl98Ganondorf - Grape Sorbet - Tindyflow - DONE Mewtwo - Ube - VixDojoFox - DONE Falco - Blueberry - MellowSunPanther - DONEMr. Game & Watch - Black Sesame - LuigiKittyKat - DONEYoung Link - Sweet Cream Hazelnut - FuyuSnowMilk - DONEPichu - Lemon Cookie - SW11037 - DONEMarth - Blue Raspberry - DarkWolfKnight00 - DONERoy - Cinnamon Raspberry - CristalMomoStar - DONE Zero Suit Samus - Bastani Sonnati - ninpeachlover - DONEPit - Honey Fig Greek Froyo (best served on the floor) - RosalinasSoulmate - DONEWario - Garlic S'mores - LuigiKittyKat - DONEIke - Pomegranate Sorbet - VixDojoFox - DONE Pokémon Trainer - Red Velvet - mallowkey - DONE Squirtle - Ramune Sherbet - martinATHFIvysaur - Strawberry Rose Hip - LuigiKittyKat - DONE Charizard - Raspberry Mango Sorbet - MellowSunPanther - DONE Diddy Kong - Peanut Butter - VixDojoFox - DONE Meta Knight - Plum - DarkWolfKnight00 - DONELucas - Cookie Dough - LuigiKittyKat - DONE King Dedede - Superman - TheYigafooWispererOlimar - Neapolitan (Chocolate + Vanilla + Strawberry) - RosalinasSoulmate - DONE Snake - Rum Raisin - Mary-BellaSonic - Rocky Road - VixDojoFox - DONELucario - Blue Moon - GameArtist1993 - DONER.O.B. - Peppermint MochaToon Link - Tropical Fruit Sorbet - FuyuSnowMilk - DONE Wolf - Wolfberry (Goji) Lavender - VixDojoFox - DONERosalina & Luma - Starfruit Sherbet - RosalinasSoulmate - DONE Palutena - Kiwi Greek Froyo - FallettusRobin - Cookies ‘n’ Cream - LovelyUsagiCake - DONELittle Mac - Root Beer - ChekovsCurlyHair - DONE Greninja - Blueberry Cheesecake - SnowmanEX711 - DONEVillager - Apple Pie - peskaroo (male), jlj16 (female) - DONEWii Fit Trainer - Low-Fat, Sugar-Free, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Low-Carb Vegan Vanilla - LuigiKittyKat - DONE Shulk - Cranberry Hibiscus Sorbet - skate-mate - DONEPac-Man - Turmeric Cherry Vanilla - RosalinasSoulmate - DONE Mega Man - Blue Electrolyte Sorbet - MellowSunPanther - DONEMii Brawler - Birthday Cake - SnowmanEX711Mii Gunner - Toasted Coconut - NinSegaMMDfangirl98 - DONE Mii Swordfighter - French Vanilla Frozen CustardLucina - Butterscotch Pecan Fudge - LovelyUsagiCakeDark Pit - Dark Chocolate Greek Froyo - Mary-BellaBowser Jr. - Spicy Gingerbread - GameArtist1993 - DONE Duck Hunt - Maple Bacon Walnut - VixDojoFox - DONE Ryu - Pink Dragonfruit - VixDojoFox - DONE Cloud - Bourbon Caramel - FuyuSnowMilk - DONECorrin - Choconilla Swirl - NerdyOatmeal - DONE Bayonetta - Earl Grey Boysenberry - FuyuSnowMilkDark Samus - Blackberry - ninpeachlover - DONE Daisy - Orange Chamomile - FuyuSnowMilk - DONE Chrom - Acai Sorbet - NerdyOatmeal - DONE Ken - Strawberry Cheesecake - KingPharoah - DONE Inkling - Melon - ninpeachlover - DONERidley - Iberico Pork Blood - MellowSunPanther - DONESimon - Red Wine Sorbet - LovelyPrincessN64 - DONERichter - Pumpkin Spice - DarkWolfKnight00 - DONEKing K. Rool - Avocado - GameArtist1993 - DONEIsabelle - Pistachio Almond - Mary-Bella - DONE Incineroar - Tiger Tail - VixDojoFox - DONE Piranha Plant - Beetroot Rhubarb - ArchaosTeryxJoker - Blood Orange Sorbet - Mary-Bella - DONE Hero (not scooped) - Mochi Ice Cream (Ramune, Black Sesame, Mandrin Orange) - Orange-Zeppelin - DONEBanjo & Kazooie - Honey Cornbread - VixDojoFox - DONETerry - Pina ColadaByleth - Mint Chocolate Chip - SW11037 - DONE Min Min - Passion Fruit - ninpeachlover - DONE Steve - Brownie Moose Tracks - CristalMomoStar - DONE Sephiroth - Angel Food Cake - LovelyPrincessN64 - DONE Pyra - Strawberry Lemonade Sorbet - strawberrykiwikatMythra - Sour Lemon Sorbet - lonewolf-45 - DONE Kazuya - Devil’s Food Cake - Octowoman2419 - DONE Sora - Sea Salt - FuyuSnowMilk - DONE Extras:Pokemon Trainer (girl) - Pandan Coconut - ninpeachlover - DONEAlph - Blue Majik Java Banana - VixDojoFoxIggy - Calamansi Jackfruit CashewLarry - TaroLemmy - Unicorn Rainbow - LovelyPrincessN64Ludwig - Elderberry Sorbet - VixDojoFox - DONEMorton - Coffee - Bluegirl123456 - DONE Roy (Koopa) - Watermelon SorbetWendy - Acerola Guava Sorbet - SoranovaThe Ultimate Special (has its own page):Master Hand - Everything But The Kitchen Sink - annonmyousTasty frozen treats are on us!
KhotsoDube Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2021   Digital Artist
Claude in Bedford Point by KhotsoDube
I don't usually draw game art hence why I may not be suitable as a member but I was hoping this art piece of mine could find a home in this amazing group!
rainbowkombat Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2020
you can download my games below

DeckyV-2 Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
Hello. Is this group dead ? The last folder is from 2017 sooo..
MetalHarbinger084 Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2017
I have a suggestion for a category folder to add.

SNK Playmore. Given the popularity of the King of Fighters series and a few other titles by SNK, I think that would provide you with some good fan art right there.
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