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Apparently the earlier problem about one of our members has been solved, so nothing to worry about.

There's quite some time I've noticed that there were lots of people questioning to where to find the official sketch works for the Vexx game, so I thought into put the links for those images which are on their owners' site. :w00t: the first one is from:

Gregg Hargrove…
He's one of the designers who worked on the game, his site contains lots of thing on the gallery and in the cinema there's two movies for the game. The second one is:

Alex Omlansky…
Another designer from the crew, and the one whose turned Vexx to 3d;

Plus I'll be giving you a site where you can download Vexx SOUNDTRACK! As I heard to the songs, there aren't all of the musics, but it's better than nothing ;P… Just a thing to make it clear: one of those musics were never listened in the game. That's why this song is a demo for the game made by Nelson Everhart (game music composer who worked for Acclaim), apparently it was supposed to be Vexx's personal theme, so don't delete it! =P

And now some curiosities about Vexx:

:bulletorange: Vexx wasn't supposed to start like a single hero, it was supposed for the game to be a hero/sidekick thing, just like "Ratchet & Clank" or "Jak & Daxter"; their names were supposed to be "Clip & Mischief" (check Gregg's site), and their objective in the game script is unknown;

:bulletorange: then the previous idea was discarded and give space for the single hero idea, deducing that it was at that moment which appeared the idea of the hero with gloves, seeking for revenge. However, the main character had another name: "Jinx" or "Jinxed". Maybe the idea of a villain and a wise person (to guide the hero, think of "Darby") has surged on this part. Some previous sketches for the hero can be found on Gregg's site as well;

:bulletorange: When the crew finally decided to nominate their hero with the name we know, "Vexx", they've made more sketches progressively to decide how their hero should be, those images can be found on MANu1's DA account too (thanks to :iconresuki: for remembering me that :thumbsup:)… more of this story can be found on Animation Magazine page, with link to it in the curiosity right below;

:bulletorange: The final version of Vexx was a mix between the two final sketches for Vexx, they can't be found in neither sites, but they appear on a page of the edition of May 2002 from the Animation Magazine as well in MANu1's page put in the previous curiosity, here's a link for the magazine page butterfly-of-pearls.deviantart… ... talk about Smurfs! :lol:

:bulletorange: Some features from Gregg's and Alex's site doesn't seem to fit Vexx world, but some of them are earlier props from his world even before they decided to nominate him "Vexx", so take a good look on everything that you can find on their sites;

:bulletorange: Gregg's site contains the props from the current Vexx village that only appeared on the opening cutscene, some of them never appeared! good references;

:bulletorange: A thing that commomly happens is the confusion between AstaNI and AstaRAN: Astanis are the Purple-skinned kind which Reia belongs to, the Astarans are Vexx's kind;

:bulletorange: Yabu's eyes are a commom pattern for game creatures (most commomly ghost-like monsters);

:bulletorange: He had hair too! :rofl:

:bulletorange: Reia's earlier cloth colors were supposed to match those of the Astani War Talons'. This can be seen in some images from Gregg's site on "promotional & logos";

:bulletorange: Everyone has wondered at least once why is Vexx face one of the sages' head! :lmao:

:bulletorange: Some of you should already know that Vexx was going to have a sequel, if it wasn't for Acclaim's bankruption. Go check on :iconmanu1: to see the images.

More curiosities to come.

Come and join The Video Game Club too ^^ :iconthe-video-game-club:


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--Vexx comics (credits go to Manuel Carrasco :iconmanu1:, one of the designers of Vexx, and Barontieri :iconbarontieri:--

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