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Krishna on the morning shore of lake by Pollyinart
Chibi Mythology: Kali by Kingsguards
Octobit - 19 (Kali) by Gledsonlhr
Lord Ram in Vanvas by tushantin
The child-like Ganesha by saisribrcwhocreates
The Demolition of Sin by amarsingha
-tattoos, henna or body art
Buddha tattoo design by simonpark81
Colorful Ganesha Tattoo by ArtMakia
ganesha by cnphilpott
Radha Krishna Bridal Henna Design by chandni-mehndi
Shiva Quotes / Mahabharata Comic App / Indian Art by mahabharatagods
Krishna Talks / Bhagavad Gita / Mahabharata Comic by mahabharatagods
Mahabharata Comic App / Vedic Art / Indian Art by mahabharatagods
Bhishma / Mahabharata Comic App / Indian Art by mahabharatagods
Radha And Krishna Stamp by Meztli72
Kali Hinduism Stamp by vsalekseevna
Nazis and Hindus are not the Same Thing by lissygudiya
Mahabharata 2013 stamp by Narucid
Arjuna's Penance by penguin-commando
Mahabalipuram by penguin-commando
Gwalior by penguin-commando
Sasbahu Mandir by penguin-commando
Vaishno Devi Wallpaper by KAMALIKABASU
Moonlight Meditation by phildistress
The Radha Krishna Temple aka JK Temple by phildistress
Tibetan Mantra by Kancano
Lord Vinayak | Destroyer of Calamity (Final) | by TheUnlimitedFortress
Ganesha + Bapu | Modak is Life (Final) | [JH] by TheUnlimitedFortress
Chintamani Ganesha Mixed Media Artwork by vishalsurvearts
Ganesha + Meera | Culinary Adventure (Final)| by TheUnlimitedFortress
Brahma Saraswati
Saraswati - Amy Clark Anderson by Pernastudios
Elder Brahma - Isolated from sanctuary by VachalenXEON
Goddess Saraswati by GUDDO7
Hazbin Gods: Brahma by Geeko1968
Vishnu Lakshmi and related
Vamana - Narayanarupa Trivikrama by VachalenXEON
Krishna - Debjit Kar by Pernastudios
Shree Hari Vithal Mixedmedia Artwork by vishalsurvearts
Lakshmi - Arwenn Necker by Pernastudios
Shiva Parvati
Ardhanarishvara - Moksha sinhaasan by VachalenXEON
Karrtikeya Muruga
Palani - Vel fighther pose by VachalenXEON
Durga or other Shakti
Durga Ma + Kamadhenu + All | Tea Party (Final) | by TheUnlimitedFortress
Rama Sita Ramayana
Ram Sita love by ujvalpurabiya

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Hindu Goddess Kali by Syfyman2XXX
Hello daddy by ImKuloki
Buddha Buddhist
Lord Buddha Mixed Media artwork by vishalsurvearts
Other Deities and various
The Hariharaputr Mandir 2 by VachalenXEON
Hanuman - Mike Hartigan by Pernastudios
ISKCON Universe - Krishna sub-folder
Yashoda and Krishna by 7Dr
Krishna Radha Mahabharata
Radharani, Queen of Vraja by 7Dr
-Various and Misc-
Meera + Reva | Dear Friends (Line) | [JH] by TheUnlimitedFortress
Article and Journal
Book Review: The Palace of IllusionsBook Review: The Palace of Illusions, by Chitra Banerjee DivakaruniPremise: in ancient India, King Drupad longed for revenge, in order to bring his enemies down, he prayed to the gods and offered a fire sacrifice, then in a great pyre of fire two children were miraculously born, Draupadi (or Panchaali) and her brother Dhrishtadyumna (Dhri for short), the King welcomed Dhri with open arms because the prince would clearly bring the revenge and glory he desired whilst Draupadi was mostly ignored and locked in her father's palace with a strange prophecy: she would change history in the future.The story is set in an ancient time when mortals could still communicate with gods a bit more easily, guru, sages and sorceresses roamed the land, etc, etc; quite exciting so far. Although I'd admit the heroine isn't the most adorable character from time to time.Since I know only the basic of the Mahabharat so I found this retelling to be rich with fine details, human dramas, conflicts, plot twists, complicated family history and secrets, some gods (plus the awesome magical weapons and boons they offered) here and there and good writing but what I don't really like is the romance between the heroine and a certain someone, I mean........come on, the two only met each other occasionally through the years and yet the guy was the one the heroine longed for most in her life? Come on! I think her friendship with the mysterious, godly(?) Krishna is a lot more delightful and believable.In the myths, Panchaali seems to be merely a beautiful prize her father gifted to the Pandava brothers after Arjun won her hand, a faithful wife, a victim of schemes and kidnapping, a long-suffering woman of men's lust and violence, nothing more. Her emotions and thoughts are hardly mentioned (for example, what did she think about having to marry five men at once and shared among them?) Therefore I'm delighted to see Ms. Divakaruni dug deeper into the source material and offered us a look into Panchaali not as a goddess (she is in fact worshiped as a goddess by some people) or a brave, virtuous heroine, but as a flawed woman, and told her life story from her own viewpoint from her girlhood to old age. So we can see how Panchali grew from a curious and energized girl, a proud and headstrong queen (for many times too headstrong and prideful for her own good), a disillusioned wife and eventually a revengeful and heartbroken woman who had weathered many losses.As with most of the stories from the Hindu mythology, karma plays a major part and the main characters, from the protagonists to the antagonists, are always dragged down by their own stubbornness, greed, self-righteousness, pride and lies, etc etc; for example, it is made clear early on that King Drupad had brought his own humiliation and defeat to himself after he mistreated his former friend Drona, which turned the latter against him. Even the most well meaning and kind-heartened people would make mistakes and they would usually pay dearly for their mistakes, as all beings are entangled in a web of karma of their own making.On the other hand, I really don't like the heroine's longing for 'this certain person' (no plot spoiler!), I, just wow. It's even worse than the general insta-love.I'd already mentioned I like the life-long friendship between the heroine and Krishna, anyone who knows enough Hindu myths would know Krishna is the reincarnation of Viṣṇu (one of the Big Three main deities), but I like how the heroine wasn't certain about Krishna's godhood while the other characters regarded the man as either a demi-god or a trickster.Yet, there isn't much strong friendship between the heroine and the other women in the book (the heroine noted the women in her father's palace are afraid of her for her unusual birth and her unusually foretold 'destiny') excepts the one she had with her wet nurse Dhai Ma, and the friendship she formed among her daughter in law and the other noble women when those women, as widows, banding together to look after other even less fortune widows, sadly such sisterhood hasn't been described in detail.The tension between the heroine and her hardened mother-in-law, Kunti, how the older woman made her many difficult decisions to safeguard her sons' well being--regardless of how these decisions would make others suffer, is well written.As to Panchaali's five husbands: the Pandava brothers, Arjun (the greatest warrior of the time), Yudhishthira (the oldest brother) and Bhima have more screen time and their relationship with their chief wife (Panchaali) are developed better than their twin brothers: Nakula and Sahadeva. I know, it is hard to tell the life stories of all five brothers at once, so many of their famous adventures and conquers are only mentioned in passing.Among the male characters, the heroine's brother Dhri doesn't seem to have flaw. Perhaps all kind big brothers are flawless in their eyes of their adoring little sisters? Plus Dhir endears himself to me with the few scenes of him playing together with his sister and how he refused to let go of his sister's hand when the King wanted to accept only him in the fire rite.PS: I requested the public library to buy this book, seems like it's a good choice. I hope there will be more of Ms. Divakaruni's creations to be found in the future.
Mandala and exotic art
M#10 by kams-touch-art


Lord Shiva by Yarlnila
Vishnu by Feig-Art
Me and Lord Shiva  by CraftyWings93
Saraswati by inkyug
ganesha wallpaper by xandararts
Ganesha by DoctorChevlong
Ganesh by theheroofthepeople
Ganesha by shivomarts
Brahma and Saraswati
bramha the creator by shubham1o1
saraswati by Ninavon
Goddess Saraswati Mata (Front) by guddu6379
Saraswati mata 02-01 by KoshalDesign
Vishnu and Lakshmi
Lord VIshnu by VimalJonwal
Parashurama by ManthanArt by MANTHANART
Hazbin Vishnu by Geeko1968
Vishnu -SMT- by MakoPL
Shiva and Pavarti
Mahadev by kishorechanda
Kid Shiva by Manthanart by MANTHANART
Bholejpeg by MANDAAVIi
mahakaal... by shubham1o1
Lord Murugan Digital art by 121nikhilmishra
Sri Varadaraja Perumal temple 13 by SmallCurryLeaf
muruga by satsri
Lord Murugan (2) by JElangovan
Durga Ma | OC Design (Just Fury) [Shade]|[JH] by TheUnlimitedFortress
Durga Ma | OC Design (Annapurna) [Final]|[JH] by TheUnlimitedFortress
The Goddess Durga by Chiragdraws
Durgatinashini - goddess of preservation (Durga) by theeditorpanda
Kali by CrimsonKaiju
Kalika Devi by shivomarts
Kali by Sallontyan

Mature Content

Kali - time and change. by HarconanStrips
Rama Sita Ramayana
ShreeRam by jonyvats
Two Ramas of Ayodhya by aauart27
Sri Rama by SolaceOm
Rama and Ravana by jamesshapiro42
Anime X Mythology Hanuman Vs Beast Titan by JazylH
Hanuman by artisticjax
Baby Hanuman- Characyer Design Challenge by Poohnie
Hanuman by Sumedh98
Krishna Radha Mahabharata
Shri Krishna by Adityaask

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The Veda is an ancient body of knowledge. This club welcomes all Hindu or Indian art, including Gods and Goddesses. Inspired by Indian art? Please join! ;)

Pre-dating any secular worship, it describes a more spiritual approach. For example, the Vedic approach to 'form of God' is that it is dependent on the person - God has perfect features, but what is 'perfect' differs for each individual, and thus perceptions of God are different. However, more specific forms of worship have arisen out of this general approach.

General non-specific approaches as well as more fixed forms of higher beings are welcome here, such as Ganesha, Shiva, Devi, Vishnu, Krishna, Lakshmi, Radha, Rama, Sita, Hanuman, Surya, Kali, Durga, etc. :) Any adoration or self-discovery is encouraged.

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Navagraha Rhapsody
Draw the squad : Pic time!
Chibi NR
Its that all you got?!
The nine gods of planet, original By @Khunminforreal
The nine gods of planet, original By @satsri
Navagrahas Yantra 4
Navagrahas Yantra 6
Navagrahas Yantra 9
Navagrahas Yantra 5
Navagrahas Yantra 1
Navagrahas Yantra 2
Navagrahas Yantra 8
Navagrahas Yantra 7
Navagrahas Yantra 3
The nine gods of planet, original By @authaigallery
Navgraha - Brhaspati Dev
Navgraha - Shukra Dev
Navgraha - Chandra Dev
Navgraha - Budha Dev
Navgraha - Surya Dev
Navgraha - Mangala Dev
Navgraha - Rahu Dev
Navgraha - Shani Dev
Navgraha - Ketu Dev
The nine gods of planet, original By @VachalenXEON (Co-founder, admin)
Various artworks about Navagraha (HI : नवग्रह,TH : นพเคราะห์) from artist and this group-members. If you have related artworks. you can send it to this group in submissions-unsorted folder. We can accept for original India, Bali (Wayang), Siamese-Khmer and other style.
VachalenXEON (Co-founder)
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