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This group is not dead. I just didn't have time. Anyway, most of things submitted lately wasn't fit for this group anyway.

First of all, I would like to thank everyone who lately joined my group. I am so glad to see new people here. I know I am not an example of a very active admin but I come here everyday. Even though I have a job. I enjoy seeing your works. I don't accept a lot, because it's a quality group and many people try to go around my rules. I am really into originality and quality therefore all these cartoonish and manga drawings aren't accepted here.
I am hoping to make this group a big group soon, a place for decent vampires lovers. This group was made to contradict all these groups that accept EVERYTHING: ugly, cartoonish and childish images, manga drawings, Twilight/True Blood/Vampire Academy/Buffy stuff etc. and I really appreciate when new people come to discover it. TVL is for everyone who's sick of all that trash in other groups, therefore my rules are so strict. There are - unfortunately - a very few vampire-themed groups that don't accept bad works. Don't get me wrong, I like many groups, even those that accept all these things, because I dug a lot of diamonds there. But I just don't like their policies. TVL, therefore, is not for everyone. It's only for decent works, not for kids with their bad, cartoony/animu styles.

I hope new people come here and it will be a big place in a few months.


Lately people have submitted a lot and only a few works have been accepted. Here's why:
a) this group is strictly for vampires and for human vampire hunters. So, no demons, creatures with angelic wings, horned creatures, witches, dragons and insect-like characters.
b) if you drew a vampire who looks almost like a human, you must submit your work to proper Deviantart categories: fantasy or dark. Not humans, not science-fiction etc. If you have achieved that, you may submit into my group.
c) this group is not for everyone, it's elite, because I don't allow people to submit that what trashes most of vampire groups.
d) no cartoon-ish, doodle-ish style is allowed here.
e) no scraps here, for example: unfinished sketches, doodles, badly cropped works. Works that you submit, must be scanned and cropped or photographed with a real camera from a tripod. Sorry, but I care for quality.
f) no manga here. Strictly no manga. I don't like it so I don't accept it here.
UPDATE: g) absolutely no Deviantart watermarks here. Watermarked works are automatically declined or left to expire!

Yes, this group may be snobistic, but I am sick of all these groups who claim to be vampire-themed, but most of works they include, just don't fit. Most of my groups are snobistic, because I try to make them proper. If you are offended by it - you need to change the group. TVL is not a general group for dark drawings and photomanipulations, remember it. Just keep it in mind and it's cool.

I don't want to be unkind, these are just facts. I want people to find this group as a group that has some standards.

Don't get discouraged. Just find other groups, that's all. You can always watch TVL.


I have noticed that many of you submit vampire works into wrong categories not in my group, but on Deviantart. This is why I decline a lot. For example: vampires must be in categories of fantasy or horror and macabre or dark. Not people. They aren't people. I will decline all works which are submitted into People, because it's wrong. I always report works like this so staff takes a look and makes people resubmit their drawings. If you see something like this, report it. Be a part of these people who make Deviantart clean and neat place. Categories are important.

This is nothing personal, but really, in case of wrong category I will report your drawing so staff moves it. After it's done, you can resubmit works to my group. I am really sick of the lack of order on this site and - even if I know I can do nothing - I will still try to make it a better place. For everyone. Unfortunately, I reported a lot of works, even these magnificent ones so if everyone does it, in the future we can stop doing it. Maybe.

So, think about it. Think about right categories. No matter what you say, vampires aren't people and they should go to proper category. Come on, they don't even look like people... Maybe a bit, but it doesn't mean they may be submitted to categories that don't belong to fantasy world.

I hope you get it.

PS. Your interpretations of movies, books, games in form of drawings and photomanipulations are also fanart! Don't forget it. All fanart in these forms submitted to Deviantart's regular categories will be reported.

First of all, hi to everyone.

I am glad more and more people are members of this group. Also, thanks for submitting. I hope it's going to be a big base of good vampire stuff in the future.
Just wanted you to know: I decline some work that really fits this group, but, for example, category is wrong. Feel free resubmit works like this to correct folders.

Oh, a word about fanarts: it must be visible you put an effort into this. Charts made of images copied from Google and pasted into one document aren't fanart. You can only submit your own pictures.

Have a nice night,

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