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Traditional Art
Structure by dsilv3r
October Love (Inktober 2020 - 7 Fancy) by Ellisis
Portraits by Ellisis
Grimaced Self-portrait by Ellisis
Digital Art
The Seeker Returns by BlazingStarO
Ripples by BlazingStarO
Titan and the Chaos Emerald by ApocalypseTitan
The Colors of Life: White by Platinum-Comet
There Wouldn't Have Been Any Good Dreams by Leehon
Mechanical Diversions by Leehon
Future Meeting by Leehon
If You Knew Your Limits by Leehon
Anime and Manga
Fire Force bookmark by silk501
Kazuki Nozomi: Remake by Kimiski
Something Sweet by Kimiski
[AgK!] TatsuxBulat anime ver. by SenkoAkiyama
Dark Art, Abstract, Surreal
Pointless Peek by Leehon
Persona's Zeitgeber by Leehon
Practicing Courage by Leehon
Rushing Out Of The Daze by Leehon
Anything related to Sonic the hedgehog
6/2020: Birthday by PrincezzRee
7/2020: Formal/Casual Party by PrincezzRee
8/2020: Summer by PrincezzRee
9/2020: School/Formalwear by PrincezzRee
Tinkerbell Icon F2U by Nerdy-pixel-girl
Tinkerbell F2U by Nerdy-pixel-girl
The Sanderson Sisters F2U by Nerdy-pixel-girl
Esmeralda by Ellisis
Fan Art
Ginny and her patronus by Ellisis
Sokka (Inktober 2020 - 5 Blade) by Ellisis
Mabel and Dipper by Ellisis
La Jeune Ficelle a la Perle by Ellisis
Literature, poetry, creative writings
Sugar Amilla the Sugar Rabbit by FloofPuppy
Summer In The City by n2n44
Animation, Flashes
DC Creep by paraberio
DotS- Ep2 SoBH Pg-18 by BlazingStarO
Doodles,Sketches, Lineart
Sleepy Baby by BlazingStarO
Pixels, Sprites
Rainbow Macaroon Pixel Divider F2U by Nerdy-pixel-girl
They're actually very smart F2U by Nerdy-pixel-girl

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________PlEASE READ_____________
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Welcome to The-UnknownArtists

This a place where unknown artists gather to improve their skill and help others get more viewers favs etc..

We accept any art on this page.
If you do have any drawings feel free to add them here.
(Digital, photography, sculpture ect) on this page.
Your art must be yours and yours alone (collabs. are accepted as well ), original, fanart, photos, etc

Join the group and get known with your fellow no-ones!

Submit your artwork and work on improving your art; you're here because you're not "up to standards" yet.

If you want to, work until you're a famous person!

Unfortunately, once you're famous, you're not a nobody anymore, so you're not gonna be allowed in the group anymore... Hold up! You can stay as long as you wish now! If you're getting a lot of attention, theeennnn we may have to show you the door.

However, if you want to, you can help your fellow Nobodies become famous! Here are steps you can take if you wanna help them:

First, you need to leave the group, you're not a Nobody anymore
Make a journal or something to tell people about the group where you improved "up to standards"
Let people know that these "Nobodies" are actually very good at what they do

If you can't deside if you're a nobody or not, check your watchers
* 0-99 watchers, you're a tried and true Nobody
* 100-199 watchers, you're a Nobody, but getting there
* 200-299 watchers, that's pretty debatable, you're Someone, but can still join if you're convinced you're not famous
* 300+ watchers, sorry! We call that famous, but you probably already realized you were up to standards

1.NO RECOLORS, SCREENSHOTS, TRACING or art that is not yours in the main Gallery.
2. You must have below 300 watchers. NEW!! You're allowed to stay if ya want now ^ ^ we recommend leaving when you have too many watchers and comments, faves about 700+.
3.When you submit a deviation submit to the correct folder. If in doubt, contact the admins. We don't bite :)
4. No trolls.
5. NEW Absolutely no sensitive theme drawings , example a guy having his arm chopped off, I strongly dislike that kind of horror, I get bad goosebumps. Im not really much of a scary/horror fan buuuuut. Your allowed to submit dark horror but not too graphic please ^^.
6. (New) Also if your not aware, only "kid friendly art" meaning a child of let's say 13 years of age can look at your art too.
Unable to follow then I'll reject it and asked you to read rules.

Thanks SO much for supporting your fellow Nobodies and letting people know that everyone starts somewhere, and they're better than they think!

Last UPDATE:7/10/2013 2/16/2014 5/13/14 8/8/15 12/1/2017 edited by both by OceanSkyViolet and BlazingStarO


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it seems I am a true nobody :D seems like my mom was wrong hah take omg cry that ma !
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thank you~
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