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I have been a member of Deviant Art for many years now and those of you who have been here for at least 3 years can understand the large changes this community has gone through.

One of the biggest issues occurring right now is the fact that too many talented long term artists are leaving Deviant Art. Not just some everyday artist,artists who made their name on this community and made impacts in people's lives large and small. Most of you who have been here long enough can understand what I am referring about. Those of you who have not been active enough in the community lack the ability to know what is truly going on here.

A large amount of excellent artists are closing and abandoning their accounts due to the fact that Deviant Art is becoming such a horrible place to be in. Deviant Art is becoming greedier with money and artists are no longer considered a priority. Many of these artists that you may have known for such a long time have left their responses and some have left at all without any reason,making Deviant Art a very sad place to be in. Here are several artists you may have known or recognized here on Deviant Art.








Most of these artists have left due to the fact that it has become more of a burden than an enjoyment to post their art here on Deviant Art. They begin to realize the truth over time of the impact what Deviant Art has done to these artists.

As once clearly stated by RDCarneiro :

"I remember that the first reason I came here was to become a popular artist; Man I was such a loser. Here's an advice for ya: if you're planning to be here just to get 1 million pageviews, then you're an idiot, no really, look at yourself in the mirror, you'll literally see a jackass."

Here is another statement from AtomicStoney :

To be honest, I was expecting a bit of a backlash with that poll, but shit. I never realized how much my internet activity was directly correlated with people's LIVES. Jesus. Some of you need to get out more.

My reason for wanting to move is simple: I feel like I've grown out of this account. I no longer really feel at home in it, and I want to start over. Originally, I wanted to stop using DeviantART altogether, but I realized that despite its many (many many many) flaws, it is a great place for artists to network and market their art. I really want to get into freelance illustration, and marketing myself under an alias (an alias that I don't even really identify with anymore) isn't very professional.

This artist has been here for a VERY long time,I mean...just wow...record breaking almost. She has been here for almost 10 years now and she still continues to be here. Her name is yume and even she is aware of the fact about the situation here on Deviant Art:

Yet another annual journal entry. Hahaha. Another year goes by and my art output is still pretty low. I'm trying though~ I've got loads of unfinished sketches still, anyway.

In other news I got engaged this year~! Pretty excited about that :) We've been dating for 5 years. He wants to move to Florida though but he says it'll only be for a year and then we'll go back to NJ or OR or wherever.... or OR or? Haha, that looks funny.

It's 2010... in 2011 it'll be my 10th year on DA! That's rather unbelievable. But this is the only art archive I still "actively" use. I use the term actively very loosely here. Hahaha. The other day I googled my name and discovered I still had an archive on side7. I almost forgot that place even existed. Go figure.

As I have said before,there are many artists leaving Deviant Art,even artists I have never even got to meet yet.

One of my strategies is when I watch an artist,I fave and download as much art as I can. Kind of obvious,but I do it so I can keep record of their artworks and make it into a "Time Capsule" of sorts for people to remember.

Most artists continue to stay here on Deviant Art for these reasons: Emotional attachments,financial goals or to continue sharing their art with the world.

I doubt that my article will make people or most of all Deviant Art change. But it is their own undoing if they continue being this way.

I just wanted to post this article to get this weight of frustration of my chest. It is just unbearable that so many great artists who became such a great influence in my life leave and refuse to return to the internet.

I can assure you,once an artist leaves Deviant Art,they abandon showing their face to the world again,because they see it more of a form of burden than as an enjoyment.

It is only a matter of time that YOUR favorite artists will be making THEIR way out the door. With or without warning,I guess that it is only a matter of time...


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