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The Twili by emily-e by the-twili-tribe
Shadow Beast by Junedays
Between Day And Night by Glasmond
Midna Long Time No See:Update: by maccollo
Zelda Twilight Princess: Midna's forms by ozkh
Twili Midna by MKRUdesign
Midna by Emeraldus
Midna by Emeraldus
Zant Is Hot Ngl by DimentioThePie
Divergent Collisions Zant v3 by GLHSonicstar
Cinnamon Apple Desert by CERBERUS253
Zant Reborn by StellaB
Original Characters
Twili (legend of zelda) by SupremeWaffle
Repost - Twili Witch by Golden-Laurel
Pre-Transmutation Invi by Substrain-Seven
Midnas Height Comparison by savvybro
Link and Midna
Link vs Armogohma 2nd part by marcosbaruco
Fairy Spring (6 22 2017) by theskywaker
So, uh.  What's next? by Pr0meth3us
Blue-eyed Beast by potaachi
Zant and Midna
Midna and Zant Timeline by StellaB
Fused Shadows - Cover by Levinbolt
Blissful Togetherness by StellaB
Aurora Borealis by StellaB
Other Couples
Royal Family by AnkaiKami
Twilight Princesses by AssortedA-Art
Peck by 7essa
Advice by UndyingNephalim
Twilit Makeovers
Link (Twili) by Hakirya
Twili Link by GalaxyBlues
Twili Rito by Atypi
OC-tober 9: Twili Deku by AquaTiffy
VINCULUM - Sisters of the Eventide (Story) by Webmegami
Super Smash bros. Ultimate -Zant by polipede
Lamara by xxGrapeHatzxx
Midna Shimeji download by cocohints
Twilistatic Photoshop Brush by Azzyfree-art
Club Events
.:SS:. Sister, Please. by Corny-Eel
Contest Entries
Twili Zora by Foxiford
Midna by akyanscave
Group of Characters
To celebrate Twilight Princess HD by tabechan
Hey, remember this asshole? by TeaLeo
Twilight Realm Concepts
The Cursed Race by Lightrail
Quest18- Save a friend by Azzyfree-art
guppy by puppetstringz
Zelda Race Meme by AzaAran
Stamps, icons, etc
FaheemXEsme Stamp by xXOnigamiXx
Umbra Witch Midna - Reference by Meeshell-Art


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Useful Information

This is a Twili and Twilight Realm specific group! Your work must feature at least one Twili or a Twili creature to be allowed into the group. Any art lacking any of this (example: images of only Link, Wolf Link, Link alone in the Twilight Realm) will be denied! Thank you for reading.

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I know I said I'd give it a month's time, but I've had long discussions with friends and I think it's about time to let this group go. I've decided I won't give it over to someone new. The reason being that I'm too used to this group and still care enough that letting someone else handle it will drive me up a wall. It's happened to me before with other groups and I don't want to stress myself further. My offline life is too busy to run this group so it's better to let it go rather than hope it'll be active again someday. In the past I've tried to revive it several different times and for the most part, a lot of our activity was due to me requesting art in (with the admins doing the same occasionally).

This was a very, very difficult decision. Many times I nearly convinced myself that I should suck it up and keep going for others, but where do I draw the line for the sake of my well-being? I had many suggestions of how to go about this and I've battled with the idea of closing for years, always going back to this mindset of, "I'd disappoint a lot of people and that's not fair". But, as we all know, life isn't fair. I don't feel the choice is fair either way when it comes to saving or closing the group.

Thank you to everyone. It's been an amazing eleven years. We were launched as a club account way back before groups were even announced. The time and effort that went into maintaining it from then until now has been monumental and I am grateful to all my members past or present for making this group what it is. Mods, members, co-founders... we've been through many and each one has helped shape the community that was built. It wasn't always easy or pleasant, but I had a lot of wonderful experiences here. I met a lot of friends and I know a bunch of you have too.

My final wish for this group is that no one try to make another version of it. Let the-twili-tribe rest. There are plenty of twili and Zelda centered groups out there already. Don't make another group when there are so many more already out there waiting for you. :heart: Go out there and find a new community, make new friends and most importantly, have fun. If anyone would like to stay in contact with me, Metroid-Tamer, feel free to send me a note.

For now the group will be closing its doors. The gallery will no longer be accepting submissions, we're no longer accepting members, and there will be no further updates. All mods will be demoted back to members as well to ensure the gallery remain closed and activity deadlines entirely. In the future the group may disappear entirely, so don't be surprised if one day you come back to find it gone.

Thank you again, everyone. It was a pleasure helping build and serve this amazing community over the course of 11 years. Wherever life may take you I hope it's a positive, healthy and fulfilling path. :heart:

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LOZFan4Life Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Hello! Thank you for inviting me! ^-^
Coro-Yuki Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks for the request of my twili! Much appreciated!
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I just wanna thank you for adding my piece here <3
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Would you mind affiliating with my group, :icontwilight-princess-fc:? It's still in the works, but it's almost done.
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McGrid Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2016
Thanks for the add. :) If any artist here takes requests, I would love to see a twili or twilight realm inspired fierce deity link.
McGrid Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2016
Does this group take requests? Also, is it possible to join?
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Karret Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2016
Hey~ I did a picture of Midna a while ago, and wondered if you guys had any interest in adding it to your gallery? o vo
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LittleSongbirb Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you for adding my Saryh on here! ⊙ω⊙
I watched this group a short while ago and wanted to join as well, but I didn't see a join button anywhere. Is there some way I could join?
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Apophis324 Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2016
Thank you so much for accepting my dear friend RandomBlinku's drawing of Midna made in the Miiverse to your lovely gallery!
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