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After going through some confusing submission processes, we have decided to make a few changes.

:bulletred: The "Cartoons and Comis"-folder will be renamed "Comics"-folder, so that the name will be less misleading. We have had problems with people uploading OC's, fan art etc., and believe these problems will be lessened somewhat by changing the name of the folder. "Comics" will still only be open to hand-drawn comics.

:bulletred: "Machines"-folder: we now have a new folder, "Machines"! This folder is intended for various machines - vehicles, airplanes, ships etc.

Also, I want to remind everyone of our submission policies - no WIPs, precise scans/photographs (no funny angles and the like) and no objects in view (pens or other tools). Thank you very much, and have a great day, everyone! :D
So, guys, it's me, the Founder. I was thinking, how about having a debate for once? So, without further ado, I will introduce to you today's (or tonight's, in my case) debate topic: Digital art vs. Traditional art?
I have an artist friend who nearly only works traditionally, to be exact, she paints. She's honestly an eager painter too, buying expensive articles from art stores - canvases, oil paint, brushes. And she mentioned to me, in a conversation of which I cannot recall much else, that she thought that digital artists took the "easy way", comparing it to for example oil painting, where the paint can take several years to dry. What do you think? Does digital painting require less of the artist than traditional, is digital art the easy way and the traditional art the thorny path?
Hello there.
Sorry for the lack of activity as of late - I know I promised to host contests and other activities monthly, and I also have a lot to do when it comes to cleaning the gallery. However, as this is the last semester of high school and I'm applying for music studies and have exams and concerts all spring, I won't be able to keep up a proper level of activity ALONE. However, if one or two would like to work with me as co-founders, we might get this group to function properly.
Now I know that some of you have already shown interest in the task, and that others have asked some questions, so here's a list of things I look for in a co-founder, and what kind of tasks I'd like them to perform.

In a co-founder, I look for:
- That you're active in the group and as a Deviant
- That you have some ideas/visions for the group (basically that you're eager to do something)
- That you have a certain level of artistic skills. This is not to discriminate younger/less experienced artists, but to make sure you can properly perform tasks such as approving art to featured folder and drawing contest prizes.
- That you follow the rules and that you are nice and show respect

Some tasks a co-founder have:
- Approving art to the gallery and sort them in the right folders
- Hosting contests, drawing contest prizes etc.
- Approving art for the featured gallery
- Making sure everyone follows the rules
- Give feedback in the critique folder
- Give feedback and ideas to the founder

These are of course my tasks too - I'd just like some capable help to complete them. Please comment below or send me a note if you're interested!
As a follow-up to the last journal (please read it: the-traditional-pen.deviantart…), I'll have to warn you of the general chaos this group will be in the next days, due to major re-organising in our gallery. This means that some of your deviations will be rejected for wrong category despite originally being submitted to the right please. Please bear in mind that this is not because we don't want your art, it's because of the current chaos in our gallery. Please continue to try to submit to the right categories - send me a note if you wonder why your picture was declined.
Also, I would appreciate it if people would only submit a few pictures at a time (let's say five is max). I am currently the only one working with this group, and it takes a long time to look over and accept all the pictures. This will make the process of cleaning the galleries much slower than needed. I'll post some rules soon.
And if anyone is active and wants to be co-founder, I appreciate all the help I can get! I already have one person in mind, so shout out quickly if you want to help C;
I am truly sorry there has been no activity from me (or anyone else) these last months. This is due to lack of communication between us co-founders/founders. Apparently, our original founder deleted her account and made me founder without telling me, and dA has not been so kind as to inform me of my new position, so well, to sum it up - I just found out I was founder (of course, no grudges against our last founder, she's wonderful).
I have had a few thoughts about this group before, and as new founder I plan to put them into action. Basically, I want to make this group a group for everyone (like it already is), but with events (as long as I have the time) and features that will enhance each of you artist's skills, and make this a small community for traditional artists to teach, learn and promote traditional art.
To this I have planned a few changes that will come as soon as I get the hang of this founder-thing:
* Update folders in gallery to make it more systematic, cover every genre etc
* Make folders exclusively for feedback
* Make certain requirements you have to meet to be able to submit art to the gallery to heighten art quality
* Create events like "traditional art piece of the month", "featured artist", discussions, tutorials (if I or anyone else can provide any), contests, exchanges and alike

As for now, these are the points I'm going to work on. I'm also going to go through the site and generally update things (perhaps I'll get somebody to make is a new icon, dunno). I hope this will inspire you to continue submitting art to our group, and if you have any thoughts upon the matter, I would really like to hear them. Also, if someone would like to be an active co-founder, I would love to hear from you c;

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