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This group is for everyone who likes drawing traditionally, whether it be from time to time or all the time. Anyone who give their love to the good old pen and pencil will always find their kind here. However, every community need rules. Please read the following rules if you want to be part of, or already are part of, our community.


  1. Please show common courtesy. Don't swear, don't provoke, don't bully and respect the rules and those who uphold them.
  2. When uploading art, please try your best to find the right folder. Pictures submitted to the wrong folder will be rejected. If you don't which folder to use, please note founder or co-founder.
  3. Please don't upload more than five deviations at a time (you can upload more once the five first have been accepted). If we find more than five deviations from you in row, the five first will be accepted and the rest declined.
  4. Please be respectful and serious when giving feedback in the Feedback folder - don't badmouth the picture or the artist (hence rule #1), and try to give both positive and negative feedback.
  5. When browsing our gallery, don't give feedback outside the Feedback folder. Please respect that there might be a reason the picture is not in the Feedback folder.
  6. A censored picture will be declined if we deem the censorship unnecessary. This is to avoid supporting art theft and alike.


We have a few (very few ) requirements your picture has to fulfill to be accepted.

  1. Your picture must be traditionally drawn
  2. Your picture must be drawn on blank paper, unless for artistic purposes
  3. Your picture must be properly scanned/photographed so that the motive of the picture is your traditional art, not your workplace, crayons etc.
  4. We only accept finished works, NOT WIPs (work in progress).
  5. No pornography, serious violence or malicious content. We accept censored pictures, but only if the violence/nudity is an artistic effect. Malicious content is absolutely forbidden.

Be aware that there are stricter rules for some of the folders.

Our gallery is organised in folders, as most other galleries, and here are a description of what kind of art is supposed to be submitted to each folder.

Our Featured folder is exclusively for the best and most amazing art submitted to our group. Its sole purpose is to promote the excellency of traditional art, and to be an exclusive folder it is an honor to be featured in. The requirements are:
- A proper scan/picture of the traditional piece
- Colors
- A decent motive
- Shading, anatomy, composition etc. at a certain level
- Your picture must not be censored

:bulletred:Real People
Pictures of existing people. This folder requires a realistic style. Please do not mix with Fan Art - a picture of Daniel Radcliffe belongs in this folder, but a picture of Harry Potter belongs in Fan Art.

:bulletred:Fan Art
Fan Art of all kind. Any styles are accepted. Please do not mix with Real People and Original Characters - you are welcome to submit original characters taking place in someone else's universe in that folder.

Real animals.

:bulletred: Fictional Creatures
Magic, fictional creatures - Pokémon, mermaids, dragons.

:bulletred:Original Characters
You have an OC you want to show off? You are welcome to upload pictures and references here. You can even upload an original character from a fan-fiction (such as you original Pokémon Trainer etc).

:bulletred: Fictional, random people
Folder for "that girl I happened to draw"-drawings. Meaning a person you've drawn who is neither your original character or a real person. Just a person, you know. Examples:

If you want critique on your art, upload your pictures here. We'll try our best to give you fair critique. Remember that everyone who finds your drawing in this folder may critique that particular piece.

THIS IS NOT A FAN ART FOLDER (already made that mistake myself). This is a folder for uploading your own cartoon strips or pages. The story can be a fan-fiction or completely original.

Landscapes, plants, etc.

:bulletred:Still Life
Drawings of food and objects (fruit bowls, vases, anything).

:bulletred: Abstract
Abstract art. Examples:

:bulletred: Buildings, Architecture and Constructions
Drawings of fictional or real buildings. A design for a building can be considered for the design folder instead.

:bulletred: Typography
Words, poems drawn on paper. Examplee:

:bulletred: Designs
Designs on clothes, furniture, buildings, patterns etc. Generally, designs.

:bulletred: dA-related
Perhaps your dA-ID or "thanks for x pageviews"-drawing is featureworthy? Then you might find it nice to have a folder for dA-related things.

:bulletred: Tutorials and Studies
Tutorials for drawing traditionally - anatomy tutorials, tools tutorials etc. Studies and practices also go into this folder.

:bulletred: Machines
This folder is intended for various machines - vehicles, airplanes, ships etc.

:bulletred: None of the above
Kind of a miscellaneous folder for art that doesn't fit in anywhere else. Please do not submit to this folder unless you're absolutely sure your drawing doesn't fit anywhere else.

If there is something you want to submit but can't find the right folder, then just comment or send me a note and I'll either:
Make a fitting folder OR
Let you know which folder you can put it in.
After going through some confusing submission processes, we have decided to make a few changes.

:bulletred: The "Cartoons and Comis"-folder will be renamed "Comics"-folder, so that the name will be less misleading. We have had problems with people uploading OC's, fan art etc., and believe these problems will be lessened somewhat by changing the name of the folder. "Comics" will still only be open to hand-drawn comics.

:bulletred: "Machines"-folder: we now have a new folder, "Machines"! This folder is intended for various machines - vehicles, airplanes, ships etc.

Also, I want to remind everyone of our submission policies - no WIPs, precise scans/photographs (no funny angles and the like) and no objects in view (pens or other tools). Thank you very much, and have a great day, everyone! :D
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Merida color Pencil Drawing by AtomiccircuS Merida color Pencil Drawing :iconatomiccircus:AtomiccircuS 8,519 528 Rostros I by damita94 Rostros I :icondamita94:damita94 7 2 Stylized city by Emix941 Stylized city :iconemix941:Emix941 4 0 Creatures by Emix941 Creatures :iconemix941:Emix941 0 2 Airship flight by Emix941 Airship flight :iconemix941:Emix941 0 0 Forgotten valley by Emix941 Forgotten valley :iconemix941:Emix941 2 0 Air balloons festival by Emix941 Air balloons festival :iconemix941:Emix941 0 2 (dis)connected by pilarouro (dis)connected :iconpilarouro:pilarouro 31 5 Jo Lupo (Erica Cerra) by misslysiak Jo Lupo (Erica Cerra) :iconmisslysiak:misslysiak 10 4 Pepper Potts 2 by misslysiak Pepper Potts 2 :iconmisslysiak:misslysiak 14 10 The Black Widow by misslysiak The Black Widow :iconmisslysiak:misslysiak 24 13 Claudia Donovan by misslysiak Claudia Donovan :iconmisslysiak:misslysiak 19 7 Eminem by misslysiak Eminem :iconmisslysiak:misslysiak 7 5 Zoe Carter by misslysiak Zoe Carter :iconmisslysiak:misslysiak 6 4 Lily Aldrin by misslysiak Lily Aldrin :iconmisslysiak:misslysiak 3 0 Mrs Lovett by misslysiak Mrs Lovett :iconmisslysiak:misslysiak 0 3
:Dwonderful and inpiring art:D

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The Traditional Pen is a group whose goal is to promote traditional art. We want to feature your traditional art, nurture you into a better artist and create a community for us old-fashioned artists!
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