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Webkinz Signature - Cheetah



Well, I have finally done it. I am now the proud owner of not one but two of those ridiculous Webkinz plushes. :XD:

I did however purchase both of them second-hand and both of them are from the incredibly soft and well-made Webkinz Signature line so at least I haven't lost all my marbles. And no, I have no plans to buy any of the normal Webkinz plushes. =P

Anyway, this is the Webkinz Signature Cheetah. He was the November 2009 release and the 8th Webkinz Signature plush made.

To see what he is supposed to look like in the online game, click here: [link]

Acquired: Thrift store
Company: Ganz
Year Produced: 2009
Country of origin: China
Size: About 9 inches (23 cm) high
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