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Douglas Cuddle Toys - Apollo Doberman

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Part of Douglas Cuddle Toy's Classic plush line and very difficult to find these days, this is Apollo the Doberman.  

This is the large sitting Apollo plush.  In 2012 Douglas came out with a sitting doberman plush also named Apollo who was only about 16 inches high.  The small one can be seen here (not mine):… As you can see, he looks quite different from his predecessor.

I passed up the opportunity to purchase the large Apollo plush back when I began collecting Douglas back in 2001.  He retired soon after and I have been kicking myself for the past decade or so for not getting him when I had the opportunity.

However, this summer I lucked out and found this guy way up on a shelf at the back of a gift shop in a touristy town on the east coast.  The fur around his neck is a little worn and he has some sun damage (he was a part of a window display at one point) but with how rare he is to find anywhere, I went ahead and made the purchase.  He's now a treasured member of my Douglas dog collection.  :)

A scan from the 2001 Douglas catalog featuring Apollo can be seen here: douglascuddletoycollectors.web…

Acquired: Tourist shop
Company: Douglas Cuddle Toys
Retailed for: Around $95
Item Number #456
Year Produced: 2001-2004
Country of origin: China
Size: About 24 inches (61 cm) high
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I love the name of this plush. The name is one of the Doberman Pinschers from Magnum PI
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Nicely done! He looks so regal and fierce!
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Amazing find! How did you know that the store sold douglas's?
The-Toy-Chest's avatar
There was a giant Douglas Sherman Golden Retriever in the window so I went in to see if they had any other Douglas plushes and I found Apollo!
Webkinzjourneys's avatar
Wow! Your so lucky! Congrats :D!! Good thing Sherman was there lol
The-Toy-Chest's avatar
Indeed! But now it has left me wondering if there are any rare Douglas hiding in the back of shops that *don't* have a Douglas in their window! :XD:
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Oh I definitely know that feeling! Sometimes I use the douglas store locator that shows me which stores sell Douglas's to help me out.
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He's lovely
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I've got one of these!
Found him at a thrift store in 2008 without all his tags cut off and had no idea it was so hard to find, or even that it was a Douglas.
The-Toy-Chest's avatar
Wow, what a super lucky find!! Any chance you would post pics of yours?
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SnakeSite Digital Artist
I took a another look at this picture and realized that he is stunning! I love how detailed he is! His face is adorable!
I actually saw this plush once in life but it was to much money.
About, 50$ :/
The-Toy-Chest's avatar
Wow, when did you see one of these in person?  :O  He's been retired for many years so $50 would be such a bargain for him right now.
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SnakeSite Digital Artist
Well, I saw him at a dog salon store in 2004. They did not see much use in him but still just kept him on the stands for 50$.
I knew right away that I did not have enough money but still :/
It was devastating :( 
The-Toy-Chest's avatar
It happens. Years ago I found a Bruno Rottweiler (he's basically the same as Apollo, just a Rottweiler) in a gift shop up in Michigan. He was more money than I had available to spend so I had to leave him there. I still regret that, even though there was nothing I could do about it at the time. :(
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SnakeSite Digital Artist
Yeah, many people wish that they could just back up in time and rewind what they have done. I wish that many of times :(
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starlight-studioHobbyist General Artist
He looks fierce, yet cuddly! I like his collar. 

That's amazing he turned up all those years later! Congrats! :D
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He is so lovely! It's so fulfilling finding a plush that you've been searching for for so long. :)
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xxdarkwolves56xxHobbyist Artist
Love it, my favorite breed! Congrats dear.
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XxLest5000xX Photographer
lucky :(
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VolleyPuppyy91Hobbyist Artist
Oh my god! Congrats! I have been looking for him for a while! He is beautiful :)
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Wow great find and congrats on getting him! I'm glad you were finally able to add him to your collection after so many years.
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shadoweonHobbyist Traditional Artist
This is one of my most wanted douglas plushies,but i've never managed to see him outisde of the catalog. Great find!
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Vesperwolfy87Hobbyist General Artist
what a great find! I didn't know there was an older version of Apollo! This one is pretty large too! I went to a dog event once and saw snowden the Samoyed used as a display at a charity booth I wanted him so bad but he probably wasn't for sale! But I was lucky to find Sammy at a ritzy petstore used as a display and I got him :D
The-Toy-Chest's avatar
Nice catch with Sammy.  Douglas plushes can turn up in the most unexpected places!
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