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Finally found Angus the Black Lab with the hard plastic nose!…

Along with Tippy Pointer, Sydney Springer Spaniel, and Orabel Golden Retriever, my set of small sitting floppy pups is complete!
Okay, my massive Wishbone upload party has concluded. It was an all-day marathon... :faint:

I will be starting to upload my eighty-some Douglas collages in the next day or two! 
Exciting news! My Douglas photoshoots are well under way! I was outside yesterday and today and got pictures of around 70 or so different plush and I only have about 10 more dogs to photograph. Of the numerous pictures I took, only about 8 collages have been assembled, so... I still have a ways to go. :XD:

But! I'm happy with the progress and I look forward to sharing all my new Douglas collages with you as well as the massive group of Wishbone scans and memorabilia that I've been working on since this spring. Stay tuned!
Okay, who got Booker the Classic Boxer yesterday/last night? I’ve been after this guy for awhile and am so bummed to have missed him.…
Check out these nifty old Greyhounds. Pretty cool but they'd be more awesome if they had better anatomy and were made by Douglas...…
Page 1 of my Whiskey comic has gone live! Please come check it out on my art account and stay tuned for the following pages!

Whiskey The Avalanche Dog Comic - Page 1 by WildSpiritWolf
Hey all, so sorry for being so absent lately! I've been in the thick of it with my school semester, but thankfully, I only have about a month of it left and I'll finally have more free time again!

In other news, the Whiskey comic is coming along well. Here's a little preview/teaser of the first page to hold you over until I am able to get it finished in its entirety!

WhiskeyComicTeaser by The-Toy-Chest
Thank you all so much for your story suggestions for my Whiskey the St. Bernard comic! They were very helpful and since I liked them all, I did something of a mash-up with everyone's ideas. The basic premise is that Whiskey is an avalanche rescue dog in training who works at a ski resort with his handler.

The assignment asks that the comic runs for about 6-12 pages and when it's done at the end of this semester, I'll scan it in and post it online. Can't wait to share it with you all here!
So I'm working on a project that involves 10-12 pages of comic for my drawing class this semester. I've chosen my Douglas Canadian Club promo St. Bernard as my main character. His name is Whisky and he's aged somewhere in between puppy and young adult. Anybody have any story ideas? 

Douglas Cuddle Toys - Canadian Club St. Bernard by The-Toy-Chest

I'm hoping to do something that involves little to no human characters (like Disney's Lady and the Tramp, Bambi, or Lion King). Any suggestions that prove to be workable will be featured in my comic!
And so concludes another year! A lot happened in 2018 making it a very busy year for me. I completed my final semester of college, did the costuming for a production of The Magic Flute at the Winter Harbor Music Festival, and moved to a new apartment. Exhausting, but overall a great year! Of course, mixed in with the day to day living and life progress were acquisitions for my various collections. I added a couple new Breyer horses to the herd (sold off a bunch too!) and added several of Playmobil’s recent animal releases to my Playmobil habitats. Nearest and dearest to my heart are the new faces I added to my Douglas collection and 2018 certainly delivered some *awesome* new plush! As I did last year, I will share the highlights with you here. Last year I was able to keep it down to just 7 best Douglas moments but 2018 was filled with so much awesomeness, this journal is going to be a liiittle bit longer! =P

Douglas Cuddle Toys - Kaiser Weimaraner by The-Toy-Chest
1. Kaiser Weimaraner

The year got off to a great start when I was able to add Kaiser the Classic sitting Weimaraner to my collection. I’d admired him since he was released (and retired!) in 2001 but never did anything about it. A couple years ago when I decided I was going to pursue the old Classic dogs, Kaiser was of course added to my wish list, though I can’t say I was too expectant he’d come up for sale since RakikoHime was the only collector I knew of who’d had one. She’d since sold hers to Akitas237 so I assumed that was the end of that. But then, lo and behold, Akitas237 sold off her collection and her Kaiser was put up for sale! She was willing to accept time payments on him and I was able to get him paid off right around the turn of the year. This handsome hound is now a treasured member of my collection. He looks just super in my lineup of the 24” sitting Classic dogs and makes a great “dad” to my 16” floppy Hans Weimaraner pup. What’s more, he sat in my bedroom for my final semester of college and provided much needed moral support with that sweet expression of his. :heart:

Douglas Cuddle Toys - Bridget Border Collie by The-Toy-Chest
2. Bridget Border Collie

So this one’s a little bit complicated. The Bridget I have now wasn’t the Bridget I had originally. The first Bridget I owned was one that I won through a bidding style auction on eBay. I had assumed the price would rise far outside my price range but I was determined to give it a shot anyway. Well, the price did not rise and I won the auction. Surprise, surprise. I was ecstatic but it was to be short lived. When Bridget arrived, I realized some of the white fur on her chest had been trimmed and her nose had a pale scuff running down the middle of it. However, even without these imperfections, there was just something about this dog that did *not* resonate with me. I didn’t like the way she sat. I didn’t like how straight her tail was. And so on. I shoved her in the corner behind some of my other Douglas dogs and went on with life. Then, what should show up on eBay but another Bridget! This one had a very old style seam tag and she looked JUST like the Bridget in the Douglas stock photo from the old catalogs! On top of this, she looked to be in mint condition, just missing her hang tag. But being a broke art student in college, I had zero funds to warrant bidding on yet another Bridget. So, I did something gutsy. I listed the Bridget I owned for sale, hoping that she would fund the gorgeous one that had just shown up. Worst case scenario, I would have ended up with no Bridgets, selling mine and potentially losing the bid on the other one. Best case scenario, mine would sell providing sufficient funding and I would successfully win the other auction. Thankfully, the latter is what came to pass and this gorgeous old girl now lives with me. I am still stunned by how different my feelings were towards two of essentially the same plush! Sometimes you just have to find the right one. :)

Douglas Cuddle Toys - Ellie Border Collie by The-Toy-Chest
3. Ellie Border Collie

So this is a dog I hadn’t even bothered adding to my wish list due to how exceedingly rare she is. My last days in my college town this past May were completely and utterly insane. After wrapping up final projects, I took part in the commencement ceremony and moved out of the apartment I had stayed in for my last year of school. This left next to no time to keep up with the new Douglas listings on eBay (something I generally do religiously every day). The morning I left, all my stuff had been crammed into the car along with myself and my boyfriend and it was then that I finally had a moment to check the auctions. “I bet I missed out on some good ones… ” I thought anxiously as my phone loaded the listings. And then I saw Ellie. She had just been listed and for a sweet $10.99 Buy It Now! I briefly glanced through the photos completely in awe of her seemingly perfectly timed appearance before grabbing her for myself. What a treat after enduring all the stress of wrapping up my academic career!

Douglas Cuddle Toys - Snowden Samoyed by The-Toy-Chest
4. Snowden Samoyed

This dog was another post-graduation treat to myself. I’d seen a handful of Snowden Samoyeds come and go on eBay but I never had enough cash when they showed up so all I could do was sadly watch them sell and hope their new owners would at least share photos of them on deviantART. Then, this *gorgeous* Snowden appeared right when my pocket was full of monetary gifts from friends and family who had come to my graduation party. I used part of that money to fund this purchase and the rest I deposited into savings. Sweet Snowden success at last and he’s an older version too! I couldn’t be happier with him! :aww:

Douglas Medium Floppy Dogs - Killer Boxer by The-Toy-Chest  Douglas Medium Floppy Dogs - Killer's Doghouse by The-Toy-Chest
5. Killer Boxer

Okay, now this pup was originally was quite the tease and held me in sweet agony for about a year until this one showed up. I’d originally learned of this special premium release while I was browsing through eBay results for “Boxer plush.” I’d scrolled through several of the usual ho-hum, run-of-the-mill, cheap-o plush Boxers, when I came across an auction for this guy and his cardboard doghouse accessory. From the thumbnail he seemed to have that familiar Douglas floppy puppy body shape so I took a closer look and saw that one of his seam tags had DCI Keene, NH info on it. I began shaking with the immensity of my discovery and button mashed the Buy It Now option as fast as I possibly could. The purchase went through, but shortly after I received an email from the seller saying that he and his girlfriend sold through eBay as well as Facebook and that the girlfriend had sold the Killer and doghouse set through Facebook the week prior and it was gone; they had simply forgotten to remove their eBay listing. So he refunded my payment and my euphoria rush ended as abruptly as it had begun. Ouch. This was probably the most depressed I've ever been after missing out on a plush. I set up several eBay search notifications for this dog and proceeded to mope for two solid weeks. Another Killer did surface several months after but he was missing his hang tag and his doghouse and, because MINT was what I nearly had the first time around, that was what I had my heart set on. Fast forward another couple months to nearly a full year from my spotting that first Killer, and I finally did get my Killer Boxer, new with his tag and his doghouse (and cheaper than that first one too!). Victory at last!

Douglas Cuddle Toys - Booker Boxer by The-Toy-Chest
6. Booker Boxer

Vague eBay searches in hopes of turning up Booker were what led me to that first listing for Killer. What a funny coincidence that they both joined my collection within months of each other! One night last summer, the internet was acting up right before I went to sleep and I was unable to do my usual eBay check before bed. So of course, I woke up the next morning to find an auction for Booker in completed listings. After beating my head against the metaphorical wall, I inquired on deviantART as to who he may have gone to. Lunathehusky had gotten him and after some thought, she decided to take offers on him. Thank you so much for the opportunity to buy this guy from you!

Douglas Medium Floppy Dogs - Racer Greyhound by The-Toy-Chest
7. Racer Greyhound

From about 2007 to 2012, I had something of a hiatus from collecting Douglas. Life had become quite busy for me in that time and a lot of my funds were tied up in other things. Keeping track of new Douglas releases kind of went on the back burner during that time and I missed out on acquiring several nice plush when they were readily available. With a great amount of effort and a fair bit of luck, I’ve managed to locate nearly all of these dogs and add them to my collection but Racer the Greyhound proved elusive, at least up until this past July. I’d seen this gorgeous specimen leave RakikoHime’s collection and go to Baltoluver11, so when I saw that Baltoluver had Bubba the Rottweiler on her wish list, I took a chance and offered my duplicate Bubba for her Racer and she accepted! I’m absolutely delighted to finally have this elegant and under represented breed join my 16” floppy dog collection! Taking this guy off my grail list was immensely satisfying!

Douglas Small Floppy Cats - Izzy Grey Cat by The-Toy-Chest
8. Izzy Grey Cat

Obviously the focus of my Douglas collection is dogs but I do have quite a soft spot for their older floppy cats. I have a nice little grouping of the 12” cats and have long since been curious about Izzy, the incredibly rare grey cat that was available only in 2001. This Izzy showed up for bid on eBay a few months ago and I was driven wild by the opportunity to have her in my collection. The auction ended in my favor and this gorgeous example of Douglas’ older style of making cats is now the gem of my Douglas cat collection. I rode the high I got from winning her for a good few days after the auction had concluded. I truly adore this little kitten! :heart:

Russet by The-Toy-Chest
9. Russet Briard

Russet is a supremely rare Douglas premium plush that I knew of only from seeing one in RakikoHime’s collection. She had shared a single picture of hers publicly which wasn’t much to go off of so this dog remained a bit mysterious to me for some time. Last year, when I took a vested interest in acquiring more premium plush for my Douglas dog collection, I knew this Briard was one I wanted. Optimistically, I contacted Rakiko to see if she still had hers. I was informed that her Briard was one of the first to sell way back when she began dispersing her collection. Well, darn. I resigned myself to finding one on my own so I set up an eBay search and sat back to play the waiting game. The wait time turned out to be much shorter than I expected but when the dog did show up, it’s massive price tag proved far more than I could possibly justify. Thankfully, the dog hung around on eBay for quite some time so I had the opportunity to sell off some stuff when I was home for Thanksgiving. To be safe, I sold enough things to raise the amount that the seller was asking for the Buy It Now price but sent the seller a message to discuss a lower offer price for the plush. She was willing to strike a deal with me so in addition to getting Russet, I also had some extra funds to buy Christmas presents for my family. Color me satisfied!

Nipper by The-Toy-Chest
10. Nipper Cattle Dog/Retriever

So this final entry is far more than just a plush, but I will get to that momentarily. Back when Nipper was released, I knew I loved the concept and design of this dog. However, due to many of them coming out with really wonky faces, it was going to be very hit or miss and I knew I had to buy this one in person so I could hand pick him. I came across several Nippers in various stores throughout the year but all the ones I saw had very odd faces and were stiff and unnatural. What was I going to do? All Douglas animals get the boot and are retired eventually. What if I was unable to find my perfect Nipper before that time came? 

Now here is where the story gets interesting. I sort of have a confession for you guys. I work for Douglas Cuddle Toys. I was brought on around the end of 2017 to write copy for their products for use on their website and the Douglas listings on Amazon. As many of you know, dapumakat is also employed by Douglas. He was familiar with my deviantART journals that covered various aspects of Douglas animals and Douglas history and he wanted to get me involved with the company. It has been a complete and utter fairytale brought to life. I am so grateful to have this opportunity to work with such awesome people and do work for products that I genuinely care about. Being a part of the “Douglas story” has given me an incredible amount of insight into the love and passion that the people at Douglas put into their animals. There are a lot of facets to keeping a company like this afloat and everyone does their best to keep the company moving forward while striving to create plush toys that will satisfy the demands of their fans and customers. It’s been an incredible ride so far and I am excited to see what 2019 has in store for all of us at Douglas.

So now that the confession is out of the way… It should come as no surprise that, as a Douglas enthusiast, I have always dreamed of one day visiting them in Keene where the magic happens. That dream came true this past year when my boyfriend and I trekked out to Keene one snowy evening in November. We were given a grand tour around the offices by Will (aka dapumakat) and I got to meet and chat with some of the incredible people who work there, including Scott and Christine! I even got to give that mythical Bohdi Bernese Mountain Dog a hug and a snuggle!

KeeneVisitWillBohdi by The-Toy-Chest

We were then taken into the magnificent warehouse where the Douglas stock is kept and, let me tell you, those towers of boxes that rise up to the ceiling will leave you in awe! Will sent us on our way with a Christmas gift of a boxful of Douglas animals that I got to pick out myself. 

KeeneVisitBox by The-Toy-Chest  KeeneVisitNipper by The-Toy-Chest

And that, my friends, is how I finally got my perfect Nipper. :) Of course, I love all the animals that came home with me from that trip, but out of all the Rescue Dogs, it was Nipper that had been causing me the most trepidation and that is why I’ve chosen him to showcase in this story.

What a year 2018 was. I am left speechless at just how unpredictable and magical collecting can be sometimes. You never know when some rarity (sometimes previously unknown!) is going to show its face. The unpredictability (for better or for worse) certainly keeps the hobby interesting and ensures that I stay on my toes and always, always have hope for what may lie around that next corner. Who knows, it is apparently even possible for your favorite toy company to blindside you with an opportunity to become a part of their story! With a year of success and blessings snugly in tow, I am eager to see what 2019 has in store!



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