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Earth Star by ShinyPteranodon
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Nuclear Toad - gourd toad #87 by ART-fromthe-HEART Nuclear Toad - gourd toad #87 :iconart-fromthe-heart:ART-fromthe-HEART 100 13 American Toad 40D0031100 by Cristian-M American Toad 40D0031100 :iconcristian-m:Cristian-M 70 21 Hello Smiler..... by Pjharps Hello Smiler..... :iconpjharps:Pjharps 78 91 Stacked Cakes by PaganFireSnake Stacked Cakes :iconpaganfiresnake:PaganFireSnake 98 78 The Frog Prince by InsaneGelfling The Frog Prince :iconinsanegelfling:InsaneGelfling 68 32 Young Common Toad by cycoze Young Common Toad :iconcycoze:cycoze 184 139 Clover Toad by UffdaGreg Clover Toad :iconuffdagreg:UffdaGreg 829 278 I'm not afraid to kiss a toad... by cricketumpire I'm not afraid to kiss a toad... :iconcricketumpire:cricketumpire 258 63 toad by scythemantis toad :iconscythemantis:scythemantis 333 104 Toad Squat by EatToast Toad Squat :iconeattoast:EatToast 1,701 212 Male toad 1 by FuriarossaAndMimma Male toad 1 :iconfuriarossaandmimma:FuriarossaAndMimma 14 3 Male Toad 6 by FuriarossaAndMimma Male Toad 6 :iconfuriarossaandmimma:FuriarossaAndMimma 9 2 Backyard Ivysaur by Tinker-Jet Backyard Ivysaur :icontinker-jet:Tinker-Jet 0 8 Lifeless Toad by Tinker-Jet Lifeless Toad :icontinker-jet:Tinker-Jet 0 0
The crystal-covered toad
About cystal-covered toads (which is my own creaton =D)
A new discovery:
They´re a quite new discovery in the magical world. They were firstly found in South America, but later one close relatives were found over all in the world too. The reason why this kind were discovered so lately simply is because toads weren´t considered as interesting enough since they hadn´t enough magical abilities or useful usuages. (Although many people are keeping toads as pets)
It´s classification is : XX (Not really dangeous, can be kept as a pet)
The crystals as mood-signs:
Unlike regulair toads, Crystal-covered toads have several interestinf magical abilities and uses. The most significant one are the small crystals on the back and limbs. All of them are shining in different colours, which depends on the mood of the toad.
Following colours and it´s meanings which were discovered so far:
pink: able/ ready to mate
red: endangered/ agressive / devensive
:iconmaster-kankuro:Master-Kankuro 11 41
Kiss me ... by bluediabolo Kiss me ... :iconbluediabolo:bluediabolo 5 2


Welcome one and all to the very first Toad Patrol group on DeviantArt! We hope you enjoy your stay.

Since Toad Patrol is such a hidden gem, we welcome all members to our group with open arms. There are only a few basic rules to follow.


Please submit all art to the appropriate folders.

For the time being, Earth Star and Mistle Toad are not considered members of the Toad Patrol so they would be submitted to Show Extras, not to The Toad Patrol folder.

If a show extra is drawn with the Toad Patrol, the image goes in The Toad Patrol folder.

If an OC is drawn with a member of the Toad Patrol or a show extra, it goes into the Official and OCs folder.

If the line is somewhat vague (e.g. an official Toad Patrol character drawn as a human, lion, etc.), it goes into the Cross-Overs and Reimaginings folder.

All sketches and doodles go into the Sketches and Doodles folder. It doesn't matter what the subject matter is or which characters it contains.

What distinguishes a sketch/doodle from a finished picture? Clean line-art and colour.

The only images we won't be accepting are images drawn on lined paper. Grid paper also counts as "lined." If you are using a camera in place of a scanner, please try to ensure that the quality is acceptable before submitting. Excessive blurriness and/or bad lighting may be grounds for rejecting your work.

If you're submitting poetry or prose, please be aware that a Founder or Co-Founder will have to read and approve it before it will be allowed into the group.


Please keep in mind that Toad Patrol is a show made for and aimed at children. Therefore, there is an invisible PG rating on any content that comes into this group.

Keep all art appropriate for minors because if you submit something 'risque' then it will be rejected.

No detailed nudity. (Seriously, guys. We're aware that there are characters in the series who don't wear pants. That's not the issue here.)

No excessive gore or language. Please, try to keep it clean. A little blood (like a paper cut or a skinned knee) is acceptable, but if you try to submit a toadlet with its head impaled upon a stick, it will be automatically rejected. Some light language is also acceptable but be sure to have a maturity tag on your art where appropriate.


Please be kind to fellow members. Toad Patrol does not embody or allow room for talk/debate of religion, politics or anything else that doesn't qualify as 'dinner time with the in-laws' conversation. If you and someone else have a disagreement, please take it to Notes.

No chatspeak in the group. Please and thank you.
- New folders have been added to the group.
- The submission rules have been updated accordingly.

With that out of the way, let's move onto our first art prompt:

Toad Patrol characters as Pokemon gym leaders!

- Anyone may participate, but the final pieces must be coloured. Whether you do this traditionally or digitally is up to you.
- You may use any character from Toad Patrol including side characters and villains.
- Toad Patrol characters may be based on any gym leader and include similar hairstyles and clothes. You are encouraged to keep characters recognizable where you can.
- Humanizing the characters is NOT a requirement, however, you are still welcome to do so for this prompt.
- Submissions must feature at least ONE Pokemon. Pokemon must be appropriate for the gym's type.
- All entries must be submitted to the folder: Themes, Challenges, and Prompts.
- All entries must include "Prompt 1" in the title. Whatever else you include is up to you as long as it follows the group rules.

Deadline: Monday, October 28th, 2019
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