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Question 2

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Question asked by TheCrabbit 

For Runner~:
-How old are u~?
-Whats ur fav cake~?

~ * ~ * ~

((I must say I really enjoyed your questions :D

So for the first one, Runner’s age is complicated to explain XD He is a Time Deity, and through his entry writing, he has aged considerably over the years. So he is basically older than time itself, ergo we can’t give him a number per say ^^;
It’s just easier to say he is a really old man XD

Onto le next one, Runner only enjoys bitter things, like green tea. He loathes sweet foods, but this special cake here (that only Faith knows how to make just the way he likes it ^^) is his guilty pleasure, and one he only gets on his birthday ;P

So quite the perfect question here hehe~

Thanks for the question ;)))
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Hungry hungry LA omg that sounds amazing.....
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((It certainly does hehe :D :heart:))
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Omg Runner, uz old~ XD
Like Father Time~?
Oh no
Better yet

Daddy Time~ ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
//slapps self

Oh Lord, he is just like my friend while I like sweets and but gag at the bitter stuff~

This is so interesting, I love Runner, srsly, he cool~ (´。• ᵕ •。`)
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((He's super old XD It's why he's so grump all the time XD
Oooooh Father Time is his father ^^; A rather large douchebag who hurt Runner a lot growing up. He'd be deeply upset if you compared him to that maniac XD

Hehe XD I like that
-tisallgood- <3

Ah yes? ^^ I am not a fan of sour or bitter things, but I ADORE sweet things :D And chips XD
So I decided my character would work best as an opposite ^^ More sweets fer meh!

Ah thank you so much! :huggle: :heart: I'm glad people love him so!))