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Emoticon Meme - TimeRunner and Sebastian

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NOW If I had the time, I’d be loading that damned short story for Runner and Sebs that I NEED to upload before I get onto the next and final part of my Angels and Demon’s storyline, but I need to proofread it properly and I have not had the chance to do so yet (I NEEDS MORE TIME IN THE DAY RAAR)
But the backlog for my Runner and Sebby images is getting ridiculous so for now XD Settle for this meme of the two of them instead.

As some may recall, a few months back, I went on a meme rampage and did a whole bunch of them in one go (literally one after the other one boring evening, and managed to work through an entire night without sleeping like noob XD)
This was the last meme I did that evening, and it was perhaps my favorite one from the lot, because my delirium made these images pretty darn awesome X’D

~ * ~ * ~

^_^        Daw, what better way to showcase le happiness then with le kittehs! :meow:
       X’D That expression…best.eva. I could just see the two slowly raising their weapons like that and backing away slowly
You know, I’ve done this outfit swop thing before, and no one looks right in Runner’s outfit XD I tried it with Claude as well and it just looked funny. Only Runner looks good in his Time Deity outfit.

>_>        For me, this emoticon can mean two things: Looking at someone suspiciously, or looking away when you’re trying to deny something. So I just did both for this image here XD

^3^        HOW COULD I NOT?? X’D
And this one just follows on beautifully from the last one, I can’t even X’D
: )            
I was trying to give them sexy, fan-girl swooning smiles, but I did not achieve such XD
         Hur hur

>: (          The two after a bad day, I suppose…
A common occurrence for our poor deity ^^; Tis why he avoids sleep so much…
: p           
           Right in the feels bruh :(

And there we have it XD
That all the memes I've done recently ^^ If you have any suggestions for memes you'd like me to try, feel free to leave a comment. I may do another few in the future ^^

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This is adorable!!
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((Thank you :D I worker super hard on it XD Took hours, but was worth it ^^))
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I'm glad it was! I appaud you for your hard awesome work! x3 -clapclapclapclap-
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So funny-cute! <3
The-TimeRunner's avatar
((Hehe I'm glad you like it! :D :heart:))
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I actually burst out laughing when I got to ^3^ KUDOS

These are all adorable and amazing omfg,
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((Is it not amazing? X'D That demon, loves to push his luck and Runner gives the best reactions haha XD

I'm very glad you like em!! :la: I have a lot planned for these two in the future! ^^ More adorableness and such soon!))
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The O.O one is priceless XD
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((Tis my absolute fav X'D The expression is just perfect!))
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I love em all x'D <3 
The-TimeRunner's avatar
((Best meme eva XD Hurhur))
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Lol! :giggle: With each one it made me giggle for a different reason XD I love it

My favs have to be the middle column. The O_O one is just priceless :rofl:
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((It's a fun one to do I must say XD <3
I'm glad you like em!! :D

It's my absolutely favorite X'D It works so well here hahaha))
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Yeah totally XD I can imagine

I only wish I could do these memes. This is definitely one I would do
But I'm still trying to figure out my tablet
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Ah I think you could do it :D I'd offer help but I don't have a tablet ^^;
Have you asked any other users who have tablets to help out? ^^ Maybe they can help direct you to a tutorial or something? ^^))
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Lol no worries XD 

Yeah I asked a few of my friends. It just feels really weird since I'm used to just sketching in a sketchbook. The tablet feels more 'slippery' if that makes sense
The-TimeRunner's avatar

Ah yes, I see what you mean XD It's difficult to control the 'brush'
I think with some practice it should get a bit easier over time ^^ Just to get used to it))
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Yeah that's what I figured. So for now I'm just sticking to what I know until I get better :P
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