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The Sentinel by the-third-guy The Sentinel :iconthe-third-guy:the-third-guy 1 0
Hatred makes sense. Hatred can be controlled, it can be focused, it can be manipulated. Hatred can even be methodically aimed at one or several targets.
Love, on the other hand, doesn't make sense. We don't get to choose who we fall in love with, nor do we choose when and where we fall in love.
Love is unpredictable, in the way it's forged and in the way it makes us feel. Some people enjoy the feeling of love, others hate it's touch, or are even afraid of it.
That's what makes love so amazing. It can be euphoric, it can be enraging, it can even be terrifying, all at the same time. That's why love is so special, because unlike hatred, it can never be tamed or controlled.
Love is beautiful.
:iconthe-third-guy:the-third-guy 1 0
The Skull by the-third-guy The Skull :iconthe-third-guy:the-third-guy 4 2 Childhood OC Revisit by the-third-guy Childhood OC Revisit :iconthe-third-guy:the-third-guy 2 0 ...What a nice couple. by the-third-guy ...What a nice couple. :iconthe-third-guy:the-third-guy 1 0
Alucard Hellsing is a broken and boring character.
First off I want to state that I do believe that Hellsing is a cool show, or rather it would be if it weren't for it's ridiculously over powered protagonist.
What do we know about Alucard Hellsing?  In short, he's a supernatural, death dealing ass kicker, all of which I'm fine with.  The problem I have with Alucard is the fact that he's completely unstoppable, and in the rare event that he is killed, he just comes back to life like nothing happened.
Anyone who's capable of basic cognitive process can tell you why that one detail makes Alucard a poorly written character.  Because of the fact he's both ludicrously powerful and unable to die makes literally every conflict in the show completely pointless because it's blatantly obvious that Alucard is going to win.  There's no reason to get invested in the plot or any of the characters because the show only has one possible outcome.
When coming up with a really powerful character, it's imperative to give said character
:iconthe-third-guy:the-third-guy 2 2
Monster Hunters by the-third-guy Monster Hunters :iconthe-third-guy:the-third-guy 1 0 Bite of '87 by the-third-guy Bite of '87 :iconthe-third-guy:the-third-guy 2 2 Character Concept: Dry Man Jack by the-third-guy Character Concept: Dry Man Jack :iconthe-third-guy:the-third-guy 1 0 Inner Demons by the-third-guy Inner Demons :iconthe-third-guy:the-third-guy 2 0
The End
The wind will blow and the glass will break.  
The foundation of your house will shake.
As buildings collapse, the children will cry
"Our Mommy is dead, why God why?"
Volcanos erupt, a horrible sight.
All the people will burn well into the night.
Tornados will come to tear down the land.
So many dead families remain hand in hand.
Nature has become the world's bane.
All the women and children pray in vain.
The ones who are left will ask me "what have you done?"
Laughing, I will tell them "My name is Satan, I've come to have fun."
:iconthe-third-guy:the-third-guy 1 0
Skullgirls Fan Character: Lantern Jack by the-third-guy Skullgirls Fan Character: Lantern Jack :iconthe-third-guy:the-third-guy 1 0
It's rough.
It's hard.
It's unfair.
It's mean.
But it's not going to change to accommodate your needs.
Suck it up, and bite back.
:iconthe-third-guy:the-third-guy 2 0
Samurai Demon design by the-third-guy Samurai Demon design :iconthe-third-guy:the-third-guy 2 0 Super Smash Bros 4: Predator by the-third-guy Super Smash Bros 4: Predator :iconthe-third-guy:the-third-guy 2 0 smile... by the-third-guy smile... :iconthe-third-guy:the-third-guy 1 0


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