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A Steampunk Experiment

By the-tenebrus
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My first steampunk book!

Created as a birthday present for :iconxothique:, it's a celebration of everything that makes for Instant Steampunk - leather, brass, rivets and cogwheels, with a zipper thrown in for good measure. In the pic, the book isn't quite complete - since then I fixed up the corners where there are small gaps from the leather folding.

This was probably the most time-consuming book I've worked on, but _so_ satisfying. Nothing works out stress like hammering rivets :D
And if you want to see more rivets in action, visit :iconxothique:'s pages, where this little beauty [link] is an example of what happens when a mask maker gets their hands on rivets. I'll put up a sketch of the original design, and you'll be able to see how wonderfully well she's translated it into three dimensions :D
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Wow I don't want to know how long it took to make this book. Looks amazing!
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OMG, can you please message me and let me know how much it would be to have you make one of these for me? :+favlove:
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Hi - I'm not taking commissions at the moment, but any books I make for general sale will go on my website: so check back there once in a while :)
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the cover is so cool, but the lock is perfect!
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Thank you! It all depends on what bits of scrap I can lay my hands on when I'm making a book :D
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Love it! This is creatively done, and I love the result!
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that's to cool
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that is awesome! i just made the inside of a book and im planning to make a cover in leather too.
the zipper/rivet thing i find to be very interesting :D

do you have any tips for me? because this will be the first time i do something like that...
and you look like you are pretty good at it.

i will be burning a drawing in the leather too.
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Hi :) Stock up on sharp scalpel blades and expect blisters if you're working with leather - it can be tough to cut. Pre-cutting your holes before you add rivets will make life easier - a strong hole-punch is what you need, but be prepared for it to get blunt pretty quickly. There are tutorials on youtube to show you how to sharpen leather tools.

Apart from that, just take your time, don't panic if something goes wrong - it's all a learning curve. Good luck with your book!
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well my book is allready finished now but maybe i will do some leatherthings again. i like it :) and the leathershop man said that -as he thought- i am the only one in flanders (a piece of belgium :P) that is still working with leather. so i was kinda honored to be that crazy dude still doing that. it was really a slap in my face haha. and the shop dude was kinda shocked too. he really liked it too see people doing that.

well there were tough parts for my book yeah... it depends also on wich leather and stuff. i didnt use rivets because it was allready hard doing just leather haha :D and burning in leather is very stressing. you need to focus hard. but it was fun! and i liked the smell you get xD


this is my book :) its not a normal book, i wanted to do something weird, something the jury at school wasnt going to expect :P it worked. so i was happy with that part. it doesnt look so
very good but yeah. first time :)
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That looks great - I really like the patterns you've marked into the leather. You should absolutely keep on making things with leather (and not just for the smell!) :D

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thanks! well yeah i might do that again. it makes you work really concentrated. else you fuck up the leather and you must start all over again. and it is great to put leather in a work.

it makes it look so special :D a bookcover is awesome in leather. i love it. it looks so old and unique then.
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That is super cool!!! I want one... <_<...>_>... *steals and runs*
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This looks amazing, thouhg not necesarily steampunk. Love the gold use, but I'd like to see the natural color of the leather, not the color the gold relfections give it.
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:iconwantplz: That's so awesome!
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I like the latch you put on it. Very cool.
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:D My great-grandfather and grandfather were watch-makers and I still have some interesting old bits of metal lying around. They're running out though - I'll have to hit ebay for supplies!
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I want it!!! This is so amazing, are you going to make more and sell them?
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I think my next big book project might be another steampunk edition - the hard part is amassing all the necessary bits and pieces :D I still have another steampunk/Victorian-ish book to upload. Hope you like it!
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