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Godzilla: A Heart Ruptured (P.9)IX: Scrap MetalMiki felt her heart sink into her chest as she watched Godzilla wade out to sea with the smoldering bulk of Argus nearly hiding his black silhouette against the horizon. The image of Godzilla tearing the cybernetic weapon apart in a fit of rage remained etched in her mind. Despite the fear he had instilled within her, Miki could not blame him for the hate he felt toward the man-made device.The smoke-filled western wind caused strands of Miki's hair to lace cross her face as she paced along the beach. After several minutes passed, Godzilla's form completely disappeared against the navy morning sky. The Psychic felt tears welling in her eyes as she contemplated her actions. Not only had she allowed more powerful people to manipulate her, but she also brought harm to the Little One once again.Miki tried communicating with Godzilla before he departed, but he did not answer her. The memory of him turning his back toward her tore her heart in half. Miki understood his contempt for her but struggled with the selfishness she felt for wanting him to view her as a mother figure once again. Part of her wanted nothing more to do with the powers she inherited at birth. All they brought was uncertainty and the destruction of friendships. The tempting usefulness of her abilities garnered the attention of individuals bent on destroying Godzilla."You shouldn't be so hard on yourself, Miki Saegusa."Miki raised her eyes and pulled her hair behind her ears at the sound of feminine voices above her. She turned slowly and found the fairies of Mothra sitting upon Fairy Mothra. Smiles formed on their faces and they descended toward Miki."I did not sense your presence; you startled me." Miki tried to produce a slight giggle in defiance of her morose mood."Of course you didn't sense us." Lora giggled in response, flattening out the creases in her blue dress."You doubt your gifts." Moll stated as she tilted her head sideways, causing her beaded earrings to clink against her neck. The paragon of wisdom knew that Miki knew of what she spoke of —her powers."All they do is bring pain. They drive away those I care about, they leave me vulnerable to the desires of politicians and they make me feel uncertain of myself." Miki explained as she lowered her head shamefully."You couldn't be more wrong." Lora's voice raised in pitch as she felt the pain in Miki's heart and the maternal love she expressed for Godzilla."What do you mean?""If it wasn't for your powers you would have never been able to stop Meru from re-activating MechaGodzilla. You showed great courage… and you saved Godzilla's life." Moll smiled as the sunset red of her dress glinted in her brown eyes."Maybe. But that doesn't change the fact that the Little One hates me.""He doesn't hate you, Miki. He cares about you, he's just growing—much like you are right now." Lora assured."Growing?""Through this experience you've learned that your powers have a greater purpose," Moll explained, "also, you proved to Mothra that mankind still possesses compassion."Miki smiled and gazed down at her feet modestly. It was nice to hear something positive about her abilities. Ever since she was a small child she was always told to contain them and to not be different. Despite feeling uplifted by the encouragement, Miki did not completely understand what Moll meant by her powers having a greater purpose."What do you mean by 'greater purpose?'" Miki inquired as she raised an eyebrow."Did you know that there are many thousands of people out there who possess similar gifts that you do?" Lora asked as her eyes lit up."Yeah." Miki replied. She worked around Psychic students on a daily basis at the E.S.P. Institute. Most of those individuals were wayward souls who had no place to go. Either their families could not handle their abilities or they were sent there to find some form of clarity."Seek out your friend from America—the one who also shares similar gifts. You are both destined for great things, Miki. Mothra has foreseen it," Moll encouraged with a hint of mystery in her voice, "never be afraid to help other Psychics discover their hidden potential and to help them understand the importance of life in this world. Stay true to your gifts."Miki felt tears welling in her eyes again. Her future seemed uncertain, but hearing encouragement from the Elias started to change her perspective. As Fairy Mothra hoisted the diminutive women into the morning sky, Miki turned toward the sea with a smile forming on her face. Smoke rose from the bay as MechaGodzilla's remains sank beneath the surface—all that remained of the mission she was forced to endure was floating pieces of metal. Miki closed her eyes and could hear the melodic sound of the Elias in her mind.If you should ever need our guidance or Mothra's insight, you know how to find us. 3 Days Later"Are you sure Mothra poses no threat to us?" Aso seemed uncertain after Miki explained to him her visits with the Elias. The fact that Mothra posed a threat in the past filled him with a nagging fear that another kaiju attack was imminent."No. By sparing Godzilla we proved to Mothra that we value life—including the life we've created." Miki spoke almost poetically as she paced down the halls of the E.S.P. Institute alongside General Aso.Aso nodded, feeling a bit more confident in the situation. Earlier during their lengthy mission debriefing, the General expressed his guilt for pressing Miki to partake in such a mission. She understood the difficulty of the situation—he was being pressed by the Counter G Committee who was being pressed by the entire United Nations to solve the Godzilla dilemma. After the excessive spending of money to build Argus, the Counter G Committee decided to dedicate more of its resources to studying kaiju as opposed to eliminating them. Thankfully, G-Force still received funding from the United Nations to protect Japan if the threat of a kaiju attack were to ever arise again in the future."I'm proud of you Miki," Aso smiled—something he rarely ever did, "if you ever need the resources of G-Force to aid you in any way, let me know. Also, don't forget you're still our resident E.S.P. representative.""Thank you, sir. I have not forgotten." Miki leaned up and kissed the General on the cheek—forcing a blush from the middle-aged man.Miki soon parted ways with Aso and entered a classroom in the adjoining hallway. Her new instructor schedule started in a meditation classroom filled with individuals ranging in age from small children to adults who had just learned to accept their abilities. Introduction to Living Life as a Psychic was a challenging course aimed at helping Psychics adjust to living life with special abilities. Over the prior few years as an instructor she always avoided teaching the course because she had never accepted her own powers.The students sat on the floor with their legs crossed, patiently waiting for their teacher to start. Carpeted mats had been laid out to provide comfort for them and the room was lit by dim wall-lights. Before she started, Miki ventured to her desk and lit a cylindrical white candle. Amid the oncoming meditation, she wanted to memorialize the life the elder Godzilla had lived before his meltdown. For Miki, this was her first step during her healing process. After taking a moment to reflect on her experiences over the past several years she turned to face the class."We share something special," she began, "we all have amazing gifts." Los Angeles, CA, U.S.A.The hot Santa-Ana winds swept through the treetops of Gracelyn Hunt's backyard as she sat out in the grass beneath a large cypress. Unbeknownst to her parents, she had gone outside regularly over the prior three days in order to better concentrate on the presence that appeared to her in her daydreams. Every now and then the winds would shift and the salty moisture from the Pacific would calm her senses. These winds would also herald the thoughts of another misunderstood individual far out at sea—one who proved to be Gracelyn’s only friend.Gracelyn could remember her grandmother telling her how special she was—though she never really believed it. Years of being bullied over her small size and her autism completely destroyed her sense of self —much like this presence she could feel. The one who communicated with her, too, felt as though his sense of self was demolished. With a smile forming on her face as the wind shifted, Gracelyn ran her hand through her long hair and inhaled the fresh sea scent. Deep within her mind on the mental plane the ocean lapped the distant shoreline as a large saurian silhouette rose from the waves to commune with the only human who seemed to understand.Carefully disguised in a veil of fairy magic, the Elias sat high in the tree Gracelyn sat beneath. They gazed down at the little girl and could feel the elated happiness she experienced."Lora, look there," Moll gestured with her eyes toward Gracelyn, "she's discovered her gift and has taken the first step on the road to accepting it.""She's the first of many." Lora smiled as she rested her chin on her sister's shoulder.
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So for those of you who haven't heard, Legendary Pictures is in the process of creating a brand-new Godzilla movie! It was confirmed at Comic-Con and has received a lot of exciting attention!

Who's hoping Mothra will be in it? Or at least be in a following movie? :)



Mothra and the Pagoda by MemoryOfTheWaters
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