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Red White and Alex

By The-Switcher
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Alex is a great character, and is always underrated by the Street Fighter community. I really wanted to do a pic that nails his attitude, and I think this is going in the right direction.
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Nice work. I am working on a gallery like this one here… for Alex currently, and if it is okay with you i would like to feature your fan art there, including full credit and a link to your dA gallery of course

Greets and a happy new year

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He better be in ULTRA
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Alex shudda been in Street Fighter 4!! My 12-year-old sister says he looks like Eminem XD
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Agreed, he really is underrated, but that gives us advantage in battle!

One odd question, does Alex have a last name? I haven't seen one, just wondering if it's true.
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alex rules
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yeaaahhhh A-TRAIN!
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Yeah, Alex rocks, don't he? I know you nailed it here, too. This picture is...bomb-diggity, for lack of a better term.
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this is awesome
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This guy's just too buff for his own good, man... I bet he has bigger boobs than I do. *cough*

Anyway. Not to say that your drawing is great, as always, dude. I like your coloring, over sketchy lines, it's very unique and works well! Keep it up!
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Great job, the attitude really shows

Alex is perhaps the coolest bruiser in fighting games
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wow thats really damn good lol Awesome job!! :clap:
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very very nicely done excellent work :)
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