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The end is nigh

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I used nmsmith's tutorial for how to make a "jewel" for this one; I think I got so giddy with the prospect of having a really juicy idea for a "fanart" (or "ficart" as I like to call any art that pertains to a fanfiction; in this case, my Yu-Gi-Oh story "What Doesn't Kill You") that I stopped working on the fic itself!

In any case, this was a "teaser ad" I put up a few months ago as I started on the final chapters of my 36-chapter monster-baby. It was (and still is, I hope) a delightful little hint of things to come, what with that lovely aquamarine jewel and that mysterious seal glowing inside...*koff koff*

Actually, I'd done another teaser ad for it, but I deemed it too spoilery, so I haven't finished touching it up yet, and as of right now, I don't plan on releasing it until the chapters in question (26 and 27, at least) are out. That'll be a while, knowing my rate of publication...

Also, somebody smack me: I neglected to save a PSD version of this one. I probably thought I'd never need it or anything, but I do remember slaving over getting the Seal of Orichalcos right, and that in itself should have been reason enough. Ah, well... at least I have the tutorial saved. :P
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Looks very interesting.
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Y'know, I still need to make some more fanart for you. x_x I just can't seem to get any lineart the way I want it...arg.
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I know that feeling! But I LUFF~~ fanart (probably because I think I suck at it)! Do let me know if you do any more! :)