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Something to Somebody...

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Yet another Fan Senshi work, this time created using Diana's Sailor X basic Sailor Senshi generator (more info here: [link]). This is basically more fic art for my as-yet-unfinished Yu-Gi-Oh "fusion" fic, "Something to Somebody," in which Anzu and Shizuka are Sailor Senshi.

Sounds ludicrous, but I was determined to make it work... alas, the story thus far hasn't gotten far enough (I think) for most people to know that...

In any case, it's Anzu on the left (though you could hardly tell by looking at her; she's intentionally supposed to look like another canonical character, but not one of the leading ladies most people are familiar with) and Shizuka on the right.

Anzu's the Soldier of Light (if she has a Senshi name, like Sailor _____, I still don't know what it is. I was trying to think of something vaguely original, and I just couldn't come up with anything), while Shizuka is the Soldier of Sound. Both of them have stylized versions of the Sailor Senshi outfits; part of the fun in writing new Sailor Senshi is, you're not limited to what you can mash together in a Sailor Generator KiSS doll or similar-- you can write a Senshi wearing whatever you like. Translating that into visuals was harder than it sounds, but I think I mostly accomplished that with these two. Sure, Anzu's shoes look weird, but I think that's mainly because I hadn't made up my mind about what shoes she wore.

I added streaks (of ribbon!) into Anzu's hair because I found out that her "canonical counterpart" (the mysterious canon character she somewhat resembles) had a different color hair from what I originally assumed. Plus I thought it accented her costume color, a bluish-aquamarine, which I think suits Anzu and her "other self."

With Shizuka, she's blind as a Sailor Senshi-- fitting, I thought, given that she was only in the anime's Noa's Virtual World arc (during which this story takes place) after she got her eye operation and could finally see again. As the Soldier of Sound, though, she can not only hear the tiniest things, but she can produce sound barriers through singing, silence others... I think the power of sound is a lot of fun!
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Wow! Love those sleaves! And nice background!! Wish I'd see more stuff like this...
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Hee-hee, thank you! You really made it all possible, though-- these are from the days when I was just so into visually representing my ideas, so I tried to do that with Sailor X. It really helped!

Oh, a question: Sailor X basic had laces on the boots-- is that something we'll see again in Xv2? I tried drawing laces on the boots in Xv2 (on manips I made myself), but... well, they turned out terrible. :P
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There will definitely be laces! ^_^