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I think at some time or another, I've envisioned every heroine of every anime and manga I've ever REALLY enjoyed as a Sailor Senshi. That's probably because Sailor Moon was my first experience with anime and manga in general, and it's colored my entire experience (and will continue to do so).

This was made using *DianaHold's SailorXv2.01 ([link]) KiSS generator... and in case you couldn't figure it out by the title, it's supposed to be Tsukushi Makino from Yoko Kamio's hit manga "Hana Yori Dango" (Boys Over Flowers). This draws more on the manga than the anime (which was short and different in many ways, compared to the manga) or the live-action drama/soon-to-be feature film (because that version of Makino keeps her long hair, and obviously looks more Asian than the manga Makino does...).

I tried to use colors that vaguely resembled the color versions of her Eitoku Academy uniform-- a light beige (note, it's not that she's got a "bikini" version of the Sailor fuku; her body armor really is a peach color), maroon, and navy blue.

Somehow I think Makino would make a really killer Sailor Senshi.. and would probably clash with the real Senshi (except maybe Makoto; I think they'd get on splendidly) because she has no problem resorting to violence to get her point across... Wouldn't it be funny if Haruka thought Makino was attractive and really pissed off Domyouji by pursuing her?

Aaah, plotbunny!
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clean linework, solid colors. sailormoon was also one of the first ive watched alon with dragonball