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Sailor Nikki Cousins Series 1

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I just had to demonstrate Ultra KiSS and Sailor X v2.08 ([link]) to my cousin Nikki, so of course I turned her into a Sailor Senshi. She picked all the colors. Maybe if she had to keep her identity secret, she'd be Sailor Pastel.
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I like the colors a lot! nice choices! Also the fact that she has tanned skin! I created some senshi for my cousins, too! I should upload them, too. :nod:
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By default, I don't usually fiddle with the skin color option, even though I love the fact that it's there. I'd have to have a pretty clear image in my head of a character with something other than the "standard" light skin (I'd say Minako --maybe Usagi, too-- and Pluto are the only original series characters who aren't particularly "white" in skin tone). In the case of my cousin, she's a heckuva lot tanner than I am, so I chose the color based on that. :P

I ended up creating two more of these "cousin" senshi, which I suppose I'll upload now...