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Sailor NepMoon Appears

By the-sweet
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I was rummaging through my old art files (and I literally mean FILES, as in, the kind you put in a cabinet) and found an old sketch of "Sailor NepMoon," a hybrid (Fan) Sailor Senshi between Sailors (you guessed it) Neptune and Moon.

I had this whole idea staged out in my head that either in Super or SuperS, some daimon or lemure would somehow fuse Neptune and Moon together, with no apparent sign of getting them back into their own separate bodies.

After I looked at the sketch, I decided to try my hand at replicating her design in Sailor Xv2.08, by =DianaHold. More info on the KiSS generator can be found here: ([link]).

I used Photoshop to make the stripes/seams on NepMoon's skirt a bit wider, and of course, to give her "ballet-laces," with a stiff point like Sailor Moon's boot. Ballet laces are the biggest pain to try and draw, and I think mine SUCK, but I constantly envision Senshi with shoes like those. Of course, when I try and wear shoes with laces that high, they slip off. What is NepMoon's secret?

I hope the actual concept of a "hybrid" Senshi is visible in this-- there are a number of elements from Sailor Moon (style of skirt, color of back bow, color of brooch, stripes on collar, boot tip, glove length), and a number from Neptune (overall color scheme, sort-of shoes), and then when trying to blend weird elements, like their hair, I just sort of did "whatever." A version of her "symbol" is above, created using the Astro font.

Considering she's made from two existing Senshi, is she really a fan senshi? I came up with another Senshi in this same vein, Sailor Trinity, but unlike NepMoon, she had a consciousness of her own, despite existing as the result of the combination of other senshi's powers. NepMoon is literally a mix of Moon and Neptune, and thus her consciousness is a blend of the two, sometimes at war with one another...
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This is a really neat concept for a fan senshi. Any plans to make a fanfic to go with it?
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There was, at one time. The fic was tentatively titled "Hybrid," but that and the idea behind it (how Neptune and Moon got smashed together) is as far as I have; there's no actual fic that I've got. I'm pretty sure the idea was born back before I got the Killer PC Virus that took a ton of fics and fic ideas with it, so anything I come up with today might not be anywhere near the original (and thus, based off the image here).
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Wow! great edit, great concept! I Love it!
And yeah. I'll totally have to redraw that "long straight" hairstyle, that would be somewhat the equivalent of the one you created here. It doesn't blow in the wind which has been bugging me for a while. ^_^
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Thank you! :D I think if I had to pick the one edit that took me the longest (besides the shoes... I'm a masochist with shoes), it'd be the skirt, rather than the hair. I didn't realize until I zoomed up close that the shading was so precise! Replicating where it folded and darkened was tough, but I like the end result. :)
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Do you use Photoshop? In that case there is an easier way to redrawing: Just set the brush blending options to "Hue" or "Color" - that way only the color changes and the shading remains.
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Yeah, I do-- I'll have to try that the next time I want to do stripes like that! Thanks for the tip. :)
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That would make an awesome fan fic. :D Could you imagine Uranus's feelings on the subject? :o
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Oh, that's definitely half the fun. The original fanfic idea was simplistically called "Hybrid," but if I had any more details beyond what I wrote, they're no longer in existence anywhere but my head. But in remaking NepMoon, I was totally planning on having some sort of confusion between Haruka and NepMoon. The catch is, in the manga, there wasn't so much antagonism between the Outers and the others; in the anime, there was, but there also wasn't that interesting sort of "feeling" between Haruka and Usagi (when Usagi first suspected Haruka of being Uranus).
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